Monday, September 11, 2017

Changes is GOOD - Mello

Mello is back here again after so long - OK i forgotten my password again. HAHA
Don't ask me why i do look different cause I didn't go for any plastic surgery. I'm a change person. Because everything changes with time as it goes by, not only our looks are changing, our age are changes too! 

But one thing that will never change for sure is this, I am who I am for better or worst I am still the same person with the same soul inside my body. And if you see any changes in me, it's probably because I choose to be a better person now than what i wasn't before.

I've been mocked down. I've been broken. I've been hurt and I've been through a lot of painful experience. But still here I am right now standing on my own and smiling just to hide away all those unbearable pain inside me.

Once i was weak, innocent and naive. They take me for granted and took advantage on my innocent kindness. TIME does changes people, from good to bad nor bad into a better one's.   
TIME had changes me cause i'm no longer a person that you can easily break down and taken for granted. 

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Lee said...

Hi Mello, wow! Long time no see. How you doin'? You sure looking malam tidur susa datang fabulous. Very nice pics of you. You can be mistaken for a top model.
And you write well, very eloquent too.

Regret read of your being hurt. Mello, my advice is cry a river if you must, then build a bridge and cross over, don't look back, but smile as it was once yours.
Simpan satu lagu dalam hati.

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