Sunday, November 20, 2011

Twin dreamers - 2011 2011

That's yumiko my besty this pictures was taken few years back and If i'm not mistaken i was only 18 years old in this pictures.  Most of our friend's thought we are a twin sister as our face and looks is almost alike only the difference between yumiko and me is she's kinda taller a bit and I'm fairer than her ha ha ha but the way we talk is almost the same yeah. 

By the way she finally got her dreams carrer now which is to get involved in modeling line  and i'm happy that she found a good life that she always dream about ever-since she was a teenager. 

I do care of her since then cause both of her parents passed away very long time ago ever-since when she was still a small little girl and now as I seen her grown up and looked at how her life change I smile for her and I'm happy for her too cause at least she finally learnt how to take good care of herself in this big big world although she have to do it on her own but she have her friend's and the people around her do love her and they also treated her as a part of the family just the way how I care for her those we're the days.
I still remember how we both used to talked about lot's of thing's every time when we have a chance to met up, we'll talked about our dreams and what will happened to both of us in 10yrs to come? she said she wan't to be a model and guess what? finally she have what she dreamt of now! it's amazing isn't? how a small dreams could change ones life.

I still can recalled and remember though at one time she did asked me the same question's she said; what is your dreams in 10yrs to come? I told her my dream's and I tell you what believe it or not? some of it did come true and some of what I wish for had already happened to myself.

Even though some of them haven't come true yet but I do believe in these few years to come hopefully everything will go smooth as planned, I'm not shy to tell this because everyone has their own story and mine is a dreams to fulfilled and my whole life depends on it!!

That is why I believe that dreams do come true in reality, yes it really do cause when you dream of something that you truly desire it means you are attracting good things to come to you the rest let the law of attraction do it works for you, and most importantly is always feel good about yourself!! SO to all dreamers out there don't be afraid to dream cause some dreams does happened in real life.

Remember every thing that happen to us all is depend's on itself because we make the decision for ourselves and we on the other hand who is also the one that would decided for our ownselves not others people, if you let other people to make the decision for you but then eventually at the end of the days things didn't goes well as you want it, the answer is very bitter to swallowed and it's to late to regret for it. Now think for a seconds or two?  whether to wait for things to happened or "YOU" yourself shall work hard for what you want and make it happened!!

Dare to dream and be able to create the choices is all in your hand. :-)

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Small Kucing said...

It's good to have a bestie like that. I forgot 2011 2011 its today . hahaha....sure today all the restaurant will be very full

Nava.K said...

I am so happy to hear that your besty has the career she wanted,, that modelling.

You are absolutely right decisions - its us who make it or break it.

mars mell-o said...

@Small Kucing thanks for that sweet words mamarazzi, im glad that she found a good life :D

btw mamarazzi tak keluar makan - makan ke? he he he i didn't go out today feel kinda lazy to go anywhere :D haha just watch dvd at home...

anyhow i hope mamarazzi have great day ahead ya :D

mars mell-o said...

@Nava.K I do agree with your statement below.. it's us who make it or break it :D yeaah!!! sticked to this words "I RULES" always tell that to our selves right but make sure we be one of the good ruler he he..

thanks for dropping by and have a blissful day ahead ya :D

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