Till the shiny day

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It was one fine shiny day darkie was alone in his house he'd decided to go outside for a walk at the park and it's somewhere near the garden where he use to picked some flowers cause it's been a quite sometime and not long ago he never been into garden anymore since darkie have nothing much to do on that day he'd made up his final decision and walked over through the garden. It was then when suddenly there's something pull his attention to walked further behind at the garden he saw a same wooden chair that made him re-called back about some of the old memories that he is trying to forget .

"i remember this chair i use to sat here when i'm down", said darkie to himself and then he sat over for awhile on the chair he was thinking of the moment he was there before and smile to himself as soon he stood up from the chair because it is a decisions from him for not to stay there long. Well, guess it's time for him to leave he said.

But there was something that pass him by as he'd saw a reflection and he was very unsure about what he see.   So darkie decided to stay for awhile and he waited for a moment until he saw this young girl running and it's kinda shocked him for awhile cause at first he thought that she was running toward him.

As fast as lightning she moves like a shooting star she's like an object that suddenly fall from the sky darkie look at her with wonder in his mind and he seems confused about what he see. How did she's get into the garden? he asked himself  for not many years ago as far as he know and what he can remember once awhile when want to had sometime for himself  he'd always came there and the little that he knows that there are not many and not much people knew about the garden.Then he'd try to made a guess and said to his self , she shouldn't be in this place!! it's not safe to leave her alone and wandering at the garden as he was walking over he'd knew that she was aware about his presence "i'm sorry for disturbing " said darkie the first words that came out from his mouth because he seem's nervous to get closer and the thing that worried him that his unpleasant presence might scared her away perhaps it is better for him to leave said darkie to himself or maybe not he should wait there awhile probably she might talk to him or maybe not so it's time for him to leave Ok, im leaving now said darkie.

But suddenly slowly she looked up to him and it is a good response for him when she look at him with a friendly smile yet he know that she was only forcing herself to smile for he could see that there was something in her eyes. Darkie saw a little sparkle at the corner of her eyes he saw a tears no matter how she'd try to hide those tears and wipe them she may not be able to lie to him. Oh my! "darkie said" it's too dangerous to leave this young girl here all alone and the thing that worried him if she might done something that will probably hurt herself darkie was talking to himself and he make a little guess.

She looks unhappy and seem's like she's in a heartbroken recovery and he debate in his mind probably she need someone to talk right now, he said" hmmm.. but where should he start? and what if she's not talking to him as he remind himself that his only a stranger who's probably happen to see her there but he just wanted to help and if there is something that he could do for her. darkie was almost giving up "hmmm... " he said to himself fine just be it!! and slowly make his move and he told her that his going to leave soon.

But there was something pulling himself to go closer and this time it's like a strong magnet pull him to get closer and brave himself to talk to her. Darkie was a little nervous should i or shouldn't he'd asked himself but where should he begin and how if ? uhhh!! said darkie as he murmured at his self to stop assuming said darkie again forget about what will happen next just try to talk to her probably she will listen.

Would you mind if i sat here for awhile? darkie asked if it's alright for her but incase his presence is only disturbing her he will leave for he must respect her owned privacy and promise that he wont be disturbing her anymore said darkie"
I'm sorry don’t get him wrong he said cause he just thought of asking her that what she's doing there, why are you here? asked darkie aren't you afraid sitting here all alone? he said as he'd try to understand her situation, what bring you up to this lonely garden? asked darkie and then he told her not to frown and not to feel sad.

You should held that chins up!! said darkie and then smile to her and tell her some good advise just to make her happy. Hey...there young girl forget about that worries life was meant to be happy not to be sad and lonely do you know that it's not safe for a young girl like you to sat in here all alone? there might be a lot of danger and unexpected thing will happen to yourself although we never ask for it said darkie.

Why not let's walked out from this place? asked darkie come with me and let's take a look around said darkie. I wanna show you something and don’t be afraid he said as he trying to convince her not to worry anything for he would never do any harm to her. Trust me you will like that place said darkie after that he smile's to her did you see that wall? darkie asked and he told her that not far behind the huge wall there's a lot of beautiful flowers and there’s also lot's of beautiful things you can see there come let's walk over there with me said darkie.

As they both walking towards the huge wall darkie told her that he use to go to the garden sometimes but it was before said darkie then he asked her to picked any flowers she'd like and he told her not to feel shy cause she could keep them as a small gift from him, said darkie " she look at him again and this time darkie said at last! to himself for the first time he finally manage to make her smile and that was the first time he saw her smiling at him ever-since he saw her at the first place.

