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Thursday, October 13, 2011

I got facial mask from sasatien

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Thank's sasatien I got the facial mask infact I already use two piece of them he he =D

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nuffnang Celebrates BlogDay!!

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Blog Day 2011 : The 6 Blog that interest me the most

1. Small Kucing  -

I’ll picked this blog because she is the most kindly person I’ve ever known from Blogspot since I start active on blogging.  What made me keep returning back to “small kucing” blog is the awesome pictures of her little boy and also her day in life story is very inspiring and wait a minute I almost forget to say here she had the most funny comments. 

2. Rose Johari –

I’ll picked this blog because she is the most friendly person I’ve ever known at Blogspot since I start active on blogging. What made me keep returning back to “Rose Johari” blog is has tons of blogging tips and info that can be shared among bloggers, and how can I forget to say it here aloud? She is my top commenter as always. 

3.  Chybeelila –

I’ll picked this blog because I admire her skill's in photography! And if you are looking for some awesome picture’s that you never seen before. You're at the right spot!! cause throughout her blog, you’ll see pictures taken from her journey of life that she wanted to share with all. 

I’ll picked this blog because she is adorable and has a friendly character what made me keep returning back to her blog is she keep her followers on track.  She leave comment’s in every blog that she visited. See? This how all bloggers should do. If you are in someone page’s let the owner of the blog knows that you are there by dropping them some comment, so it's easy for them to follow your links back. Cause you’ll never know that your comment’s probably can give them more inspirations to keep on blogging sharing is caring!! ;)

5. Juzt YenTenG ** -

I’ll picked this blog because she have an awesome post!! She sparks her thought’s and feelings and of course she had a great personality. 

I’ll just found out about her blog yesterday I probably wouldn’t know about her blog existence until yesterday she came to visit my blog and become my followers.  I’ll follow her link back and when I first entering her blogger profile. I see that she have 3 links there but this one “ My daily coffee talk” is what interest me the most I’ll follow her blog back and I start reading her post one by one, it’s truly inspiring how she express and write her thoughts in words, they are most fascinating and informative I love how she put them into a perfective and also easy to understand.

Click here to participate " Nuffnang Celebrates BlogDAY 2011 "

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Header - For you

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cuba balik ni ..ya dah resize balik :D

As what I have promise at the FB to make a header for you, here it is.. He he It's done!!

ambik yg ni...

choose which one you want ya.

Come and grab it liza latip hope you like it!! =D

Invitation from Nuffnang: BlackBerry PlayBook at KL convention centre

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I'm so happy that was be the one among the 40 lucky Nuffnangers selected to attend the Blackberry Playbook workshop which is held at the KL convention centre HALL 4 16 july 2011. 
I cant resist to get myself one of this 7 inch multitaskting tablet OS smartphone!!

Tons of performance
Uncompromise web browsing
Stunning multi-media
More choice of applications

The perfect pair for my blackberry torch!!

 Maxis officially launched the BlackBerry Playbook where they have invited the media and bloggers to join them. 
Click here  to find out more about BlackBerry Playbook offer 

I'm one of the 40 lucky bloggers invited by Nuffnang to experience the Blackberry Playbook at the workshop event. But I left there early cause got something to catch up. But I'm happy that I got my time manage to attend the event that happening at the KL convention centre HALL 4 yesterday! =D


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

CONTEST : Colourful Paddy

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The greatest FEAR

In the darkest corner of his room he was sitting there all by himself,
alone in his lonely mind without a smile and without a care,
He had nothing else left other than his own self,

there is no friend to share his joy and laugh with,
there is no friend to catch his sorrow and cry with,

he had nothing else left other than feeling pity and sorry
for his own self,

there is no one to tell and listen to his story,
there is no one to share and to keep his little secret.

He still clearly remember there was a time
the night is so cold and windy as if,

Like it was the greatest night for him to smiled again,
At last! He said to himself.  “I have my sunshine”.

For the first time in his life he feel so sure
that he had made his final choice.

He hold every chances to grab back his sunshine
but then he let it fade away his famous slice and bias reason,

To give nothing to her is such a shamed!
He knew that he have nothing for her.

As for what he is a man like him is a complete zero!
he just so ashamed of himself.

