Saturday, June 30, 2012

Sing-K at REDBOX THE CURVE with Babyuko Hanagata

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Babyuko say's let's camwhore first before we enter redbox, Then i'll asked her why?? she said see inside there too dark lor.. pictures will come out so blurrrrr ha..ha..ha..ha
She don't know about this picture's my sister curi - curi snap it LOL
First time sing-k together until voice gone gosh!! I really have fun and so do her though at first she's a bit shy to grab the mic and sing but I told her common don't be shy it's not that we often come here and sing a long lalalala.. ROFL she laugh at me and said okay your turn first let's sing all evanesance song!! The deal is on baby I love evanesance song too HAHAHAHA first time hear her voice sing and she also first time hear my voice singing rock song a very fun outing we both had together.
She bought me a baskin robbins ice cream cake too!! awhhhh how sweet right??? Thank's sweety for remembering my birthday xoxo wish we could do this again sometime XD

Friday, June 29, 2012

Chilling with babyuko at SAKAE SUSHI THE CURVE

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June.10.2012 advance birthday celebration for me thanks sweety :)

2 years didn't met her at last on my 26th birthday I got a surprise call from her yeah finally the two of us met ha..ha..ha bila planned nak jumpa mesti tak jadi pelik betul lah, tapi bila tak planned jadi pulak omaygosh!! so this is the first pictures we both snap after few years didn't see each other!! LOL and the funny part is, I just notice that kat belakang we all ada mata mengendap HAHAHAHA..
Makan jangan tak makan... XD

My sister order this yummylicious I forget the menu name but all I can say it's a must try!!

Sashimi umph delicious me and babyuko love this so much,
we both have the same favorite awhhh!!

Sharing is caring yeah..  JOM habiskan makanan ni...
And this is for the birthday GIRL, I really love this meal cause it came along with salmon and chicken teriyaki and the soup is very tasty!! Thank's for the treats my dearest bestfriend xoxo. After this let's go sing-k until voice gone yeah, crazy mode moment with babyuko hanagata.

Monday, June 25, 2012


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She felt back the same pain 
A same pain from the past
She could sense's their presence in silence
She foresee the return of the memories
that she try to erase far apart.

 She smell the same shadow
of someone 
that she use to know
She could hear the thought's in their head
She could visualize and see it
 from a distance apart.

She could reach onto the feelings 

hidden inside the old soul
 the one who cross the same bridge with her
the one who gave her a false hope
destroy the innocent "cyingsoul''.

She cast a magic spell on a piece of papers
written with a pencil of feathers
As the blood they shed from her before
it would be the thorns in the path of their
walk everyday they will fall.

They called her a witch and said 
no such thing as
 one could hear voices
though sense 
the smell of the invincible
shadow from the other side
Now that she had proven it to them that what has
been told is not an empty words.

el'marcelia **ZJ**

Thank's to all of them for the sincere feedback about this poem
deeply appreciate it. This is for you el'marcelia =D

Sunday, June 24, 2012


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GOD only help's those who help themselves,
Take responsibility for yourself and your future.
Take inspired action and let your passion lead you closer to prosperity.
The mind is a powerful thing If we really listen,
We will always get the answer that we need.
Delay is always a fatal, so if you have something in mind
it's better to do it now than to wait till it's too late!!

I'm happy what I visualize and what I dream to have come true

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Dulu sebelum beli mikey kucing macam ni lah yang mello cari - cari hahahaaha awal - awal dah membayangkan one day akan dapat cat macam ni, akhirnya what i visualize finally come true and i got it!
Thats why i believe in theres nothing wrong to dream of what we want some dreams come true, to dream is to attract the things you want to comes to you it's the law of attractions the rest let the universe do it works always believe in your good thought, nothing is impossible right.
That's what i've learn from THE SECRET ever since I start reading this book since year 2006 is too always feel good and think positive and from that moment onward I keep practicing the secret, cause it's inspiring and the secret to all secret (universe) WILL revealed IF you ask for real.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

My both baby helping each other to get out from this door

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Last video of hachiko playing with kitty.. this video make me smile whenever i look at it, how smart kitty is, she was helping hachiko to get out from this door cause both them are thirsty, in the end she herself stucked there luckily kitty is smart baby atlast she's got her way out back..!! but i miss hachiko you know we lose him.

Mikey first video playing with straw while listening to jazz music..
hahahaha i called it cheap toy's ROFL 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Welcome to the family Mikey!!

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Welcome to the family!! I bought myself a male cat as my birthday present for this year and because I've made a promise to my baby kitty that someday when the right time come I'm going to get her a partner who can play and run around the house with her, and It's takes a very long time for me to decided about adopting another male kitten as the loss of "hachiko" still affected myself.   But i can't be too selfish and only think of myself I must also think of baby kitty need's so I made up my mind to adopt mikey. Memang dah lama nak cari cat yang warna putih finally dapat juga kucing yang di cari - cari hahahha yang peliknya muka mikey almost seakan macam hachiko kan...?? cuma color aje lain maybe dah jodoh kitty kot dapat partner yang muka sama macam hachiko!!

