Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wordless wednesday - #5

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Wordless wednesday - #4

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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Myhun bought me carrot cake from secret recipe and my fav asam laksa how sweet!!

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I love carrot cake from secret recipe! thank's hun sebab belikan cake ni, I know you always remember to buy something for me to eat specially my favorite food. 

He also take away some kuih and my favorite asam laksa from nyonya colors the curve damansara how sweet right? Oh, actually that kuih is for my kitty cat ha ha ha she love to eat binka ubi so much. It's her favorite so myhun bought it for my kitty and she is happy as me too! Thanks sweetheart for taking away back home all this food for me muackz kissy kissy =D

Monday, November 28, 2011

I love chicken burger and mango juice!!

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My sister are so diligent today she bought me a burger along with the mango juice ha ha ha how sweet right? I think I know why suddenly she become so diligent, she purposely go out and walk to 7 - eleven just to buy this burger for me. Hurmm I was thinking maybe it's because the other day I help her put the hair color on her hair ROFL.

Nah, I'm just kidding he..he actually she bought it for me cause she knew that i love chicken burger very much yummyeh thanks sissy!! =D 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Liese hair color and L'oreal shampoo rocks!!

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Last week my sister asked me to do something for her I'll asked her what is it that you want me to do for you if I could help sure will do it for you. Then she said hmmm just a small favor actually only if you allowed me to do it, then I'd asked her again tell me faster lor what is it? At first I think she's a bit shy to say it arrr..arrrr.. sis, do you know how to apply dye on hair? just this time please I'm worried you get angry that's why I'll asked your permission first before i'll make up my own decision she said.

What color you want to apply on your hair? I asked. If red no way ha ha ha I'm not gonna waste my time to put dye on your hair for some ugly color which doesn't even suit yourself then she answer me this, hell no I won't I rather not waste the money for red color she laugh.

After that I tell her, put it this way you go and buy the hair color product i'll give you the money okay and choose what color you want once you already have your picked tell me only then we do the next step okay? then she said cool i'm going to buy the color tomorrow.

The next day she really went to buy the hair color product I thought she was only kidding me LOL, well honestly telling those day she told me that she never wanna dye her hair cause scared that after the coloring her hair will get damage. I don't know what cross into her mind just like a snap she then change her thought suddenly ha ha ha weird I still feel weird until now.

Alright here's the picture of the hair color she bought it's a korea product "liese" I asked her to buy 3 box because her hair was too long and one box of shoulder hair measurement is not enough. I know because I work at friends saloon last time shhhhhhh. How much does it cost? 1 box is rm38 x 3 = rm.114 cheap or not? but if you done the coloring at the saloon it will cost about rm300 above LOL. Why so expensive?? try to look at how long her hair is ha ha ha too long huh? I don't know why she dont want to cut it perhaps she want to become the next rapunzel *grind*

Here's the outcome after I put the dye on her hair nice or not?? it's a milk tea brown color took an hour to get this color awhhhh...
A facebook friend of mind asked me this question what hair product do i use for my hair? She also tell me that she love my hair very much cause it's very shiny and also thick. After that I tag her this pictures and tell her the product I'm using for my hair I've been using this product for more than 5 years now!! yes I love this shampoo it make my hair look shiny and soft even If i didn't go for hair rebonding treatment the shampoo and conditioner already make my hair look straight and shiny. 
I'll also use the same product of hair mask I apply it 3 times a week!! But nowadays seems like it is very hard to find this shampoo and I just don't know why LOL I been looking for this type of shampoo at guardian and watson but then the sales girl came and said they have no more stock of this. That's why every time I bought this shampoo and conditioner I will buy few bottles of it for my monthly stocked HA HA HA HA, opps excuse me for my evil laugh. 

Reborn reflexology jalan bukit bintang

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After the two of us done having dinner we both head to bukit bintang and looked for a place were the both of us can relaxed, our body and mind he he.  Actually we've went to reborn foot reflexology which located at jalan bukit bintang just opposite the federal hotel.
The reason why myhun took me there last night is because of the last few days incident that happen to him which he slipped down on the floor when he almost done showering. I'll pity myhun cause I know how it feel’s yeah he told me that his backbone is paining after the incident perhaps he hit too hard ughhh then he said maybe body massage is the only way to relieve his back pain. 

