Friday, September 30, 2011

Food random

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Hari tu my sissy beli persian menu sandwhich nie kat restoran arab entah lupa nak tanya dia apa nama restaurant tu, ha ha ha tapi tengok la sandwhich ni besar giler LOL.
Mello pulak makan OldTown Chicken Hor Fun sedap and Gula melaka Cincau Soya Freeze!!!
 Yummy =D

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I love MCDONALD hotcakes

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Took this picture while me and myhun was having breakfast at home together yesterday morning.

Mello suka sangat makan hotcakes dan hash browns! yummy!  ha ha tapi pagi tu myhun makan nasi lemak. Mello dengan adik mello kerjakan hotcakes sampai habis.

Coffee for you and milo ais for me!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I was a skeleton before dont believe it? Look at this pixies

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Gambar tak clear sangat snap pakai hp aje kalau tak silap masa ni mello kat aquaria KLCC. Kurus sangat kan? macam skeleton betul ROFL ni gambar dulu masa nie berat badan 40kg aje!!!

Nampak tanned sikit warna kulit kat pictures nie sebab baru lepas kena sunburn main jet ski kat penang satu pulau mello round!!! ha ha ha  Bila dah lama tak kena matahari baru lah mello putih balik. =P

Betul kata mamarazzi kalau kurus sangat pun tak bagus nanti nampak macam hantu pulak ROFL..


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Here's a really nice, full look at the new Facebook profile, along with a video if you wanna read more check the link below

The nerd side of me LOL

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Around 8.30pm just now I called the old town coffee and asked them to deliver me this food which you've seen now on the pictures a cincau soya freeze and toasted bread and it was actually for my dinner ha ha ha. Why only that? wokay, wokay I tell. For the past few weeks I skipped having "rice" and I only eat bread and steam noodle for lunch and night I eaten only snacks like those with low calories. I have this aim, and I also already set it In my mind that in this few month I'm gonna struggle to get back my old weight which is 42kg LOL. Isn't that so thin or what? because as I remember those day I only weight 40kg yes I'm under-weight and I have this sickness what ever I ate I vomited it out back. TOO bad huh? but it was those days before. Until when I met myhun he always took me out to a nice restauran and forced me to eat, and eat and eat  ROFL why? the reason is he was too worried of myself and he don't want me to fall sick.  He'd been doing the same routine for like a years! he will make sure that my food is well and my health is good. Then only I finally manage myself to put on some weight which is now I am currently 49kg but sigh I feel like I'm getting bigger you know? So I've set this word's inside my mind that I'm surely can get back my old weight no matter what! because I am a type of person that never give up too easily I even told myhun that it's enough of eating ok, even if he asked me to eat I wont ha ha ha "oops i'm sorry sweetheart" I already gain some weight for you now it's time for me to lose some LOL. So what did I have been doing to get myself distracted from thinking of eating? I'll read books to get myself busy so I wont think of eating and having my tummy filled with foods funny no? ha ha. Okay I guess it's enough for now I'm feeling sleepy need to rest my head on my pillow else I will get my migrane again.

P/S: Sleep tight sweetheart, and dont dont let the bed bugs bite I heart you pumpkin!!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jemma Pixie Hixon-Hurricane-30 Seconds To Mars

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I'm inlove with her voice!!! If you don't know who is Jemma Pixie you will. 

♔♔♔♔♔♔ About Jemma Pixie Hixon  ✔ ♔♔♔♔♔♔

Jemma link

Jemma Pixie Hixon is a 20 year old English singer/songwriter. Jemma has been battling with panic attacks and anxiety since she was 6 years old. Despite this Jemma used to sing on TV at gigs and celebrity dinner events. Unfortunately her panic attacks and anxiety got increasingly worse and over time Jemma developed severe agoraphobia. She has now been completely housebound for over 2 years. "Singing on YouTube is a way in which I can still perform to millions and live my dream from my own bedroom." Recently Jemma has been featured in the media on a global scale, appearing on TV, live radio and interviews, all from the comfort of her own home.

Jemma has sung on TV on a few occasions when she was 13. Jemma is well known for winning a competition on TV which gave her the opportunity to sing live with the Sugababes. She also sang at many charity concerts including a Darwin Galapagos Trust Concert at Draper's Hall in London in front of many famous faces such as Toyah Wilcox and Robert Powell.

Chawan - Bangsar village

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Look!! another awesome place we've found here in bangsar village this restaurant is called chawan kinda unique name right? he he he what attract me to enjoy the food here is the atmosphere of this place is pretty relaxing you know. 