A miles by every miles his mind traveled,
alone all by himself,

the more footsteps he make to continue
the long journey the bigger his fear become.

Fear of knowing what is waiting for him ahead,
Fear of knowing what is the consequences
are when it happens that he made a bad choices,

Fear of knowing the consequences
before he decided to make that choices.
He asked himself,

Could anyone be sure of what they
really wanted is indeed what they ever needed?
He soon realize his biggest weakness is,

Fear of knowing what is right and wrong. His damaged.
Losing her is the greatest mistake he ever done
For giving another man the chances to take his sunshine smile .

A new contest from Sasa Tien !!
It is very easy to win , all you have to do is
look at the picture ( Paddy ) and tell me what
is in your mind when you look at it in not less than 50 Words !

what is my view  about the picture below;

Make "LIFE" colorful by "SHARING" your "THOUGHT"  and "OPINION"
You will never know how much It bring meaning to the others.

Rose, Tnie on the Blog, Fyra J  - I don't know who else to TAG to join me in this contest he he It's poetry yup.. For those who wanna join this contest click the banner above It will direct you there :) 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hadiah dah beli esok mello post ya!!

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Mello, dah beli dah BlackBerry Curve!!! Esok mello post ya!! :D

Cantik tak?? nanti rose jangan lupa tau add mello kat BBM MESSENGER rose bila dah activate nanti.

P/s: Dont forget to inform me at once when you already receive the parcel ya!! =D

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hard to believe ya..? he he dont get shocked!

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Here's the evidence HA HA like CSI la pulak!! LOL just kidding

Rose Johari, I know that you are still in shocked about the contest announcement just now, But you really did won this contest. Here's the snapshoot's of the Top Commentator List.

You're name is on the first top of the list and there's (64) comments from you.

You really did won!!!  LOL


Monday, June 27, 2011

Top commentor of the month : winner is goes to..

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Kenapa mars mello pilih blog ni? sebabnya mars mello dah bagi tahu kat entry announcement tadi,
myhun pun setuju dengan keputusan yang mars mello buat ni..

I made this banner you can put this at the sidebar of your blog if you want..

Kepada RoseJohari Taniah!! Girl you won this contest and thank you so much for supporting my blog and for all your sincere comment is deeply appreciated.  Jangan lupa email kat mello alamat dan details pakai contact me form ya.. 


Sunday, June 26, 2011


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Hello everyone , friends, followers and to all my silent readers out there, I have an announcement to make. Ingat lagi tak contest yang mars mello anjurkan dulu? A stranger in a stranger land poetry contest?  I think ya’ll remember right?

Apa kena mengena announcement ni dengan contest tu? 

Mars mello pernah mention kat entry mars mello tu mungkin akan datang nanti mello nak buat contest lagi  ingat tak? he he he..

Tapi contest kali ni berbeza sikit dan mungkin agak pelik sikit sebab contest kali ni mars mello buat tanpa memberitahu sesiapa bila tarikh contest ni akan bermula.  OH, mungkin korang semua akan tertanya – tanya apa yang pelik sangat dengan contest kali ini? 

Jawapan:  Mars mello ialah pada hari contest ni di adakan mars mello akan  mengumumkan terus siapa pemenangnya dan kenapa orang tu layak untuk menang contest mars mello kali ni.

Contest ni mars mello judge dari kejujuran seseorang tu..

Sebab kalau mars mello bagi tahu apa tema konsep kontest ni pada semua orang
dah tentunya semua orang boleh menang kan?

Tema contest ni adalah “TOP COMMENTOR OF THE MONTH” sesiapa yang paling banyak comment kat blog mars mello ni tanpa disuruh pun dia akan datang juga comment kat blog mars mello dialah yang layak menang contest ni :)

SO, sebelum mars mello bagi tahu siapa pemenangnya, mars mello nak announce kat sini bahawa contest ni mungkin mars mello akan buat lagi dimasa yang akan datang nanti dan mars mello akan buat perkara yang sama iaitu mars mello akan umum terus siapa pemenangnya pada hari mars mello adakan contest.. 

Pada sesiapa yang pernah comment kat blog ni dan yang sudah menjadi follower blog THE MARSMELLO DIARY , thanks ya’ll for all your support.. cheer’s!!!