It's been a very kind of you she said to darkie thank you for taking me here i like this place she'd smile's at him and she thanks him for being nice to her. You're most welcome young girl said darkie while he was also look happy to himself cause she's finally talking to him so it was quiete for sometime they decided to sat over for a moment darkie look at her again and this time she looks so natural with her beautiful smiling face and she seems happy now he said to himself as he look upon her wide shining eyes he was driven unto his day dream his kinda speechless and out of spoken for a moment cause he still have some wonders in his mind what's bring her there? she should've been here he said." And he'd make guess again and said to himself that she should have be at some place with her friends probably at home with her family not at this place as he tell it to her spontaneously."

It's been sometime he never visited the garden, said darkie" seems no one really like to come here specially a young girl like her though he could tell that she is not the only person who's probably happen to pass around but that was the first time he saw her there i'm glad to see you happy, he said. As they both sat at the chair he told her that he use to spend sometime sitting there all alone at the same wooden chair most of the time in the evening before the sunset's turned into dawn but before he finish saying his sentence suddenly she asked him something.

"You haven't tell me your name? she asked him and softly he could hear her voices whispering talking to him and he was quite confused because he heard that voices before yeah her voices and his a bit stunned when she stand up and picked the red roses from the basket's she's awakened him from his day dreaming for a quite sometime he still looks confused to himself and with wonders in his mind "I'm sorry again said darkie i didn’t hear you just now she look at him and smile and she repeated asking him "you haven’t tell me your name Oh!! ya, darkie said pardon me for i forget to introduce myself to you at the first place.

I'm darkie he said and then the both of them shook their hands.

I'm whitey "call me whitey that’s my name she said."

It's been very nice to meet you here said whitey but shockingly when they both say the same sentence at the same time i'm sorry said darkie we just say the same sentence at the same time so the two of them smile to each other.

Ouch! said whitey to him , well what a big co-incedent and laugh while darkie said "yeah" the only words he said as he was trying to be cool and pretend that his not nervous at all cause he seem's confused that he hear her voices before and those voices still lingers in his head. It's almost dark tell whitey" and the sun almost dawn said darkie to her guess it is time for you to go back whitey and he told her not to feel sad anymore cause she deserves to smile and always be happy said darkie.

"Till we meet again whitey" as he'd try to remind her again i will said whitey that she always remember what he say and when times permit's she'll hope to see him again someday till we meet again darkie"! and so the two of them leave the garden happily.

will whitey and darkie meet again?

Tale of a fairy princess

Come to me fairy of love cause I yearn

for someone to love me the prince of my heart

I want nothing other than only him!

I know it may sound cruel but that’s what

happened when someone fall in love

His eyes, His smiles which makes me forgot

about all the hardest thing I went through.

For the love I felt inside is great

there is nothing can ever replace it..

She stared at the window, as the full moon was so beautiful that night and her heart is missing someone. Beep, beep, her phone rang indicating an incoming SMS is received which makes her smile a little her heart bloom.

As she click on the message she read it, a short note written from someone she really expecting the long she watched the SMS and said to her self.
Could this the man she had been looking for all this time? Ask the fairy princess to her self again. After what happened in her life he never quit of giving her encouragement and continues supporting her.

Their relationship is so unique that no word could define or maybe some consider it as a friend but attached to each other.
She’s confused and doesn’t have a clue what type of virus attached the two of them together cause due to past memories of her grudge she kept for man she likes to watch them get hurt and make them disappointed with the game she started for the bitter experience in her past are often reflected in her mind.

It all start from a man she had trusted an “idiot” who had planted a grudge in her heart.
She still remember during the time when she had forgave his all mistake he is still on the other woman although he decided to be with her but at the same time he still take concern about the other girl.

But due to the love she had for this man she blind her eyes sacrificed her love and feelings for him by turning it into hate leaving him a deadly and empty promises with no more words of love.

What happen then? so the story still goes on one fine shiny day it was month of april where all roses bloom on that day she walk along the garden there she met this someone a stranger in a stranger land “Mi-key’’ a kind and good humor man the fairy princess are very happy with his present in her life and not long after they have been together he'd propose to her and GOD loves them their relationship is blessed and finally the two of them live happily ever and after.

Once it was the story of a fairy princess a tales of ancient times and perhaps if there is anyone ever read it , I assure some of them will be dumbfounded but it does not matter back to the author of story all she wanted is to feel the funds into the world of romance.

"Dream world a place where some dreams becomes a reality, when some wishes really come true..."


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