Then I said okay sweetheart let’s go to bamboo reflexology, but when the two of us get there the place was already full so we then decided to go to reborn. 

Actually It was not the first time I been to reborn I guess this the  6 times I went  there for body and foot massage as I remember I was with my mom and my sister that time.

Oh ya, beside  from body and foot massage they also had this fish spa service but myhun told me not to try the fish spa “at any place”  because it could spread sickness easily.

So far the massage went great it was so so so good yeah I feel very fresh and myhun back pain is relieved now after the massage therapy he he..

P/S: Thanks sweetheart for pampering me last night muackzzzz love you pumpkin.. =D

Mohd yaseen nasi kandar pulau pinang

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It’s been awhile since the last time I had eaten a rice believe it or not? It’s already 2months now even myhun too, he didn’t had rice for 2months  just like me LOL. Finally last night we both decided to had nasi kandar at Mohd yaseen restaurant myhun told me that he missed having  ayam hitam and also the curry sotong  so badly then I tell myhun neither myself I missed having a nasi kandar too!!  Jomlah, sayang tonight lets eat rice afterall once awhile we should pamper ourselves with the food we love right hun? he..he

I tell you what those days back then I never eat nasi kandar until I met myhun he is the one who teach me to eat those kinda type of food, if it’s not because of him today I wouldn’t know what is nasi kandar i'm mean it for real ha..ha..ha 

Honestly telling the Mohd yaseen nasi kandar pulau pinang had become one of my favorite now, I started to love the food at mohd yaseen nasi kandar ever since myhun first took me to had lunch with him there. You should try the food here sometime trust me it's really yummeyh =D 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Speechless + Sleepless Thursdays

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Yes, I am speechless and sleepless.. LOL

Blurrrrrrry head I still didn't sleep from last night until now gosh. 
What am I thinking? I don't know cause I can't figure out what is inside my thought right now. But it's ok too get moody perhaps It's my PMS make me feel like this moody for what reason I also don't know. Bluntly telling this barely happen to me whatever It is I think I need some sleep now to recover back all my speechless "mode". 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Moo Cow - The Garden Mall

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Look!! another awesome place I found here "MOO COW" located at  The Garden 3rd floor just opposite the rock corner. 

Mello, snap gambar ni masa dia baru buat opening tapi di sebabkan mello ni pelupa sikit baru hari nie ingat balik nak posting entry ni LOL. Kebelakangan ni mello rajin sikit tengok balik gambar - gambar yang ada dalam memory card camera mello sebab semua dah full dan masa mello tengah busy delete gambar mana yang dah pernah posting kat blog mello baru perasan gambar ni tak pernah posting lagi ha ha ha.. teruk kan mello? dah berapa bulan punya lama baru hari ni ingat nak post.    

Siapa kata kat kawasan kampung aje baru boleh nampak lembu? sebab zaman sekarang kat dalam shopping complex pun dah boleh nampak lembu ha ha ha siap posing lagi tu.. say cheese!!
Ada banyak lagi topping's actually but only manage to captured this.. 
One for me and one for myhun so far okay lah rasa dia sedap!!! lebih kurang macam tutti fruitti juga lah cuma bezanya yang ni diperbuat daripada pure cow milk, yummyehhhh try it and you'll know!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Harimau MUDA WON!! The power of yellow!!

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Normally I don’t really watch football but tonight I watch the game since the first match he he my hun told me that he got some bet with his Indonesian friend well just a small bet lor, doesn’t involved money at all. Myhun told his friend if Malaysia won he must belanja myhun makan - makan when he coming to KL next time LOL.  

I support Malaysia of course because I am a Malaysian even my cat also support Malaysia ROFL, we all watch the game until penalty gosh what a tough match can you imagine Malaysia 5-4 Indonesia for the penalty kicked ha ha really can make heart beat racing fast whoa..

