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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Let's peek what's inside this..

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what do you think is inside this bag?

anyone could guess....


let's peek what's inside this bag

Looks like it's full of cosmetics!!  ha ha
Actually bag make up ni mars mello dah lama ada tapi sekali pun tak pernah guna bag ni untuk letak alat - alat make up nie, mars mello parking macam gitu aje kat tepi wardrobe. Semalam tidur lambat tengok tutorial cara pengunaan dan tehcnique yang betul untuk alat solek ni he he.. Terkejut juga mars mello bila tengok balik bag maked-up ni dah nak penuh wow!!! tak lama lagi boleh jadi makeup artist untuk diri sendiri LOL.   What brand do I use to change my look ? I love MAC , beside that I also love bobbi brown, the foundation is cool and the eye based. For the eyeshadow I think mostly I will go for MAC the same goes with the blusher and eyeliner and etc too many to mentions here LOL boleh kata dalam bag makeup ni yang paling banyak mars mello beli jenama dari MAC suka sangat brand ni sampai bila - bila =D



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 I bought this from my friend if you're interested of buying you can email me.. :)

I fall inlove with this hair iron ever- since I saw my hairstylist use this styler to one of his customer at the SUPERSTYLE where I've always done my haircut.  What made me interested of getting one of this is because It's not heavy and make easy to use. One more thing it's a  3 IN 1 purpose use it create perfect curls, movement volume and perfect straight!! of course I believe it do cause I saw the proved with my very own eyes the last time I go to SUPERSTYLE SALOON.   Then I've decided to asked my hairstylist how much does the iron cost?  he replied me this since you're one of my regular  customer I only charge you Rm400 I pun takde ambik untung sebab kawan - kawan punya harga ma".  Then I said, wah so expensive one meh tak boleh discount ke? ha ha. Eason replied me ; leng loi you punya pasal sudah discount lah kalau orang yang tak kenal memang tak akan dapat harga ni, sudah best price tau!! Opp's original ke? I asked another questions. Eason replied , mestilah original tak kan I nak jual benda local kat regular customer macam you sudah 10tahun jadi  regular customer I ha ha. Then I asked him if he could help me get one of this ceramic iron. He say he will try his best kalau tak nanti dia akan kehilangan customer regular macam I so funny my hun also laugh at him. Tapi tu lah kena tunggu call dari dia dulu bila iron tu sudah ada baru boleh beli dari dia. Last saturday mars mello pergi SUPERSTYLE macam biasa cuci rambut and buat temporary curl at the same time mello nak tanya bila iron ni akan sampai tapi dia off day la pulak iron tu dah ada cuma colleague dia tak tahu kat mana dia simpan iron tu huh! Kalau mars mello suruh colleague dia tu call hp dia macam serbasalah pulak sebab dah namanya orang off day takkan nak ganggu pulak menyibuk aje kan? HA HA.. mars mello pun balik ajelah dengan rasa yang hampa sebab kena datang kat saloon tu lagi semata - mata nak ambik iron ni penat!! penat!! penat!! lagipun mars mello duduk jauh dari summit USJ warghh tensionnya nasib baik semalam myhun ingatkan mars mello untuk ambik iron rambut ni.. !! akhirnya dapat juga mars mello pakai ceramic styler ni. Bila time rushing nak keluar dan bila masa tak cukup untuk cuci atau buat curl kat saloon mars mello  tak kisah sebab boleh buat curl sendiri kat rumah ho ho ho.... !!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Armani Exchange vs. MAC vs. Playboy

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Beli minyak wangi lagi yay!! Playboy spicy and lovely first time beli brand ni,
hari tu beli dua-dua sekali sebab ada promotion kat midvalley ha ha ha..
Oopp's mars mello beli make up lagi awhh!!

I love armani exchange!!

Specially the blue color dress I bought from armani exchange yay!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thought of the day

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Imagine you are doing something

creating something and then you find

that one day your eyes rest on it,

and you cannot believe that it was you

the one who created it!!

Imagine and re-create..

Monday, January 17, 2011

I love mac!!

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I buy new lipstick @ Mac I love this three color very much the next time I go to mac i wanna buy more lipstick and eyeliners!!

Hey, there ladies who is in love with pink try the lady gaga pink color lipsticks it's really cool.

Don't forget to check out the glamourous dark brown lipsticks it's an limited edition.

That third on the last row is light color shimmering don't missed it!! =D

Harajuku lover's

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New fragrance bottle of harajuku lover's 2011

I want to collect all this so cute!! but some has no more stock already too bad if got my hun will buy all for me he..he
My hun only manage to buy this got harajuku passport some more ha..ha

I give 1 to my sis the purple box she love it..

She also have this one it smell so good!!

Thank's sweethuns I'm lovin it hug's ya =D

Friday, January 7, 2011

You've got mail!!

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Someone has sent this picture to me errrrrr...( who ya??)

look's very familiar right..





question marks running all around rawrrrrrrrh!!!

then wonder..

after that wondering..

umph' now i'm sending this back to him..(who ya??)


who is he???


who else...think???

tic..tac..tic..tac clock is ticking fast

and heart racing fast too like a F1 sports car speed


could anyone tell who???

it is YOU!!!

YES, you there

my one and only "hun"



always and forever will cross my heart body and soul.


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