The food is also good here the nasi briyani will filled your hungry tummy with satisfactions ha ha just look at the size of this plate isn't big?  

Asam Laksa ain't bad I still love it..
Asam pedas for my sissy umph..
Lastly we go for this ha ha ha cucur udang and keropok lekor nice.

 You should check out this place sometime!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

I am the Mars Mell-o

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Yawnnnnn... It's Time To Go To School Just Kidding..

It's an 2010 pictures of me saje nak post kat blog ROFL

Lepaking At Papparich

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Yummylicious!!! I'm lovin' it Umph.. =P

Sekali - sekala makan kat tepi jalan pun best!!

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Dua hari lepas mello ajak myhun jalan - jalan cari makan kat area KL, mello tanya dia pernah makan cocok - cocok yang kat tepi jalan tu tak sayang? myhun pun jawap tak pernah sayang so mello pun suggest lah kat dia, apa kata kali ni abang cuba pulak makan kat tepi jalan dengan sayang ha ha ha.. Jomlah ajak mello dengan penuh semangat gitu. Then after that he drove the car around KL sampai aje kat signboard Jln Raja.Esfahan dan Jln Raja.Laut kitorang pun nampak satu tempat untuk makan cocok - cocok. 
Myhun pun dengan bersemangat park kereta BMW betul - betul kat tepi tempat jual cocok-cocok ni dengan muka selamba dia turun tanya orang yang jual cocok - cocok ni macam mana ekk, makan benda ni? HAHAHA kelakar tak?? Mello pun tunggu apa lagi mello ambik pinggan plastic tu buat macam biasa pilih mana yang nak makan lepas tu letak kat stimmer tu. OH, macam ni aje ke sayang tanya myhun? habis abang nak macam mana jawap mello, abang nak rendam dengan minyak ke tanya mello lagi lepas tu tak habis - habis mello perli dia ROFL. Nampak sangat first time makan cocok - cocok yang kat tepi jalan!! kelakar kan.?? 

Lepas masak cocok- cocok tadi kitorang berdua pun duduk kat tepi-tepi jalan sambil menikmati makanan kitorang sembang - sembang macam biasa mello akan tanya soalan yang sama seperti yang selalu mello buat, sedap tak sayang? Umph!!! jawap myhun sedaplah sayang tak sangka kan makanan kat tepi-tepi jalan pun best, lagi - lagi bila bersama orang tersayang abang tak akan pernah lupakan saat ni. Tapi kenapa dulu sayang tak pernah ajak abang makan kat tepi jalan? habis abang kata tak biasa so nak ajak macam mana, now apa pendapat abang? tanya mello sekali lagi, best tak makan kat tepi jalan? best sayang thanks for the experience. Lain kali kita repeat macam ni lagi ya sayang boleh kan? tanya myhun. Okay sayang as long as you want!! anytime for sure only for you I've said to him. Tapi memang betul lah cocok - cocok yang adik-adik ni jual sedap sangat tau! =D 

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcome home hachiko

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Comel tak meow mello nie? ha ha ha ini lah meow yang mello nak beli tu.. =P  finally already bring him back home!!! nama meow ni "HACHIKO" adik mello yang bagi nama ROFL..

Monday, September 19, 2011

Guess what? I bought a male kitten!!

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Kitty say's: Can't wait for the new additional to come home and play ball - ball with kitty :-)

Guess what? I bought a male kitten!!! But only can bring it back home on wednesday I hope kitty love's the present that I'm giving her.. =D

I will post the pictures of my male kitten when I bring it back stay tune ROFL.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Movie - Johnny English Reborn Offical Trailer

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Synopsis - Rowan Atkinson returns to the role of the accidental secret agent who doesn't know fear or danger in the comedy spy-thriller Johnny English Reborn. In his latest adventure, the most unlikely intelligence officer in Her Majesty's Secret Service must stop a group of international assassins before they eliminate a world leader and cause global chaos. In the years since MI-7's top spy vanished off the grid, he has been honing his unique skills in a remote region of Asia. But when his agency superiors learn of an attempt against the Chinese premier's life, they must hunt down the highly unorthodox agent. Now that the world needs him once again, Johnny English is back in action. With one shot at redemption, he must employ the latest in hi-tech gadgets to unravel a web of conspiracy that runs throughout the KGB, CIA and even MI-7. With mere days until a heads of state conference, one man must use every trick in his playbook to protect us all. For Johnny English, disaster may be an option, but failure never is.