I can’t stop screaming everytime when the ball get nearer to the goal keeper now I feel like my voice is losing probably is because I scream too much just now ha ha ha.

Anyhow congratulation to Harimau Muda!! =D yeahhhhhhhh we are the champion!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Gratitude, I am now one step closer to VICTORY!!

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Dear GOD, thank you for the great news that you had brought to me for today. I'm really, really happy and there is no one in this world who can tell the happiness deep inside me right now other than only you knows it well and my sweetheart who work so hard for everything. Thank you so much dear GOD for everything.

Speaking about dream’s I can feel it through my bones that I am now one step closer to victory. Yes, Yes!! and that victory will change my whole life and all that I have been dreaming about all this time soon all will be mine I wish, I wish I really wish it would happened for real I know it will my feeling's is good about this!!

I’m not only happy myself but I’m smiling till my ears now HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA laughter’s and tears came along together ohhhh, probably it’s a tears of joy *grind*

I have been waiting for this moment very long time ago finally, finally, I’m now one step closer to VICTORY. I feel the gratitude. Thank you GOD.

I am the masterpiece of my thought :-)

DE templer restaurant

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Earlier just now me and my friend yumiko was talking about dim sim food she posted in her wall status anyone near Bandar sri damansara still awake? wanna go for dim sum? Then I replied back in her wall, I said; why you wanna belanja me? she then reply me and said ya. But it’s still too early you know in my mind I was actually thinking even the dim sum restaurant also still not open yet ha ha ha.

Then I remember that I have one pending entry about dim sum in my lappy draft folder supposed I posted this long time ago but I’m kinda forgetful sometimes If not guess I really completely forgotten about this entry already..!!! ROFL

Okay wanna know the funny part? I posted the dim sum pictures at my facebook just now and tag her name on the pictures she replied “isssssh” I know she’s hungry right now and she’s drooling for dim sum ha ha that’s why I purposely written on the pictures  description  “come yumiko let’s eat dim sum now cheers..”  I’m so bad liao always make people hungry LOL.
Alright here’s some of my favorite dim sum menu I love to order that when me and myhun eat there, I love chee cheung fun and also lo mai kai cause it’s delicious and I never forget to order the fish porridge "a must" because it’s my favorite from the menu very yummyeh!!
One more thing beside from dim sum they have other menu aswell like fish, vege and etc try this place cause the food here are good cheap also cheaper!! oh ya, I almost forgot to tell here it's a chinese/muslim restaurant..which means it's pork free.  HALAL FOOD.

Are you a dim sum lover? Here’s the address : DE TEMPLER RESTAURANT No 17G & 19G, Jalan Melati Utama 4, Melati Utama, 53100 Setapak, Malaysia

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Twin dreamers - 2011 2011

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That's yumiko my besty this pictures was taken few years back and If i'm not mistaken i was only 18 years old in this pictures.  Most of our friend's thought we are a twin sister as our face and looks is almost alike only the difference between yumiko and me is she's kinda taller a bit and I'm fairer than her ha ha ha but the way we talk is almost the same yeah. 

By the way she finally got her dreams carrer now which is to get involved in modeling line  and i'm happy that she found a good life that she always dream about ever-since she was a teenager. 

I do care of her since then cause both of her parents passed away very long time ago ever-since when she was still a small little girl and now as I seen her grown up and looked at how her life change I smile for her and I'm happy for her too cause at least she finally learnt how to take good care of herself in this big big world although she have to do it on her own but she have her friend's and the people around her do love her and they also treated her as a part of the family just the way how I care for her those we're the days.
I still remember how we both used to talked about lot's of thing's every time when we have a chance to met up, we'll talked about our dreams and what will happened to both of us in 10yrs to come? she said she wan't to be a model and guess what? finally she have what she dreamt of now! it's amazing isn't? how a small dreams could change ones life.

I still can recalled and remember though at one time she did asked me the same question's she said; what is your dreams in 10yrs to come? I told her my dream's and I tell you what believe it or not? some of it did come true and some of what I wish for had already happened to myself.

