Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dreamer - By Uh huh her

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Dreamer - Sung by Uh huh her

You've seen the worst of me now
I'm all alone see
You lost me somehow
And what we're fighting for is peace
Are you still in love with me
Or someone else?

Well are you such a dreamer?
Put yourself in my shoes
Careful what you wish for love
(oooh oooh oooh oooh)

I've seen the worst of you too
I let it go see
Because i have to
And when i'm falling on my knees
You'll take my hand in yours
What will be we'll be

Cause are you such a dreamer?
Put yourself in my shoes
Careful what you wish for love

What's the matter with our ways
I'm missing something
Not to blame
But don't you worry
This will pass
It's only cause my mind's
Been spinning
No control
I've lost my head
All of this is just beginning
Not enough
It's never enough
I'll only want to keep on dreaming

Cause are you such a dreamer?
Put yourself in my shoes
Careful what you wish for love

Cause are you such a dreamer?
Put yourself in my shoes
Careful what you wish for love
(oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh oooh)

One of my fave track, I love this song the rhythm and lyrics is so heart touching, I am a dreamers cause every great dream begin with a dreamer, but i'm also a realist I like to make my dreams happened cause time awaits no one and when we dream we not only creating vision of our future but we also could see the way to achieve the things that we wanted in life.

"One minute you're dreaming the next you're dream has become your reality It was the best of times, If only someone had told you"  :-)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

My evil smile.. Small world huh but still invisible :-)

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Funny, but once our instinct tell us something can we just ignore about it??I think last few days  I've unexpectedly saw someone, A so called once upon a time friend but i wasnt even so sure at first i thought it's my eyes that playing trick with my mind, and i said to myself it couldnt be that person.

But what makes me so sure is when I could smell the same shadow of someone that i used to know, but the good thing is i'm also like a shadow that night cause that someone doesn't see me though i just happen to cross by the same road that time small world huh but still invisible, but the one thing for sure is the universe have a plan of it's own so that i dont have to bumb face to face with this someone and i saw only his back and his face from the side that someone was wearing a black color long-sleeves and black pant's standing next to his car, and I was wondering what is he doing on that neighborhood

It happen so quick ummh i was sitting inside the car heading somewhere, but if i was walking on the same road that time, I'm gonna hold my two feet a five mins break and reverse back to where he was standing, and yes a tight slapped left and right at his face it is a must and then leave right away with a huge grind to my ears!!

HAHAHAHA why la, sampai macam tu sekali..?? sebab gerammmmmmm purba kala dah nak jadi macam antik pun ada, sudah lama nak bagi tamparan kiri dan kanan tapi orang tu ghaibkan diri terus sebelum kena tampar lepas tu minta maaf pun tidak rasa macam nak kasi penumbuk kat muka pun ada sebagai satu tanda penghargaan.  HAHAHAHA

But well i know it is not totally going to happen, cause i'm actually only joking about that part all those above words i said just now i'm only crapping about it. Because whatever is it, i have put it in the past and leave behind every grudges i have inside me, and i'm not even going to say a single word than just continue to walked the walked and pretended that i never saw anyone there and i just smile. 

P/S: I already forgiven your mistakes long time ago when september ends 2008. I wish you with a happy life god blessed you always don't worry be happy.. :-)

Monday, December 10, 2012

I believe, I believe, I believe

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I.... believe in GOD the almigthy creator.

I.... believe in what makes me happy.

I.... believe in what helps make  me a better person. 

I.... believe in what encourages me to love others unconditionally. 

I.... believe in what enables me to spread goodness in the world.

I.... believe in the power of nature the universe is everything.

I.... allow others to find their own happiness. 

I.... allow others to believe what they choose. 

l.... allow others to disagree with me.  

I... be kind to them, regardless of what they believe or how they treat  me for or it.  

I am responsible for my own actions, and your own actions alone. 

I do not try to take responsibility for changing the actions of anyone else.  

It is usually impossible and only brings unhappiness.  

Be peace. Be acceptance. Be healing. Be a force of positive change.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Our journey in this LIFE is like a 4 SEASON

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As time goes by, spring turns to summer, summer turns to autumn, autumn turns to winter and eventually winter becomes spring again.

