Saturday, December 15, 2012

My evil smile.. Small world huh but still invisible :-)

Funny, but once our instinct tell us something can we just ignore about it??I think last few days  I've unexpectedly saw someone, A so called once upon a time friend but i wasnt even so sure at first i thought it's my eyes that playing trick with my mind, and i said to myself it couldnt be that person.

But what makes me so sure is when I could smell the same shadow of someone that i used to know, but the good thing is i'm also like a shadow that night cause that someone doesn't see me though i just happen to cross by the same road that time small world huh but still invisible, but the one thing for sure is the universe have a plan of it's own so that i dont have to bumb face to face with this someone and i saw only his back and his face from the side that someone was wearing a black color long-sleeves and black pant's standing next to his car, and I was wondering what is he doing on that neighborhood

It happen so quick ummh i was sitting inside the car heading somewhere, but if i was walking on the same road that time, I'm gonna hold my two feet a five mins break and reverse back to where he was standing, and yes a tight slapped left and right at his face it is a must and then leave right away with a huge grind to my ears!!

HAHAHAHA why la, sampai macam tu sekali..?? sebab gerammmmmmm purba kala dah nak jadi macam antik pun ada, sudah lama nak bagi tamparan kiri dan kanan tapi orang tu ghaibkan diri terus sebelum kena tampar lepas tu minta maaf pun tidak rasa macam nak kasi penumbuk kat muka pun ada sebagai satu tanda penghargaan.  HAHAHAHA

But well i know it is not totally going to happen, cause i'm actually only joking about that part all those above words i said just now i'm only crapping about it. Because whatever is it, i have put it in the past and leave behind every grudges i have inside me, and i'm not even going to say a single word than just continue to walked the walked and pretended that i never saw anyone there and i just smile. 

P/S: I already forgiven your mistakes long time ago when september ends 2008. I wish you with a happy life god blessed you always don't worry be happy.. :-)

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Anonymous said...

Nice story =)

Reisha Myeiszell said...

really??? thank you for reading :)

Anonymous said...

Yeayyy. Kasik tampar je.. Sekeh 4 darjah =D

Anonymous said...

Kalau i jadik you. I nak pandang pun i tak suka. Huhuhi

Reisha Myeiszell said...

hahahaha.. takpelah tak payah kot sebab i sibuk nak dating masa tu.. nanti spoil my moment aje ROFL.

Navaneetham Krishnan said...

Forgiving is a great policy and not many can do that. By the way, I love your hair style.

Anonymous said...

Tk on fb ke chatting =D

Reisha Myeiszell said...

Ms. nava k@ You're right ms.nava holding grudges only bring unhappiness to oneself, it's not easy to forgive though cause once wounded the scars will remains and that will be the remembrance of some pain which i must say some goes and some stay and that one pain that stay is hard to say nor to wrote in a words, but as time goes by it heal everything the pain or the scars washed away and fade itself and when it warms the heart and cools the sting, and forgiveness is the attribute of the strong person.

Reisha Myeiszell said...

misterikakjijah @ text me when you want to chat LOL

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