Even though some of them haven't come true yet but I do believe in these few years to come hopefully everything will go smooth as planned, I'm not shy to tell this because everyone has their own story and mine is a dreams to fulfilled and my whole life depends on it!!

That is why I believe that dreams do come true in reality, yes it really do cause when you dream of something that you truly desire it means you are attracting good things to come to you the rest let the law of attraction do it works for you, and most importantly is always feel good about yourself!! SO to all dreamers out there don't be afraid to dream cause some dreams does happened in real life.

Remember every thing that happen to us all is depend's on itself because we make the decision for ourselves and we on the other hand who is also the one that would decided for our ownselves not others people, if you let other people to make the decision for you but then eventually at the end of the days things didn't goes well as you want it, the answer is very bitter to swallowed and it's to late to regret for it. Now think for a seconds or two?  whether to wait for things to happened or "YOU" yourself shall work hard for what you want and make it happened!!

Dare to dream and be able to create the choices is all in your hand. :-)

Friday, November 18, 2011

Lunch with myhun at KLCC

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The other day when I wen't to KLCC with myhun this is what we both had for lunch time but unfortunately I forgot what the restaurant called ha ha ha.. I was so hypnotize looking at the food and one more thing actually I don't know what to eat because there are too many food there! So I decided to order myself an asam laksa and myhun asked for mee goreng. I like the asam laksa soup although the noodle is not 100% cooked but the soup is delicious that's why I didn't complain about it much, as I said to myself "never mind lah lapar punya pasal makan ajelah mee dia keras sikit pun takpe kot he he."  

After we've done having our meal I told myhun to take away some kuih for tea time. Oh actually I was already full with the asam laksa but the kuih make me so geramlah, LOL semua nampak sedap jadi mello pun nak juga rasa kuih dia macam mana he he. Then around 4pm something me and myhun decided to take a break for awhile from typing infront of the laptop ha ha, myhun made me that tea yummy, rajinnya dia buatkan mello tea.. tak pernah ada lelaki yang buat macam ni lagi kat mello so gentleman and that's myhun and I heart him always.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Nadhira - Tear Us Apart Feat. Ron E Jones (Official Music Video)

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Tear Us Apart feat. Ron E Jones
Lyrics by Nadhira and Ron E Jones
Produced by Tom Diesel
Mastered by Qumran

Verse 1
From the first time we met each other
I knew that we’d be together
I saw in your eyes
It’s just a matter of time
Verse 2
Don’t know if this feels like the real thing
Tell me what to do where do I begin
Don’t know where to start
Should I let you in my heart?
Pre Chorus
And all it took was on touch, one kiss
I’ve never felt love like this
I pray, I wish we can have this forever

I told you from the very start
It’s always gonna be about us
Just don’t go and break my heart
Just don’t go and break my heart
I knew that we would make it this far
No nothing’s gonna tear us apart
Just don’t go and break my heart
Baby don’t go and break my heart

Verse 3
Girl you know now that we’re together
I won’t leave your side forever
You know that I’m yours
Baby you’re my only girl in the world
Verse 4
Now I have no reason to be alone
Fell in love with you, you are now my home
I’ll always be true
I see no one else but you
Pre Chorus

I fall in love with this song gosh I love the rhythm and the song meaning my heart racing fast while I'm listening to this song now I'm thinking about someone yeah and I wanted to tell him that there's nothing's gonna tear us apart sweetheart. You have my heart and I will always have yours trust in me when I said, I love you and I will always do..

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

KLCC - with myhun at the office

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I woke up at 7am morning today it was the earliest since my whole life ha ha ha normally I'm still laying in my bed at this time, probably not asleep yet due to I'm having a sleeping problem at night sometimes.

But today was a record.
Why? cause last night myhun called me in the middle of the night he told me to sleep early so that i could get up early. He said he will be picking me up by 9am as he wanted me to follow him to his office at KLCC ha ha.  

Guess what am i doing now? I'm looking at him and he is looking at me while he is doing his work!! *sempat lagi tu, he he bestnya kalau  hari - hari boleh macam ni kan sayang?*.