If you'll asked me about how the story went? well I'm going to tell this answers to you that it was awesome and really make my day happy and everything is just laugh, laugh, laugh until exploded!! ha ha ha we'll I just can't stop laughing since the movie was started not only myself I guess everyone in the cinema is also laughing the same goes to myhun!!! ROFL. 
Kelakar sangat ke cerita johnny english nie? kelakar gilerrrrrr lol dari mula start pun memang dah kelakar korang rasa ending dia kelakar tak? sampaikan myhun ketawa sampai takhenti-henti bestlah cerita nie tak rugi tengok lagi-lagi bila bersama orang yang tersayang sambil share makan waffle semakin bertambah bestlah movie yang ditonton he he he muacks ..

Here's come the most funny part I can't stop laughing while watching this scene LOL
My rate for this movie is 10/10

Don't missed it!! 

Watch the movie trailer and you'll know!! =D

Movie - Final Destination 5

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Synopsis - Survivors of a suspension-bridge collapse learn there's no way you can cheat Death.

This man is been watching them since the happening incident and try to warn them that it is YOURS TURN NEXT!!! 

I went to watch this movie with myhun well I never missed any of the final destination movie since the first part!! why?? because it's full of suspens that's the first thing I like about final destination and also not to forget in this movie there is no survivors are live ha ha ha it means they all are turn into a dead meat!! 

My rate for this movie is 10/10 

watch the trailer and you'll know !! =D

Saturday, September 17, 2011

I win again!!

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 Those days ha ha ha.. lain lagi kan muka kat sini..

pic was taken at year 2009 eid =P

Anyway remember the colorful paddy contest that I've join  from sasa tien blog last time? Guess what?? I win again ha ha ha and I got the second place this time!! wow I feel so lucky again..

Thank's sasa tien for picking me as your second place winner :-)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Makan Kat Chilli Padi Restoran

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Dua hari lepas myhun bawa mello makan kat restoran CHILI PADI !! best jugalah makan kat sini. He he what matters most to me is as long as myhun is sitting next beside me =P thank's pumpkin!!

Watermelon+Laici for myhun
Cendol for myself =P
BlueOcean for my sissy
Chicken noodle my sis order this yummmylicious!!
Curry fish sungguh menyelerakan LOL
All this are for me and myhun ha ha ha I love shezuan soup suka sangat!!

YOU should try the food here sometimes Umph!!

Im back!!!

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Yay!!! finally I'm back blogging again my headache is gone now and I have tons of entry that  I want to post here.

Kalau sempat malam nie nak posting entry lah... he he he rindu betul dengan blog walaupun rasa macam kepala nie masih lagi dalam keadaan hang ha ha ha maklumlah kebelakangan nie asyik tidur aje kerja sebab tak tahan dengan sakit kepala, huhu thanks god i'm feeling better now.

Thank you all for the concern I deeply appreciate that!! :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Migrane OH Migrane

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Gosh, It's been a hectic days!! Dah berhari -  hari dah asyik sakit kepala berdenyut- denyut lah dan macam -macam lagi lah rasa nak hantuk kat dinding pun ada.

Tak suka..Tak suka..Tak suka!!! TOTALLY NO mood for everything!!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Not feeling well

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Not feeling well again * I don't like this..

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Lembaran semalam - Tercipta Untukku

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Aku teringat kembali kenangan kita bersama walau sudah berkurun lamanya namun persisnya bagaikan semalam ia berlaku, setelah itu aku kembali mengimbau kenangan yang indah mewangi peristiwa suatu petang dahulu dikelilingi awan biru yang mewarnakan hari ku itu..

Kalau tak silap waktu itu aku mengajukan pertanyaan ini kepadamu. Sayang, bukannya kau tidak tahu sudah lama aku menantikan saat – saat ini. Rasanya kau sendiri pun sudah tahu tentang apa yang aku hasratkan itu? dan aku juga pasti bahawa kamu juga mempuyai hasrat yang sama seperti diriku bukankah begitu sayangku? Ujar diriku ketika itu.

Iya benar, aku akui memang sudah lama aku menantikan saat dan waktu sebegini, untuk menyambut lebaran bersama dirimu.  Namun apakan daya oleh kerana tanggungjawap dan amanah keluarga yang kau harus  utamakan terlebih dahulu ternyata harapan  dan hasrat untuk menyambut hari  yang mulia dan  begitu juga saat yang kita sama- sama nantikan itu dengan serta - merta t'lah bertukar menjadi sesuatu yang hambar untuk dirimu dan begitu juga aku, apa yang berlaku pada hari itu sebenarnya agak mengecewakan diriku.

