Sunday, July 29, 2012

Myself years back then - present and the now

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the innocent me and the grown up me :)

That's me year's back then - and if i'm not mistaken my age was only 12 years old in this picture with an innocent smile and short haircut a side by side clipped on hair is one of my thing back then when i was a little girl as I love to kept the girly look's that will match and suit with my dress.  

Some friend of mine asked this question, hadn't you ever try cutting your hair short before? and few of them even suggest me to cut my hair short and try something new for a changes as often they seen me with long hair but not once a chance they seen me with short mid-length haircut and as thought i think it is one of kinda funny asking that i had ever heard from them. 

Well, honestly I did cut my hair short before and I can say it is shorter than the above pictures on the left i wish i have a pictures of it but unfortunately i don't have any copy with me as it's all gone into nowhere lols and I also done the hair dye and bleaching on my hair  until one day my hair got spoiled and damaged and it take quite some time probably few years to get back the natural looks of my hair with no split-ends and damages.
captured on 12 june - peek-a-boo is it short or long? have your guess he..he..

Since then I stop dyeing my hair and keep the hair long instead and twice a month i will go for hair treatment.  Till at someday i find it's kinda tiring and take so much of time cause every twice a month i have to do the same routine which is going to saloon and done the same treatment over and over, then i made up my mind and decided to buy the hair treatment product and done the treatment itself at home once a week, just a simple and instant step which is applying the hair mask all over my hair and cover my head with hot towel and then shower cap for 30mins then was my hair clean and after that rinse it with hair conditioner and lastly washed it with cold/hot water ( as your choice ) and when it's done use the hairdryer to dry my hair and not rub it using towel ya, remember that. 

Believe it or not the result is the same as hair steaming-treatment that done at the saloon but the only difference in what I did is express and no charge at all!! 

Ha...ha..ha..ha brilliant idea huh? that's what my hairstylist friend once told me. As at one time he wondered himself seeing my hair growing long so fast for not more than 2 years and he asked me, what did i've done to my hair? just in a quick time  the damages all gone and it look more dark and shiny and thicker than the last time he cut left over dye on my hair.
Photo on left capture month ago the one on the right taken last friday look at the hungry face gosh after fasting for 8 day's straight the cheek also become small liao!!

Then I said a joke to my friend, I guess my hair got too much of vitamins as I done the mask treatment 4 times in a month and kept it maintain for a years and then smile at once when  the same answer kept being said over again and again when some friend of mine even think that my hair is an extension or a wigged. 
P/S to my besty eila the left side pic is not edited and also no hair dye.. okay! ha..ha

See what i'm saying here?? I did try midlength haircut not one time but after 3 - 4 month's it will grow longer again and when one day came when some of my friends met me again my hair has already back into the length as the last time they saw me, don't believe?? take a look at the pictures above. *grind*

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 5 of fasting

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Day 5 of fasting with my sissy - Just the two of us yeah so didn't cook any food at home. We went to the bazaar and buy the food back instead he..he..he whoa so many food right?? but me and my sissy only eat less some we kept for sahur time as we don't want to waste the food LOL.

I still have asam laksa waiting for me later Ooooo... can i finish it?? I'm too full now my sissy buy kuih some more and moise chocolate cake she put it in refrigerator i forgot to snap the pictures ROFL now the two of us can't move due to we ate too much of kuih after having rice ha..ha..ha

Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm a zombie girl!!

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How do i look?? scary huh?? i edited it myself.. XD but there's another pictures like this are more scarier than this one let me add it below ha ha ha.

Here is it!!!!! don't faint while watching this LOL my friend's say i'm weird ROFL for making this pictures as a cover for my timeline.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Whatever poses an air of mystery - I'm a drama queen mixture of emotion

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Just another funny poses of mine ha..ha..ha - but hey, could any of you take a few seconds and interpret this expression?? I know that not everybody dare to pose how their face might look's like while they are pouring. 

