Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Camwhore with my Babykitty and MikeyTheLigraCAT

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Mikey grew up so well!!! Just look at the big changed on him?? he used to be so small before and now he looks like a baby ligra!! LION + WHITE TIGER that's what my bestfriend from trinidad call him!! HAHAHAHA..
My funny pictures with my babykitty!! awhhh.. she was still small in this pictures..
And here's my baby latest pictures!! No edit - edit, my kitty say's IAMS original!! ooppp's I want some IAMS pleaseeeeeeeeee.... ROFL OH yeah, my babykitty like usual she never changed as she stay maintain as always forever young baby kuchi -kuchi!!! 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Looking at the food's I learned to cooked recently it makes me very happy!!

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This is what i made today just by looking at the food i learned to cooked these day's it makes me very happy and I can't stop smiling. I'll imagine myself someday, I can do better than this!! he..he
Curry chicken cooked with coconut milk and potatoes!!

Mix vegetables cooked with oyster sauce umph I love vege..
This one i made for tea time cucur ikan bilis with onions... I'm lovin' it~~!!

Hopefully next time i can cooked more dishes like thai food, and western i'm gonna learn how to made pasta too!! also not to forget a malaysian dishes, And once i learned everything i'm gonna start learning how to baked a cake and make a dessert too yay!! Then what next to learned beside from cooking?? I'll think of something to occupied my time.  :-) 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ikan bilis fried rice with sausage and fried shallot's

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My creation for dinner, I'm not really good in making new recipe, and i'm not a good cooked though ROFL,  but i'm just testing my brain here and just now i came up with this and i like to share the recipe here. The taste turned out good that's what my sis and pumpkin said to me HAHA.. I hope they aren't bluffing me about it, I just really really do hope so that it's a sincere comment from both of them.  XD

Ingredient A

4 - shallot*
3- garlic*
5- chillies*

( ground all ingredients with star )

Ingredient B
Oil (  I use the fried shallot's oil ) 

2 - sausage ( I use nutriplus )#
1/4 ikan bilis#
Rice ( for two person quantity / depend's one person will do )
2 - teaspoon of tumix pati ikan bilis ( you can add another teaspoon/ as you wish )
Salt for taste  

Fried shallot's
I use the one with halal logo :-)

1. Add fried shallots oil into a pan ( just the oil).
2. Add ground ingredient A.
3. Add ingredient B with # into a pan till it’s well cooked.
4. Add rice and don’t forget the tumix pati ikan bilis, also salt for taste.
5. Leave it for awhile and be served.
6. Heat the shallot’s again into a pan for crunchy taste and after
that put it on top of the ikan bilis fried rice just now.
7. Ready to eat hehehe =D

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Udang masak lemak cili api - Our menu for dinner

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Here's what I made for dinner it's called udang masak lemak cili api. A malaysian dish. My first made and thank god the taste turn out yummy!! he..he me and my sissy love it, infact we finish everything. Finally I learned how to cooked many dishes already. Hoyehhhh!! I'm happy!! I'm happy =D

Below I'll include the ingredient's on how to cook this:

5 - shallots *
4- garlic*
7- chillies*
2 inch of tumeric*

(blend all the ingredients with star)

2 lemongrass
200ml coconut milk ( add some water)
Long beans
1/2 pineapple
Salt for taste

Add ground ingredients together with lemongrass and pineapple in a pan. Then enter long beans and leave to cook with shrimp, add coconut milk also don’t forget the salt for taste. Leave it for a while and be served.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Hafiz AF7 - Ku Akui

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It kinda happen to myself before yeah, i'm inlove with someone who doesn't even realize and notice my presence while i'm still around and that someone find's out that i'm important in his life when i'm already gone into somewhere, gone into some place that nowhere and never to be founded again sadly this kind of things happen in real life.

But i believe that thing's happen for a reason's right..?? and I thanked that someone for hurting my feelings and for breaking my heart into pieces and cause if it's not because of him I wouldn't come across and found my endless love the prince of my heart my everything.

There was a night for the first time
 I listen to this song playing on the radio
 my heart skipped a beat for a moment. 

I looked around me and i'm glad that i wasn't alone
I look next to me and then I smile at him
and looked at his face closely.

 I felt warmth inside my heart
I take his hands on mine and hold it tightly
 and I said to myself, I'm happy again.

 After everything that i've been through
I found love again, I found love in him
 Though there was a time I have decided not to love again.

 I shut every doors and rooms for love
I have deep inside my broken heart
not until i met him my one and only prince of my heart
 and he change every hatred inside me into LOVE.

From that moment i learned how to love again
and I feel grateful to god for sending my prince to love me
and save me outta' from my misery.

Thank you for everything my so called used to be someone if it's not because of you i'll never learned to be strong, and for that i finally found my happiness. I'll take that we're even now..??? dont you think at one time you ask for it... :-)

OH.. I look so serious!!

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OH, i look so serious in this pictures i just notice thank's for sharing this pixies to me babe hahahaha. I like it, the face expression suit the feelings at the same time.  I was reading some messages and replying my besty at the same time, What the heck i'm actually thinking in mind?? 

It's hard to express it, nor wrote it down in a word's all i could say is alot too much to wonder alot to much to think huh.. too much W letters in my head!! LOL, the WHY's, WONDERING, W and HO also become a question's in my head, WHAT'S the point to show up now?? oop's did i forget something?? or probably i have lost my mind.

I try to recalled but then the answers i get to my question is LOADING IN PROGRESS  IM SORRY THERE IS 
NO DEFAULT ANSWERS TO THAT QUESTION. I'm sooooooo soooooo speechless and i was like trying to REMEMBER something or to FORGET but What is it..?? arggh i hate this when it strucked me like this another questions in my head HAHAHAHAHA.. DAMN!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Sesungguhnya ALLAH itu Maha Berkuasa

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Al-Quran: Apa yang Allah SWT berkata tentang Penciptaan beliau 
Pembukaan (Surah Fatihah) [Al-Qur'an 01:07]. 

 1.Dalam nama Allah, Yang Maha Pemurah,
Lagi Maha Mengasihani.
2. Segala puji kepada Allah,
Yang memelihara dan mentadbirkan sekalian alam;
3. Yang Maha Pemurah, lagi Maha Mengasihani;
4. Sarjana hari kiamat.
5. Kepada Engkaulah kami menyembah,
Dan Engkaulah kami memohon pertolongan.
6. Tunjukilah kami jalan yang lurus,
7. Cara orang-orang
Engkau kurniakan nikmat kepada mereka,
Mereka yang (bahagian)
Tidak murka,
Dan yang tidak sesat.

Berapa kali kita mengira bahwa apa yang datang kepada kita adalah akhir segalanya? Padahal itu adalah kemenangan dan datangnya pertolongan Allah."Katakanlah, Allah yang menyelamatkan kamu dari bencana itu dan dari segala macam kesusahan. (QS. al-an'am : 64)

The judgement day..

Humans, Animals, plants and others living creatures in this world
in time when the judgement day has come everything in earth will be swept away. 

The darkness and evils will all return to where they belong. Even the human will be punished
and so do the darkness and the evil doings that US human did to OUR own same kind.

GOD is the almighty creator! 
GOD is the conqueror! 
GOD is the most powerful amongst us all! 


When the judgement day has finally come nothing can save us not even our ownselves. The fire, water, sand, air will vanished the earth. WE all will be judged with the good, the bad and the ugly thing's that we've done. 

Who do we think will won the invisible fight's between
GOD and HUMAN..??? 



I just hope and pray that someday we would all come to an understanding that;

"we are not different from each other.." 


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