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Little something About Me

How many blog do I have ...?

I have few accounts that still active I just want to make sure it’s still alive hehe. HOW LONG I BEEN HERE?? I’ll start blogging since 2005 well, you may consider me as a newbie to blogging thing cus I’m not a ‘’smartie's’’ I’m just a ‘’diary’’ chocolates and I love choco very much haha. Oopps I’m sorry! I’m getting further a bit out of the question. It's just me and apart of being a quirks is when i tell things in circle call me weird or nerd if you want too, cus i don't care and maybe some of you "there" who's happen to read this probably might say this words are you for real?

Yes I am real and I’m a 100% human being fully loads with feeling and emotion I cry when I’m sad, I laugh when I’m happy, I get mad when I’m angry and there’s no one gonna like me when I’m angry nor i didn't ask them to like. I don’t care and I don’t give any freakin damn about how they judge me as a person cause I’m sure about myself.

I’m not a plastic or stainless steel, I bleed when I get injured, I feel pain when I’m in pain and when the situation and circumtances is holding me back sometimes I feel like givin up!! Maybe im just too tired with "maskwearer'' people it's alright next time just be more careful with whom you be friend with, cause myself have taught me well that life isn’t about letting go and losing faith to carry on living, it’s about how you face up every challenges that you’re living through.

Be strong girl and never let anything to hold you back whatever might comes to you just learned how to live with it cause that’s life just like living in a war you’ll "KaBoomM”M" when you get hit by the granade avoid UNEXPECTED things from happening. But never forget to make your dreams happen find a way work hard for it and MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Speaking about what am I doing my answer is I’m gonna ask you to be alert stepped off or else you will get a “wireless” while reading this entry. It’s all about saving the currently moods I’ need some cold water in my head gotta rescue my own selves before I burst in the air. So before I’m ending this entry with “dots” and whatever "dots" it may be, I wanna “Scream-Out-Loud” here It doesn’t mean any matter to you how I live up mylife as long as I never give you any problem and troubles or somehow bother your life. Cause everyday of mylife has been proved shiny and bring luck but when we don’t get this it wont bring any meaning accept loyalty , We don’t see thing as they are, see them as we are he who speak the truth must've one foot in stirrup love is name of giving and not taking any from love ones it does not ask for any acknowledgement or any returns. 
Be true to yourself we may lie to others but we can never hide lies from ourselves, we’ve might act like there is nothing really happen but how long can it last? How long could you pretend it’s really nothing when you are in pain or when someone upsets your feelings? Would you just keep yourself in “SILENCE MODE” or somehow and somewhat will you do when someone overwhelm you and upsets you?I tell you what I’m going to do is “SCREAM-OUT-LOUD” that’s the best thing to do.

SO WHAT AM I DOING RIGHT NOW?? Currently I’m screaming out loud practicing soprano alto ariba hasta lavista ustedes amigos amiga buenas dias un todos diez te bendigas ciao!!!

To be concluded in the next chapter of LIFE..

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