Those day I made my baby kitty and hachiko an FB page but since the day we've loss hachiko I seldom upload my kitty pictures there anymore but now I found her a partner which almost look the same like hachiko i feel soooo happy and I made these cover for thier FB page timeline cute or not?? he he he you can like their page by clicking this link 

Di sebabkan mello dah fobia untuk kehilangan sekali lagi sebelum beli mikey, awal - awal mello terus bawa dia jumpa vet untuk check up, nak pastikan dia sihat, bila dengar vet kata mikey sihat all okay, takde sakit apa - apa baru lega sikit mello, dan lepas tu bawa mikey balik kat kedai pet shop tu beli makanan dia sekali.
Mello beli shampoo untuk mikey sekali sebab pet shop tu kata kalau kucing warna putih kena pakai shampoo lain, dan mello beli dengan sikat and ubat telinga dia sekali nasib baik lah makanan mikey sama dengan kitty yeah, tak perlu nak beli asing - asing ha..ha jimat sikit kos!! dan part yang paling best sekali  my baby kitty pun happy!!!

Gratitude, I have more and I have everything I have today and for always.

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For every day that GOD makes is a DAY OF LUCK i have to take advantage of !

Don’t wait any further, don’t take that risk. One day that passes by may lost LUCKY DAY...

FAREWELL to bad luck and SORROW HELLO to "Joie de Vivre" and HAPPINESS !


FAREWELL to disappointment I have more happiness I have now, I'm an all rounders type of who I am and I believe in making every experience educational it's the value of life. "JOIE DE VIVRE"!

Gratitude, I have more and I have everything I have today and for always. Thank you for the blessing that I've been given and I receive.  ****P.A****

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I love music and i'm a universal listener I listen to all kind of song

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My ORIGINAL CD collection. Most are english/latin/spanish/malay/japanese song. R&B, Hip Hop music, Rap, Pop rock, Jazz, Goth rock, Trance, House music, Acoustic, Classic, love song by 70's 80's 90's and etc..
( I got that 3 CD of orianthi when I went to her live concert in KL last time I got her autograph some more!! )

There are more cd's but dont know where it goes ha ha ha some of my "friends" borrow my CD alot, and some of them forgotten to return back the CD's to me. 

I sometime don't know what to say to them the only thing I can do is said never mind just keep it cause the next time i'll asked sure they will tell me same thing "alamak lupalah ROFL., but no worries I bagi ikhlas okay and no complain" he..he..he I'm not shy to say how freak and obsessed I am into music I was planning to keep more CD's any song that soothe my soul every time I listen to it, and if you asked me which from most of this CD's is my favorite?? my fave one is the red CD box myhun bought for me at singapore a years ago,  I love the track they have on the CD it's all jazz song jyeahh.. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I'm back - My first post for today is me and me again LOL

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When i was 18teen (muka comot) still don't know how to apply make up, ok ..then when i grew up dah pandai sikit but prefer the light one yang tak heavy sangat..

But yesterday when i met with my cousin dia macam tak percaya and terkejut LOL cause the last time we meet is on years 2004 she told me that I look different tak macam sepupu yang dia kenal dulu she almost cannot recognize my face after so long didnt met up, lucky my aunt was there to convince her.. tak kan you tak kenal sepupu you sendiri?? lepas tu dia jawap my aunt.. dia masih tak percaya lagi till we both re-called back the old story about zaman kanak - kanak we all dulu baru dia percaya hahaha.

Few years back pictures and my latest pictures

Now here's the funny part most of my friends always get confuse with my pictures yeah, even my besty always told me that I look like a teenager on every pictures it doesn't matter if I put on make up or not but the funny thing I wanna say here is my friend always told that my face changes all the time HAHAHAHA. Then I asked her of all many many pictures and faces you have seen which one is my real look's??  wanna know her anwers??? wait a minute let me add another pictures here. =P (loadiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing)
Her answers is the last one below starting from the third horizontal right row, is my real face that's what she said HAHAHAHA, well if you ask me this questions?? did I go for surgery?? my answer to you is definitely NO cause I love the way I am.

Before my cousin leave to sabah she told me she's kinda jealous a bit of me cause even i'm already older than her but if to compare with herself she probably look more older than me as she compare me to her youngest sister as well. She told me that she just cant believe that i'm already 26yrs old cause as she see me and look at myself, she said I kinda look just like her age which is 18teen, then I told her not to feel bad about herself I try to cheer her up and tell her some advice, the best medicine is laugh and be happy love yourself and don't think so much about aging. The more you think about aging the more faster you get old. Think positive all the time and also dont forget to always dress yourself well which fit your looks that's all, after that she smile at me and say yeah, you are right from now on she will stop thinking of aging anymore. I'm glad to know that I made her happy and change her negative thoughts and thinking towards herself.

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