Our journey in this life is like a 4 SEASON.

When we climb the cradle of life for the first time.
When we learn to walked on our own for the first time.
When we meet the fall for the first time.
When we lose the count of our journey and track of time.

But remember that doesn't mean your journey must end cause in some chapter of life, it is probably only just the beginning of our journey cause every season's in a lifetime teaches us new lesson and it creates moment's to each and everyone of us.  Some memory are rather remain and some memory are best forgotten.

In our journey of 4 season in a lifetime.. 

We learned how to live on our own and to face our challenges we learn how to grow old and face our fears. We learned how to make choices and take each opportunity that is given by god to us. We learned how to appreciate people that we met in life it doesn't matter where they come from and how strange they were to us when we met them for the first time eventually as time goes by we learned how to trust them, to understand them, and to love them. We also learned how to know our enemy and the people that are true to us and most of all we've learned not to judge a book by it's cover!!

The new chapter and journey ARE JUST BEGUN..

 Whatever fortune brings,
 Don't be afraid of doing things. 

To know how to grow old is the master work of wisdom,
And one of the most difficult chapters in the great art of living. 

4 season in a lifetime not every season will always happen the same way in our lifetime and so not every season always will ended the same way in our lifetime. Because when the first new season bloom again for the first time it could probably happen in a way that we had never imagine it to be!!

4 season in a lifetime not all the good thing's will always ended badly and not all the bad thing's and doing will lasted forever cause i believe in the power of nature the universe is everything when we don't mean people any harm, no matter how they try to destroy us and take advantange on our innocent kindness and good nature by the end of the day all actions, thought's and words of hate will become their own decided fate.

I believe it will, I believe it will, I believe it will

Some people say that happily ever after only can happen in a fairytale story they say it rarely can happen in reality but i always believe in this sayings they said when there is a will there is always a way!!  Every great dream begin with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patient and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.

MIRACLE does happen in our life when we believe
It will.. It will.. It will..!!

To continue the climb isn't something that is hard and also impossible cause sometime the impossible always get's better as long as you keep on walking and climbing to reach your destination soon you will get there~!! It only requires plenty of patient always remember and keep this in mind never give up on something that you love so easily and most of all never give up on what you wanted to achieve in life, when people takes your dreams away it doesn't matter you can always dream of something again and to make all those dream come true the only key to get there is YOU!! ONLY IF YOU WANT IT TO. 

"Hold my hand" said the sea Fairy "and well run along the moon path" )( )( 

By: ZaarahJasmin  * I dedicated this to YOU.. *e

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Durian season is back!!

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Durian season is back, and i manage to bought some and take away back home he..he..he really love this!! my sis yang tak makan sangat durian pun jadi suka makan durian nie, sebab rasa dia manis sangat - sangat dan best!!  

Lama juga tak makan durian sebab nak tunggu musim durian tu memang lama juga la, kalau ada durian yang jual kat tepi bukit bintang tu pun rasa dia tak sama macam durian nie.

Apapun rasa macam nak makan durian lagi nie HAHAHAHA, tapi nanti dulu la kot, nanti kalau asyik makan durian aje muak pulak, sebab i nie memang jenis yang cepat muak dengan makanan. 

MacDonald prosperity meal is back!!

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Guess what...??? macdonald prosperity meal is back!! went to take away this meal last night for the first time in my whole life ha..ha..ha ain't bad, i love how the beef taste very yummylicious!! 

Honestly, I only got the chance to had this meal this year due to the last year I missed it LOL, so i decided to try it last night umph!! I feel like want to eat prosperity burger again. 

I also bought 1 piece of pineapple pie, they say it's only for limited time only so what else..?? I never want to missed it! and i tell you what, i love the pineapple pie more than the apple pie. Even my kitty cat love the pineapple pie too, the funny part is she steal all my pie ha..ha..ha what a smart baby!!

And I have a new favorite for sundae now beside from chocolate sundae, I love the new sundae flavors of joy butter scotch it's taste soooooo UmmMPH...!! 


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