But to me it doesn't really mind cause i'm not actually crying for real in this picture's the truth is i'd made my tears out though that time I don't feel like crying at all.

my answers is simple I wanna try to put myself in someone else shoes and feel how is it like when you have to act and play someone sad role in life and I can tell you for sure that it's not easy to let your tears out specially when you have to let it flow for something that you aren't sure of unless you too have to let yourself flow into a saddest feelings mode and imagine yourself in that real picture and situation. I guess that's how every dramaqueen and heroes do to completely act the role they are given by the director *grind* well that's what happen mostly in film's. But not in this real world for it's another different story and we cannot just simply let other's people to made the decision for ourselves and do what we been told to do. 

("--Because in reality 
we run our own show we are the director and actor of our show. Peoples can watch the show, but they have no right to say, to ask or to stop us from "how to act, what to act and what not to act" in our show than to let ourselves run our own show and be who we want to be not who they wants us to be.--")

But before you can smile with full of happiness and also laughters and with lot's of joy!! First of all you've gotta been through one of these two pictures situation - but that's how life sometime's can be and treat ourselves.

When people knock you down for the first time you think it's the end of everything to yourself your life then turn miserable and your carrer is at high staked of damage. Even y
our own very closest friend and the people that you care everybody seem's to turn their back on you without a smile and without a care the only loyal companion you have there with you is your tears that become the one and only best friend.

But that doesn't mean you can't change your life into a brighter tomorrow as you still have a choices to get your two feet back on the ground and live life into the fullest!! Because what happen in the past is a lesson to learnt and to remind yourself to be more extra careful of whom you trust and be friend with "NO PAIN" - "NO GAIN" so, treasure every moment's and everything you have as you only gonna live today and die tomorrow.  Dream a better dreams and work for it, dream a better dreams and WORK  IT HARD!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

The other side of me

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My friend's say this picture look so mystical Oooo...really??  I had no comment LOL. But then on a second sight when I look at this picture It's seem's like I glow in the dark HUH.
I'm serious XD

OH ya,  I'm in a most view presentation of the week can't believe it though I just learn how to make this stuff, I didn't know that people would view it this much in 4days although i just posted it on july 8 and there's 2 people already downloaded it. Thank you all for reading it and for downloading it means alot!! :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Inspirational words ZJ

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I made this just now it's my inspirational word's slideshow still learning how to make them look good =D

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


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SACRIFICE this word might look just as simple and as easy for anyone to pronounce nor say it in our daily language and writing or quotes. But the truth and also fact is not everybody knows what is the exact and actual meaning of sacrifices unless they themselves have been through this scenario and situation.

Sacrifice's is like a games of chess and the one who truly understand the true meaning of ''sacrifice'' is those who had made some sacrificing and give a little bit of something from themselves for the other one to survive and to keep the others going and moving on.

If comparing with those who receive the sacrifices that one have made for each self and base on my true case theory those who give more is the kinder as they are the one that stand and bear every big consequences and heavier responsibility. Behind every sacrifice’s there is an agenda and hidden story about a person self - experience and it teach us to be stronger, smarter and wise in handling all thing's and every decisions that we chose to made.

Sacrifice's is not something that people can purchase and give easily. It takes time and effort, hard work and understanding the willingness of one person to commit and hold on to the sacrifices he/she have to make and because some sacrifices are only can be given to those that deserve it not the one who take it only for granted.

That is why before you made up your mind on sacrificing something think at least for once or two. As the expectation you get back in return are sometimes beyond all the things that you hope for and planned. Which mean once you made the vow to sacrifice, be yourself ready and prepared to face every impact that will come along your ways. Because there is no point at all to sacrifice something for those who does not know how to treasure it.

SACRIFICE is apart of reality in life and some sacrifice’s that we made are chosen by our own selves and there is a difference with when it happens in such an unfortunate ways that we become the victim of some sacrifices and whether we like it or not we've sometime have no other choice as we stuck there in between a two dimension and we have no other option than to sacrifice for something before differentiating what are we actually sacrificing for the good, the bad, or the ugly ones.