The winner will receive a BlackBerry Curve White 

Stay tune for the next announcement :)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I love nippon paint because...

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 I love Nippon paint because It Paint colors to my room!!

I love Nippon paint because It changes my gloomy colors room into a beautiful shiny and dreamy colors that would made my everyday meaningful each time I looked into it.
I love Nippon paint because mirror, mirror on the wall once told me  that Nippon paint is the expert of  them all, I love Nippon paint because Nippon paint make my dreams happen.
I love Nippon paint like my home sweet home!!

Check it out on  Nippon Paint Blobbies
facebook page

Common let's join this contest CLICK HERE TO JOIN!!


Sunday, May 29, 2011

The announcement : From blog

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Remember the contest I've join from chybeelila blog's do you care enough?. Guess what the result is already announce today!
I was so excited to see it, he he I thought I didn't win ha ha but when I check my blog again for the second time I saw a comment it was from chybee she asking for my email and detail's then I was wondering and asked myself did I win anything? ROFL.

SO, I went to check her blog again and comment just to make sure about it, she replied: Haha..u did win dear! Sbb paling byk backlink. Mail me k!.

Thank you so much chybee for picking me as your most backlink :)

Most backlink:

Most of all thank's for those who did support me in DO YOU CARE ENOUGH CONTEST!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Contest: Do you care enough?

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First of all I wanna say thank you very much for Inviting me to join your contest weeks ago but due to I was so buzzy like a bee and I didn't have a time to online and because of  that I wasn't be able to  review your picture gallery but for now I'm in ya? I already have my picked that I can give a comment (maklumlah mello baru balik dari melawat rumah chybee he he).

Back to your banner questions : Do you care enough?

Here's is my answer : Yes I am and I do care enough to join this contest for I'm very much interested in your photography and your pictures cause you have a skills and also creative and you don't depend 100% on PS editing to make the pictures look good.

I love the originality of your photo shoots cause you're not faking it I also admire some of your ideas of directing your own imaginative theme concept making the photo look more unique and a rare type of photo. But that doesn't mean I dislike edited picture I do like them too!! specially those photo that show some ARTS and tell a thousand emotions although it's only a picture.

Here's my picked..

At the end of road; There is a shiny day :)

Landscape portraits: That speak a thousand's emotions 

It's kinda express the feelings of someone who is living all alone far far far away from home

This is it chybee,  he he I already picked this two pictures takpe kan?

For those who would like to join this contest search this blog the last day of this contest is on 26 MAY so hurry up! else you will missed the chances to participate.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Attention - Hadiah dah post dah yay!!!

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Nak tahu tak hadiah pemenang contest 
"A stranger in A stranger land" mars mello dah post dah awhhh!!! ..

Tak percaya ke..???

Ini dia buktinya...

believe me now??? ho..ho..ho sorry i sengaja hitamkan address tu just for safety reasons.. 

Nanti kalau y'all dah dapat jangan lupa bagi tahu mars mello ya..

Kenapa kena bagi tahu lagi?? sebabnya mars mello nak pastikan yang hadiah tu sampai kepada winners one more thing is mars mello tak nak nanti orang kata mars mello ni tipu aje nak bagi hadiah tapi tak bagi pun oppp's i dont mean any offend ya, hahahaha.. Akan datang nanti mars mello rasa nak buat contest lagi dan kali ni hadiah dia lagi gempak dari Ipod. SO, kepada yang pernah join contest a stranger in a stranger land see you all in the next contest ya?? jangan malu - malu nak join tau!!

To; hartini and syakimah hope you girl's love it!! =D

Monday, April 11, 2011

Contest: Ema Jom Review Blog Saya!

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Contest mars mello dah selesai kali ni mars mello nak join contest ni pulak he he he header contest yang ditaja oleh cik ema cun ni..

1) Follow blog Ceritera Cun
2) Tajuk entri mestilah = Ema Jom Review Blog Saya!
3) Letak header contest di dalam entri
4) Jawab soalan-soalan dibawah
5) Lengkapkan slogan
6) Tag seorang blogger sahaja
7) Tarikh Tutup: 17 April 2011

Saya nak tag cik comot!! hehe 

Hanya 9 peserta yang berjaya mencuit hati Ema akan terpilih!

Note:Kepada yang di tag tinggalkan link entri anda di blog cik ema cun okay!!

