Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thought of the day

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"Beauty of dreams"
Dreams have a lasting impact on
your experience of being alive
and enrich the quality of your life exponentially,
Exciting dreams create an exciting life..

Failure is not the end of a journey

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Failure is not the end of a journey the purpose of life is to live it to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly without fear for newer and richer experience.

Like human journey full of twists and turn always differ without limit of time and space sometimes it's painful and at times heart failure.

Be a good servant of Allah while facing the trials thus approaching the feel of a quiet life of happiness look at the future through prayer in winning move because there is no futile thing in any sacrifice.

Failure is not the end of a journey it is only a test of life hence the chances from being a happy you it will lead you through a better life and always be there for someone who needed help.

Him loves Her ストーリー

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This story is about a boy who love’s a girl but she doesn’t even know it, till one day came..

Girl call boy and asked him this questions; Do you know what is the very most hardest thing to do in this life? besides facing up with problem and solving ones problem.

Boy he asked girl; what made you ask me this questions? cause to tell you the truth I don’t know but could you tell me what is it? only if you don't mind..

Girl: She smile and then tell him “ the most hardest thing to do is only two things. The first thing is to begin and also to start something for doing without thinking is a labor lost, and second is to end up something you begin despite we know that someday, somehow and some way we’ll still have to do it anyway.

Boy: he remain silence without saying anything or asking girl why did she have to tell it to him. 

Since they had been friends for already many years girl think it’s the right time for her to tell him about the question he ask her last time. Few years back when boy asked girl something is there anything that she needed to tell and let him know but she say nothing. Boy tell this to girl no matter what he want her to know that he do loves her but unfortunately he was sorry for his not in a position to love or being with someone.

When girl hear those word’s from him she change her mind of telling him something which he had to know the only thing she said is that she understand what is he trying to mean.

Boy and girl had been friend for more than five year’s but strangely although they have long be friends but they never met eyes into eyes not even once. But their friendship stay and remain and from day to day boy and girl became a very close best friend although they initially known each other is through a some social pages.

Until one day came; girl told boy everything. Girl: I think you deserve to know this , honestly I never been honest to you remember when you asked me is there anything I wanted you to know? but I deny it  and say nothing.  Yes, there’s something I wanna tell you but I couldn't say it because I have my own strong reason why I choose not to tell you. But now it’s time for me to say it, I do love you too but unfortunately I’m not in a position to love or being with a person.

She told him the reason why she can’t meet him even though he did asked about it but the only thing she say is “one day”.  But it has been already few years they still never meet each others eyes to eyes.

Why can’t she meet him, boy ask girl this questions. Girl said; the main reason why she can’t is that she have made a promise to her self that she wont meet up with someone or fall for someone that she came to know from a social pages that is also apart of the reason why all this years she never asked him to meet up. But she can’t deny the truth that she had been holding up for sometime she do like him too but the only thing that’s stop her from putting her feeling’s into a next stages is because she can’t break her promise to her self.

Boy: is that the reason why? it’s alright girl I understand it now. But what makes you confess it to me?

Then he asked her; for all this while why only now you have to tell me everything…

Girl: cause all this while I thought you never love me at all I didn’t know that you are serious about what you say to me last time. I thought that you are only joking. But why did you have to love me that much? Although I never give back the same love that you had shower on me.

She start to cry and then tell him;

Girl: no matter what no matter when no matter where no matter who you're always be my chuppycake cause that kind of meet and greet is very unique. Thank you for everything that you had taught me I will remember that always.

Boy: If only I know that you feel the same maybe we could change everything but now since it was too late to undone it, you have your life and I can only do this one thing for you as what I had been doing  from the first time I know you. I would pray for your happiness and because you are too special person to me. You deserve to have someone who could give you everything and treat you better and for those who take you for granted I guess that person must be stupid! a girl like you is an every man dreams but sadly it will never happen to me, not myself he said in a low voice.

Before they make their own directions girl say something to him for the last time. Girl; I will be strong don't worry about me I be just fine take care of yourself and remember this always..

In life we make a relationship

And some are made by god's

There Is nothing else a girl

want's from life

The only thing a girl desires

Is that someone loves her

Like no one has ever

been love before.