Kerana mahu ataupun tidak aku harus akur untuk menerima kenyataan bahawa mungkin aku akan menyambut hari yang mulia itu tanpamu disampingku.  Tak apa sayang, katamu lantas dengan sedaya - upaya coba untuk menenangkan diriku” jangan sedih please sayangku princess.. abang berjanji hari ketiga raya nanti abang datang sambut bersama sayang ya? Abang akan minta cuti selama seminggu untuk kita luangkan masa bersama nanti. “
Cakap aje dengan abang kemana sayang nak pergi abang akan bawa sayang pergi ketempat tu ya? Tapi sebelum itu maafkan abang sebab tak dapat nak kotakan janji abang pada sayang, katamu padaku lalu memegang erat kedua-dua tanganku.  

“Just this time sweetheart? I’ll promise next year it’s You & I we’ll be together again” dan selepas itu kau pun mencium dahiku lalu memujuk aku yang sedang merajuk ketika itu, rasa geram yang aku simpan terhadapmu tanpa paksaan telah bertukar menjadi senyuman dan dengan begitu cepat engkau berjaya untuk memujuk diriku.

Kalau difikirkan balik pada awal lagi sebenarnya aku sudah tahu tentang pekerjaanmu sebagai seorang captain kapal tanggungjawap yang dipikul olehmu itu adalah amat berat. Berlayar di lautan yang luas kadang-kala mahu ataupun tidak kau harus berlawan dengan ombak-ombak buas yang datang dan juga pergi itu untuk memastikan kapal yang berlayar di bawah tanganmu akhirnya akan sampai jua dengan selamat ke destinasi yang hendak dituju.

Alhamdullillah, walaupun pada mulanya aku agak keberatan untuk menerima perkerjaanmu tetapi lama - kelamaan setelahku fikir balik sepatutnya aku seharusnya sentiasa bersamamu dimana jua dirimu berada, aku akan setiasa ada untuk memberikan kata - kata  perangsang dan juga semangat agar kau bisa meneruskan perjuaganmu tanpa apa-apa halangan demi mencapai matlamat dan juga impian kita selama ini, kerana aku tahu setiap apa yang kau lakukan itu semuanya bukan di atas dasar kepentingan dirimu malah setiap usaha dan juga kerja kerasmu itu, segala yang kau lakukan hasilnya akan memberi satu manfaat yang baik kepada masa depan kita berdua juga dihari kelak nanti.

“ Hun…I’m not mad or anything I’ll do understand the situation and whatever decisions that we both have to made under any circumstances I accept it” 

“Don’t worry we still have lot’s of time right?  So don’t feel bad about it, know this I will always be there waiting for you honest and strong love and there’s nothing more to doubt about it okay? “

Wring.. Wring.. Wring “Tonight I will love love you tonight Give me everything tonight For all we know we might not get tomorrow Let's do it tonight I will love love you tonight Give me everything tonight Fo”r all we know we might not get tomorrow Lets do it tonight.. ”

Macam aku kenal bunyi ini kataku yang sedang lena diulit mimpi lama juga aku berguling – guling atas kamarku sambil memeluk teddy bear kesayanganku itu..

Kali ini aku rasa bunyi yang kudengar tadi semakin kuat seolah-olah bunyi itu seperti berada dalam kepalaku. Oh no!! Aku tersedar dari tidur dengan serta merta aku bangun dari kamarku kemudian mengapai blackberry torchku yang tersorok dibawah bantal tidurku itu, jangan kata ringtone dengan vibrate sekali turut mengejutkan aku yang masih lagi dalam keadaan mamai itu.

Alamak!!! Kataku sambil mengaru kepala sendiri rupanya dari tadi lagi telifon bimbitku itu memekak takhenti-henti, 5 missed call?? Sepantas kilat aku menekan keypad unlock sambil berteka – teka ni mesti  panggilan dari si dia, baru aku ingat hari ini sepatutnya pukul 11 pagi tadi aku dah bersiap sedia. 

Ahhh, macam mana ni? Rambut nak cuci lagi mesti mengambil masa yang agak lama untuk bersiap, tak lama kemudian telifon bimbitku berbunyi lagi..

“Tonight I will love love you tonight Give me everything tonight For all we know we might not get tomorrow Let's do it tonight I will love love you tonight Give me everything tonight Fo”r all we know we might not get tomorrow Lets do it tonight.. 

Hello…?? Kataku.. arrrgh sorry sayang I just wake up!! My bad, semalam I tidur lewat I can’t sleep keep thinking about you, actually tak sabar.. he he gelakku..