Soalan 1: Bagaimana anda dapat tahu tentang blog Ceritera Cun?
Jawapan: Saya dapat tahu pasal blog ni masa tengah blog walking kat blog nuur azimah syahida

Soalan 2: Berapa kerap anda lawat blog Ema?
Jawapan: saya pemabaca baru blog ceritara cun..

Soalan 3: Kenapa nak join contest ini?
Jawapan: sebab contest ni best dan menarik saya untuk join.

Lengkapkan slogan;

Saya suka makan sushi kerana ia nyummy dan juga itulah makanan mars mello!!.

Pemenang sajak kategori B.melayu

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The winner for best malay poem is goes to Miss Syakimah Binti Mokhtar

Myhun choose this poem because he said it's very meaningful

Congratulations winner and thank you for sharing..

For those who didn't won a millions of thanks for participating this contest
you girls are the best but unfortunately there is only one winner for this category
and the decisions has already been decided by myhun.

Once again thank you very much ya'll..

Note for the winner please email me your details to claim your prize!!

Contact Number:

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Prizes - Best poem B.Melayu categories

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For the B.melayu poem winner I'm giving away an Apple Ipod shuffle blue color
what you girl's think of it? =D As I say I have to be fair to the winners..


Friday, April 8, 2011

English category poetry - The winner is...

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The winner for the english category
"A stranger in A stranger land" poetry contest are goes to no other than..

Miss Hartini Ismail

Congratulations!! Winner..

Why do I choose this poem for english category? well first of all the poet for this poem seem's to know what type of poetry is best for this contest.  Yip,  I'm looking for a poem that rhymes and poem that contain a word's "strangers" or poem that describes what is like to be a stranger in a stranger land. That's why at the beginning of this contest I entitled the entry as "A stranger in A stranger land" but i guess only one person do get what I mean. One more thing why didn't I mention on my post what kinda type of poem is I actually looking for? My answer is very simple well If i got to tell everything at the entry from the first day I organize this contest then everyone can be a winner. 

I also did ask few judges to select the best poem including myself and also myhun to read all the participants poetry all over again and only then we decided to choose which poet is deserves to won the Ipod? and among three of my judges tell me the same answers that "Perfect strangers" should be the winner for this contest. As for now the final result for the ENGLISH BEST POEM category is goes to Hartini Ismail congratulations!!

For those who did not won don't feel bad because all of you are a great poet but the decisions has already been made. Once again thank you for participating girl's and if I have more contest in coming future I will not forget to Invite all of you again.
For the BM category I will announce the winner on my next post!!

Note for the winner please email me your details to collect your prize

Full name:
 Mobile number:

Cant wait to announce the winner!!!

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Guess what?? I already buy the Ipod Shuffle =D

I just can't wait to announce the winner oh ya, I have some good news to say well I made some changes in picking a winner for this contest wanna know what is it? if yes raise your hand!! ROFL..

Hurmm, I think it's not fair if I only give one prizes for this contest the reason is because i'm well concern that there is two type of poem categories in this contest one is ENGLISH and the other category is B.MELAYU what I think is I should give another prize for those who write down their poem in bahasa melayu so are you girl's happy with my announcement today??

I hope you all are do happy with this good news and for now I'm still thinking what to give away for the B.M best poem winner.. Shhhhh I will post the pictures here very soon!! It's a tough contest all of the participants are good and creative in choosing their words but i'm actually looking for something that "rhymes" and meaningful one I'm looking for a poem not a "story".

Who you girl's think is deserves to get this Apple Ipod shuffle?? The judges for this poetry contest told me that this Ipod should be given to no other than  "Miss, secret"

HAHAHA I wont tell now wait for my next post.. Good luck girl's!!

SO, if you are happy of this announcement do drop your comment and for those who not happy just pass this by..

Monday, April 4, 2011

Closed!!! =D

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A stranger in a stranger land poetry contest is closed!!
I will announce the winner soon and thank you to all who had been participate this contest... =)



Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Follower bertuah Me? hard to believe kan..

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:face50:Yaay!!! I win, I win, I win.. tak percaya? :face51:



Terima Kasih fareha kerana memilih Mars Mello jadi follower bertuah blog anda!! hoyeah check out this blog for more info


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