Monday, November 14, 2011

Kek lapis legit surabaya

Myhun bought it at jakarta the other day when he went there for some biz trip I told him to buy this cake for me cause at one time he did bought this before and it was my first try having this cake lapis legit that's what the indonesion people called it.

Well what can I say.. I get addicted with the one with red color box packing. Why? because it taste really good and sort of like a marble cake!! the green one also not bad, but I still preferred the one with red color box packing yeah he he he.. 

By the way what made me posted this entry? I dropped by at small kucing blog just now as I read her post I remember that I have one pending entry about cake lapis at my lappy draft folder LOL. I'd supposed to posted this weeks ago.

But due to I was so lazy to blog I've forgot about this entry till just now only I remember! ah' I should thanks small kucing for this ha ha.. em koi sai wo mamarazzi your entry remind me to publish  this entry ROFL.

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Small Kucing said...

Laa....i was looking why so ngum one you also posted the same thing today hahaha...

The red colour one got like plum ke? Coz last time hubby bought from the Ratna shop got like plum in the layer. The recent ones he bought from airport not as good as that one.

mars mell-o said...

@Small Kucing ha ha ha yes mamarazzi same post , your enrty make me remember to post it :P

btw that red color box middle layered taste like choco :D
the green one just plain lor no taste , ha ha maybe different people different taste kot :D

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