By: mars mello

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Restoran Murni Discovey USJ

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That day me and my hun went to USJ again drive around somewhere taipan and look for a place to eat and chillax there are too many restoran in that area until me and myhun ended up dont know which place to go.  For about atleast half an hour we stucked inside the car looking for a nice place to eat and sit back but we both end up asking this same questions to one another "sayang, nak makan kat mana ni? apa kata kali ni sayang yang decide." HAHA well i give up!! Seriously, when it comes to food i preferred to eat "Instant noodle with egg" if on the particular moment i really have no idea what to eat. My suggestions would be this simple and easy dont need to be so "pening - peningkan diri sayang apa kata kita makan maggi aje ROFL that would be very much better i bet!! =P Finally while me and myhun are heading to summit USJ i saw this restoran from the outside as you can see there are too many people eating there in my mind i was thinking hurmm..perhaps i should give a try to this place. I was actually wondering "apa yang best sangat kat restoran ni sampai ramai betul orang makan kat sini". Then me and myhun decided to eat here first instead of playing snooker lagipun lapar giler dah masa tu HAHA..
Hello waiter it's time to take order!! can you give me a honeydew special and manggo special for myhun. Jeng..jeng..jeng tapi bila order sampai i jadi confuse apesal ada tembikai dan laici dalam honeydew? cause i was asking for only a honeydew drink yang dia serve kat kitorang honeydew + watermelon +laici!! Aha!! semua ada dalam satu mug besar nie. Myhun didnt notice what's inside the mug until i asked him to see it.

This is really special!!
This what i order they called it nasi goreng meletup with butter fish pada mula tu mars mello tak faham why they called this meal nasi goreng meletup. After having this food only i realize that it's too much for me to finish the whole entire plate!! Kalau makan sampai perut meletup pun tak mungkin mars mello boleh habiskan HAHAHA even if i share this with myhun also we both cant finish this meal.  Over all kira sedap juga nasi goreng ni cuma yang jadi tak best sebab dia ada campur petai and mars mello tak makan petai cant stand the petai smell ughhh..
yang ini nama dia "Raja mee goreng" nasib  baik bukan "Maharaja lawak mee" LOL myhun asked for this but he didn't finish it also because it was too many.
soup ayam sedap di makan!!

He he banyak makanan yang pelik - pelik kat restoran ni yang mars mello tak pernah lagi makan sebelum ni ada yang tak boleh didapati kat restoran lain!! Kira best and unique lah tempat ni makanan dia pun tak lah mahal sangat murah pun murah.

Discover this place sometime!! *winks*

Coffee love hot chocs!!

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If you were to mixed up a hot chocolate and coffee
what do you think it would probably taste like huh..?

anyone of you had ever try it before??

I would say it would taste like a "Mocha-ha-ha-ha" =D

Just chillaxing !!

Mars Mell-O

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What do you think about mars and mello? We are not talking about marshmellow. It is not a some kind of food.  It contain "Mars and Mell-0".  So tell me what is marsmello?

Awhh really?? I wanna stay Mars Mello for always then!! =D

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dodol DFO, apa meaning dia tu?

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Dodol melaka nice!!! yang ada tanda "D" tu perisa durian..

yang ni kenapa takde tanda D? he he he OH ya, yang ini perisa original bukan yang original kat KFC tu tau, yang ni mars mello bagi nama "DFO"  Dodol flavor original!! ROFL..

Sunday, March 27, 2011

River cruise melaka

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"I got this pictures from google I didnt manage to get the boat pic using my own camera due to it's out of battery."

Did you like this view? beautiful isn't? 

After having dinner me and myhun head to this place they called it "river cruise" it is one of famous chill out places in melaka from this boat you can see this bridge and many more beautiful places.
 I love this view so much it look so historical!!

I really enjoy my weekend's thanks sweetheart  for taking me to this lovely places!! =P

Asam pedas MELAKA best!!