Never mind hun, next year will be my time hopefully and you will see this face everyday!! ROFL, sekarang ni baru temankan aje nanti tahun depan hari - hari my honey ni kejut sayang bangun pagi dan pergi office sama - sama dengan abang kan my love... =P

Takde  kerjalah tu sampai main - main dengan rambut sendiri LOL, eh' baru mello perasan macam pakai contact lens pulak mata mello kat picture ni sedangkan tak pakai pun *grind*

Now tengah fikir ni.. hun, kejap lagi kita nak lunch kat mana ya he..he ??? XOXO 

Monday, November 14, 2011

What am I doing right now..

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Just relaxing in my bed and reading this magazines it's quite fun to read this kinda type of magazine cause they have lot's of tip's to learn, specially about how to match your dress with this shoes and etc and also how to apply make up on your face.

Yeah I love reading cleo,vogue and cosmopolitan cause some of their tip's helped me improved myself on how to match my make up with my dress and above all how to look good all the time.

Why do i like to read a magazines?? well sometimes they advertise beautiful and elegant dresses and etc the price is also affordable that's the one thing that make myself love to read it.  *grind*

IF you're looking for some dress to wear for some special occasion but you just have no idea what type of clothing should match up on yourself and you have no clue where to get it? try buying this type of magazines at 7-eleven look for cleo, vogue and cosmopolitan too I did that many times =D

Kek lapis legit surabaya

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Myhun bought it at jakarta the other day when he went there for some biz trip I told him to buy this cake for me cause at one time he did bought this before and it was my first try having this cake lapis legit that's what the indonesion people called it.

Well what can I say.. I get addicted with the one with red color box packing. Why? because it taste really good and sort of like a marble cake!! the green one also not bad, but I still preferred the one with red color box packing yeah he he he.. 

By the way what made me posted this entry? I dropped by at small kucing blog just now as I read her post I remember that I have one pending entry about cake lapis at my lappy draft folder LOL. I'd supposed to posted this weeks ago.

But due to I was so lazy to blog I've forgot about this entry till just now only I remember! ah' I should thanks small kucing for this ha ha.. em koi sai wo mamarazzi your entry remind me to publish  this entry ROFL.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Snacks, Snacks, Snacks

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I love to eat this when I was a kid choki - choki it became one of my favorites those day's but nowadays i don't eat them anymore scared lor, I always have problem with my tooth  so I decided to stop eating sweet's or chocolate. 

My sister get addicted to it these days she always bought many of them and sometimes she will force me to eat it! Ha ha, she will tell me this "just one time please try the new flavor you haven't try it before right?".

Then I told her I won't because I don't want to have any rotten tooth anymore cause I already got one since my last filling was a failure ROFL. 

But she insist of asking me to take one, last night finally I had one choki - choki milk mix choco flavor yummyehh. Such an evil girl she is ha ha ha always make my saliva running out like a river.

My homemade maggi goreng with fried egg i'll mixed it with some vegetables and added some chillies to get the spicy taste. I cooked it myself it's an indo mee maggi goreng LOL, it make me full very fast.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Thanks mamarazzi aka small kucing

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What a lovely dress!! this pictures was shared by mamarazzi to me via facebook. So sweet of her mamarazzi told me that she happened to passed by MCdonald subang parade and saw this dress and then she thought of me and also she said it will look very cute on me ha ha ha. How did you know I love pink and white mamarazzi? that was my favorite color.

My sister say she love the design too pandai lah mamarazzi pilih dress memang cun both thumbs up!! Smiling like a witch now  ROFL.. Thank you so much I'm going to subang parade and look for this dress next week yay!!  Meow..Meow..Meow =D

Kitty ♥ hachiko = You always be my baby

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Kitty: Hug me please...

Hachiko: Blurppp I won't cause I'm a shy boy.

