Monday, December 10, 2012

I believe, I believe, I believe

I.... believe in GOD the almigthy creator.

I.... believe in what makes me happy.

I.... believe in what helps make  me a better person. 

I.... believe in what encourages me to love others unconditionally. 

I.... believe in what enables me to spread goodness in the world.

I.... believe in the power of nature the universe is everything.

I.... allow others to find their own happiness. 

I.... allow others to believe what they choose. 

l.... allow others to disagree with me.  

I... be kind to them, regardless of what they believe or how they treat  me for or it.  

I am responsible for my own actions, and your own actions alone. 

I do not try to take responsibility for changing the actions of anyone else.  

It is usually impossible and only brings unhappiness.  

Be peace. Be acceptance. Be healing. Be a force of positive change.

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Small Kucing said...

that is good

Reisha Myeiszell said...

thanks mamarazzi.. :)

halzmie said...

Its good....; -)& happy news year 2013

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