Dia :  Ala, ingatkan sayang dah siap dah, kalau macam tu takpelah abg pun baru lepas sembahyang, sekarang ni abang nak balik rumah dulu, ambil ketupat yang abang sempat buat untuk sayang semalam katamu lalu mengusikku. 

Actually tahun ni, abang bersyukur sangat pada ALLAH akhirnya tercapai juga impian kita untuk menyambut hari yang mulia ini bersama – sama termakbul juga impian abang untuk membuktikan kat sayang bahawa segala  janji – janji  yang abang pernah lafazkan dulu walaupun sedikit lambat tapi abang tetap akan tunaikan! 

Aku:  Terima Kasih sayangku atas segalanya, percayalah segala pengorbananmu terhadapku tak akan ku sia-siakan sayang. Thanked god finally It’s YOU & I.. I’m really happy sweetheart.

Sebelum abang letak telifon “ I just want you to know that I love you so much, forever and always” tunggu abang kat rumah jangan pergi mana – mana pulak, nanti kejap lagi abang datang..  Alright see you soon”!!  phone hang up.

Selepas 20min kemudian.. Lonceng rumah berbunyi “ ding dong “ sepantas kilat aku berlari menuju ke pintu luar  dan membuka pagar. Selamat hari raya Aidilfitri sayangku maaf  zahir dan batin akhirnya abang dah buktikan kat sayang janji – janji abang dulu, untuk masakkan sayang ketupat dan rendang abang sendiri yang masak tau!!! kalau tak percaya nanti abang email kat sayang gambar waktu abang buat ketupat ni.

He made this for Her :)

Khas buat insan yang abang sayang..

Ketika itu aku dengan perlahan-lahan mengapai bungkusan yang dibawa oleh insan yang amat aku sayangi itu, Saat itu diri ini terasa bagai hendek menitiskan airmata bukan kerana ada sesuatu yang tidak kena, tapi waktu itu aku rasa gembira sangat sebab selama diri ini hidup kat dunia belum pernah aku ketemui insan sepertinya yang sanggup untuk melakukan apa saja semata – mata mahu melihatku selalu tersenyum dan juga gembira. 
Aku memegang dengan erat tangan kanannya dan selepas mencium tanganya aku pun memohon maaf di atas segala kekhilafan diriku selama kami bersama.
Dan aku bersyukur sangat kepada ALLAH kerana pertemukan aku dengan seorang insan yang sungguh mulia hatinya yang begitu menyanyangi diriku bagaikan menatang minyak yang penuh. Sayang semoga hubungan kita berkekalan hingga keakhir hayat..

Saturday, September 3, 2011

kitty camwhore lagi..

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Kitty say: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri To Everyone It's Not Too Late Isn't?? 

How do I look in this dress? am I looking gorgeous? for the hari raya present master bought kitty a new colar and also toy's, kitty love's it so much.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Picture before my hair was cut

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Picture before my hair was cut, lain kan muka mello kat pic ni? nak tahu tak sebab apa? muka mello kat every picture tak sama ha ha ha cuba tengok rambut mello kat pic ni, mello belah tepi and takde fringe =P 

I'm in love with this...

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Semasa pergi summit tadi mello pakai baju yang warna kelabu nie cantik tak? ada lagi 3 helai baju kebaya nanti mello snap gambar bila dah pakai baju kebaya tu nanti =D
One for me and one for my sis.. I love white..
Myhun bought this shoes for me days before hari raya yay! suka sangat design kasut ni thank's sweetheart!!! mello sendiri pun tak tahu bila boleh pakai kasut ni ek.. he he maybe mello akan padankan dengan baju kebaya yang boleh masuk warna kasut ni rasanya sesuai tak? he he ataupun simpan aje buat perhiasan LOL
Mello memang suka beli kasut, dulu tiap kali shopping mello tak pernah missed beli kasut yang jenis high hills, sampai tak sedar dah beli banyak macam ni well honestly telling ada banyak lagi tapi mello tak snap pic lagipun kasut tu dah tak nampak baru so mello  malas nak simpan lagi. Ha ha yang peliknya mello beli kasut tu tapi mello tak pakai pun semuanya, I only wear those shoes that became my favorite one LOL nampak macam baru lagi kan kasut nie semua actually half daripada hills ni mello tak pernah pakai langsung sampai lah ke hari nie parking kat dalam kotak kasut aje end up mello bagi semua kasut tu kat adik mello ROFL.  I'm crazy about shoes specially those high hills awhhh..!!


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