Kissy kissy my hachiko..
Me + You = you'll always be my baby.. =D

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Im mell- Ohmaygosh

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Im mell - yes i'm mell hahahaha ini bukan edit tapi word verification ni terjadi masa mello submit comment kat entry follower bloggers hari tu, mello tak ingat bila tapi bukankah ia adalah sesuatu yang agak unique dan menarik kan! =D Nak tahu tak sebab dia apa?? yang submit comment pun orang panggil mell juga ROFL. It's a coincident and rare cause i'm sure it never happened to anyone always. But of all it picked me perhaps it's because some of my friends do call me mell LOL. I bet.. I bet.. and I dare to said it so cause "im mell" ohhh.. HAHAHA what a funny words verification Omaygosh...!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Black canyon coffee - AT SUMMIT USJ

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When I meet my auntie the other day I'll take her to had dinner with us at the Black Canyon Coffee just opposite Chatime yeah..  When we get there first thing we do is look up for a four person table cause myhun and my sissy they came along with me too.  I tell you what Black canyon is definitely one of a nice place to chillax. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very relaxing cheap also cheaper and the food is worth paying for cause it's not so expensive and what matters most to me is the taste of the food. Because to me even in how expensive restaurant you are eating but when the food does not satisfied your appetite at all it's actually pointless that's the way how I considered myself enjoying my every meal all the time yeah..

Below are some list of the menu we all order..
Mushroom's soup , actually we didn't order this it's free it came along with the grilled salmon fish it's delicious.  My sister had this LOL all for her.

I forgot what this food called, myhun asked for this overall he said it's tasty yummy.
Sweet and sour chicken it's my favorite but i didn't eat much I give all to my auntie ha ha as you know I only eat a little.
Prawns udon tom yum noodle this one is for me, yummy my auntie order the same meal too but her one is a macaroni chicken tom yam. I love the soup awhhhh it's so spicy I LIKE it so much.  
After we've done having our meal we ordered another 3 tom yum noodles it's for take away back home this explain and tell you  how yummy it really was once you try it one time you'll sure want it some more!! I'll get addicted to it!! ha ha but hey, that take away food is not for me okay it was for myhun and for my auntie I eat only once  a day my tank is not that big actually no more space for another noodle OMG.
The last order came is this grilled salmon for my sister she finish all of it!!!

You can try the food here sometime it's really good and don't forget to bring your family along because there is lot of delicious food there!! =D

P/S: Thanks for the great time sweethuns my pumpkin love kiss all over ya face!! <3

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Chatime - At SUMMIT USJ

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I heard lot'sa people are talking about Chatime they said the drink's there are good. They also said that you've gotta wait for a long queue to get to buy the drinks. At first I don't believe it till I saw it with my very own eyes. Actually I didn't know that Chatime have branch at SUMMIT USJ until yesterday I meet my auntie there and happened to passed by infront of Chatime he he he. Then I told myhun that I wanna buy a pearl milk tea.  " honey, nak cuba chatime boleh? diorang kata best, myhun then said okay sayang beli lah, abang pun nak cuba juga".   Then after that I quickly go into the queue and line up myself there LOL, jangan leceh.. cause too many people are queuing aswell and I don't wanna ruined my day waiting ha ha ha.

My number is 9621 there is 2 more to go before my turn he he.. Anyhow if you buy rm30 above they'll give you a form to fill up it's for the weekly lucky draw. I'll already fill up the form wish I could win. Wanna know what's the prize is? it's HTC handphone awhhhh..
My first pearl milk tea.. =D yummy..

I bought 3 large pearl milk tea one for my auntie and my sissy and the other one is for me and myhun we shared it..   Try it, it's delicious!!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Snapeee applications iPhone rocks!!

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Remember the application's I downloaded for my iPhone the other day? Here's the outcome of the pictures i'll edited there, honestly telling the applications is so cool, you can shared your pictures with your friends, you can also make friends there and tell your story via uploading your pictures and edit them into a kawai style.  It's almost the same like Instagram applications only the difference between this two is snapee will change your original photo into a glitter and shimmering bling bling style.

Example like pictures below...

Rawwwwrrrrrr.. cute lion ha ha..
Sleepy head kitty LOL
Have you ever seen a cake with a huge diamond on it? if you haven't you'll see it now LOL

My handsome hachico ha ha ha..

It's really fun to shared your captured moment and edit them into kawai and funny style of editing try it and you'll know.. You can get the application here it's free!!


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