Saturday, November 26, 2011

Liese hair color and L'oreal shampoo rocks!!

Last week my sister asked me to do something for her I'll asked her what is it that you want me to do for you if I could help sure will do it for you. Then she said hmmm just a small favor actually only if you allowed me to do it, then I'd asked her again tell me faster lor what is it? At first I think she's a bit shy to say it arrr..arrrr.. sis, do you know how to apply dye on hair? just this time please I'm worried you get angry that's why I'll asked your permission first before i'll make up my own decision she said.

What color you want to apply on your hair? I asked. If red no way ha ha ha I'm not gonna waste my time to put dye on your hair for some ugly color which doesn't even suit yourself then she answer me this, hell no I won't I rather not waste the money for red color she laugh.

After that I tell her, put it this way you go and buy the hair color product i'll give you the money okay and choose what color you want once you already have your picked tell me only then we do the next step okay? then she said cool i'm going to buy the color tomorrow.

The next day she really went to buy the hair color product I thought she was only kidding me LOL, well honestly telling those day she told me that she never wanna dye her hair cause scared that after the coloring her hair will get damage. I don't know what cross into her mind just like a snap she then change her thought suddenly ha ha ha weird I still feel weird until now.

Alright here's the picture of the hair color she bought it's a korea product "liese" I asked her to buy 3 box because her hair was too long and one box of shoulder hair measurement is not enough. I know because I work at friends saloon last time shhhhhhh. How much does it cost? 1 box is rm38 x 3 = rm.114 cheap or not? but if you done the coloring at the saloon it will cost about rm300 above LOL. Why so expensive?? try to look at how long her hair is ha ha ha too long huh? I don't know why she dont want to cut it perhaps she want to become the next rapunzel *grind*

Here's the outcome after I put the dye on her hair nice or not?? it's a milk tea brown color took an hour to get this color awhhhh...
A facebook friend of mind asked me this question what hair product do i use for my hair? She also tell me that she love my hair very much cause it's very shiny and also thick. After that I tag her this pictures and tell her the product I'm using for my hair I've been using this product for more than 5 years now!! yes I love this shampoo it make my hair look shiny and soft even If i didn't go for hair rebonding treatment the shampoo and conditioner already make my hair look straight and shiny. 
I'll also use the same product of hair mask I apply it 3 times a week!! But nowadays seems like it is very hard to find this shampoo and I just don't know why LOL I been looking for this type of shampoo at guardian and watson but then the sales girl came and said they have no more stock of this. That's why every time I bought this shampoo and conditioner I will buy few bottles of it for my monthly stocked HA HA HA HA, opps excuse me for my evil laugh. 

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Nava.K said...

thats a very nice turnout of the dye on your hair and yes, your hair is simply gorgeous.

Small Kucing said...

A friend also recommended using liese brand. OOo L'oreal is your secret la :) . No wonder your hair looks great

mars mell-o said...

@Nava.K the color turn out pretty good, just like how my sister want it!! he..he it's milk tea brown.. in the dark it's not so bright but when the sunlight goes to her hair can see the color shining.. :D

mars mell-o said...

@Small Kucing the hair color is like a shampoo hehe when you apply to hair the bubble will comes out, when it's bubbling already wait for the color to appear then wash just that simple to apply. :D

no more secret now hahaha i use the same shampoo for 5 yrs and i rajin apply mask at home thats why my hair very easy to get long too :D too much of vitamins kot.

thanks for the sweet compliments mamarazzi

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