It's a reality of life that some of us probably must go through. For instance there are times we willing to sacrifice our own happiness to see the others happy, and at time's we willing to sacrifice our time by working hard to earn something for our livings to support our beloved parent's so that as day's comes when their age catching up they don't need to spend the rest of their life and time on working anymore as they are getting older and weak and so it's time for us to do back something good for them in return. Now these are the sacrifices that a must deserve of doing. But sacrificing for some false hope love and empty promised it's better not to cause those are not even worth taking risked.

The Greatest Silence

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His eyes and heart watching her but she don't come.
His eyes and heart calling her name but she don't come.
His eyes and heart waiting for her but she don't come.
His eyes and heart crying for her but she don't come.
His eyes and heart saying only her name but she don't come.
His eyes and heart loving only her but she don't come.

His stood alone in the darkest corner of his empty room and said to himself it's too late to regret. She's gone into a path with no more returns.

Silently he heard something a soft voice whispering. His quite unsure about what he hear, as he thought it's only a delusional that playing tricks with his mind.

A soft voice whispers again this time he was sure about what he hear it's a voice of someone that seem's familiar to him.

I'm here for you
I'm here I'll come to see you 

I'm here for you I'm here for you
I'm here just like I'll always do
I'm here for you to let you know
that I've never really left.

Although I've chosen the path with there's no more turning back but you can always whispers my name in silence when you needed someone when you needed a friend I will be there..

 --After hearing what the voices whispers to him in the air--

His heart stopped beating His eyes stopped blinking His brain starts thinking And said to himself. This is my hope to comes to you. So close but yet so far this is my dreams to look only you, his lips kisses directly onto the mobile screen which showing a photo of someone that he use to know.

He wanted to tell her something but he couldn't as his thought are always changing. He had no other choice than to whisper what he wants to say in silence.

--I know you had love with someone but all I know and could say is that I think of you why?? I don't know if you will hate me for this. I only now realize that I love you from my heart and a part of this piece of my heart there is a place for you--     

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Shadow of the past holds the future hostage

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When I try to look back at the things that I had left behind is one of the hardest thing’s that I must cope for looking back is one of the most bitter things that happen to me in this life which I have to swallow all alone by creating a world of imagination and an escaped for myself to hide from the real world. 

But there are times you know when you just cannot hide from it anymore then eventually you have to faced-up some of those super duper reality and I’m not a supergirl nor wonderwomen. Not at all because I don’t have a power to change the world but I’d like to think that I can make a difference to my life by keep on moving forward and not giving up easily.

But I let my own self down, I let people made a promise to make up to which they never do from time and time again. I'll let them took advantage on my innocent kindess. In fact I’m also not so happy as a dark force is on my case and I try to make success cause I believe that my future would be determined shortly as I am trying to be a better person.

But you know what they said? the higher you get by the more you must try but then I failed and cause I make the real world apart of my escapes. For once I’ve never stop thinking about the things that happening in my life the painfulness that I have with me since my childhood the time I had missed and anything that is related to me slowly leaving me behind and there are time I often feel like my life is like joke for everyone else! 

And I couldn’t help myself than only smile at it, though I know that when it’s come to facing up reality it’s another different story the fact is whether it’s up to myself to admit it or not cause what I felt deep within my heart is pouring like a heavy rain, but who know's more? other than my own selves. 

Is this real? am I standing in a real world or somehow? does anyone of you can tell me in what world am I living right now? Is it sort of fantasy or what do you think? the only thing I could tell you is my life is not as easy as people think, my life is filled with too many tears and also challenges the truth is sometime rarely pure and never simple but this is my world and also reality. 

They said sometime's we must get hurt in order to grow and we must fail in order to know what is best for ourselves cause our vision only clears after washed away with tears and pain.

I wish I can make thing's right I wish I have a power to change and solve the un-solve things. I wish GOD is listening to my prayers right now cause only "thee" the ALMIGHTY ALLAH who know what might happen today and tomorrow.

All poems of Zaarah Jasmin

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Here's some of my poetry collection on E-book click the link to get the PDF version. 

Hope you all enjoy reading it, :-)
Happy sunday to all my blog readers..!!


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