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Kalau asyik makan western food aje lama - lama mars mello kena pindah duduk kat london pulak sebab kat sana kebanyakan makanan yang ada semuanya western food LOL. Kali ni mars mello nak share lokasi tempat makan asam pedas selera kampung pulak. Lokasi tempat ni terletak dekat tempat yang bersejarah kat malaysia ni. Y'all mesti tahu kan tempat yang banyak sejarah mars mello maksudkan tu? tahu ke tak tahu ni? OK lah biar mars mello aje lah yang bagi tahu, nama tempat makan ni "Restoran Asam Pedas" itu kalau dalam bahasa malayu tapi kalau dalam bahasa arab yang tu mars mello tak tahu he he he oppps!!! lokasi restoran ni terletak dekat "Dataran Pahlawan Melaka" dan kat area ni kalau malam sabtu yang "famous ialah pasar malam" so pada sesiapa yang minat nak beli barang yang jual kat pasar malam y'all boleh lah usha - usha tempat ni.  
Back to our topic just now, apa yang istemewa sangat kat restoran ni, nak tahu tak?? kalau y'all tengok balik signboard restoran tadi mesti korang semua dah tahu kan apa yang istemewa kat restoran ni?? he he he no other than ASAM PEDAS!! yup, asam pedas kat sini memang sedap kalau tak percaya boleh datang restoran ni dan cuba masakan dia semuanya best - best. 
Lobster ni nyummy sangat mars mello suka makan yang ni tapi malas nak kopek kulit lobster ni yang mars mello tahu makan aje HAHAHA nasib baik lah myhun rajin tolong kopekkan makin double nyummy terus lobster ni!! 
Ayam kampung ni pun sedap panas - panas lagi tu maklumlah baru keluar dari kuali LOL yang ni myhun punya faborito HAHA, dia yang kerjakan ayam kampung ni sampai habis tapi kenapa dia aje yang makan seorang? huhu sebabnya mars mello tak makan ayam kampung laa.
Kalau yang ini mars mello suka makan "wajib" kena ada sebab sayur itu favorite mars mello!! 

SO,  pada sesiapa yang suka makan asam pedas check out this place sometime!!! =D

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Kucing makan cake ke?? strange..

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I wanna tell you some funny story it's about my cat baby kitty yip, I just don't know what got into her lately even me myself feel a little weird about it. Ever - since that day she start tasting my tokyo banana cake she keep asking for it. Actually I didn't feed it to her but she "curi -curi makan" it.  LOL  first time dalam seumur hidup tengok kucing suka makan cake pelik kan kucing mars mello ni?? Hari tu masa pergi starbucks i beli cake lagi kali ni mars mello beli chocolate cake dan english cake ni so i pun macam biasa la i letak cake atas meja and makan. Tiba - Tiba kitty datang dan terus panjat atas meja saying "meow - meow" you know I dont speak a cat language but it's very obvious that kitty is trying to say feeed me please!! he he he mula - mula memang mars mello tak nak bagi dia sebab takut kalau nanti tersalah makan dan bila dah salah makan lain pulak jadinya ughhhhhu.. and I dont want that too happen cant afford to lose my kitty love her so, so, so much. Tapi bila baby kitty dah tunjuk muka dia yang tengah upset plus sad sebab tak dapat makan cake yang mars mello beli kat starbucks nak tak nak i pun buka cake ni dan bagi kitty makan sikit.  Believe it or not she ate half of it!!! HAHAHA strange huh?? Kucing pun dah pandai makan cake sampai myhun pun garu kepala tengok baby kitty makan cake ni. Myhun also say kucing mana ada yang makan cake. Well i guess now it's proven that ada juga kucing yang suka makan english fruit cake iaitu  "Baby Kitty" ZOMG!!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Durian OH!! durian..

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Bila cakap pasal durian kat sini semuanya best - best dan kat tempat ni juga lah mars mello beli durian he..he..he kat mana tu?? OK mars mello share lokasi tempat beli durian ni..

Location: Kepong betul - betul depan shell actually nak cari tempat ni senang aje just drive pergi area jaya jusco tu kalau nampak shell kat situ lah tempatnya.. =D

WOW!! cantik kan durian ni?? HAHAHA nak makan pun kena pilih yang cantik-cantik baru selera nak makan really sweet nyummy sampai habis mars mello kerjakan satu kotak ni ROFL!!! 

Thank's to myhun sebab bawa i beli durian ni..

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dinner at Gaucho Grill

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MOooooooo...apesal ada lembu melintas kat tengah - tengah jalan nie pulak? nanti mesti jammed giler ni.. =D
Get ready for the countdown It's Food fight time ROFL..
round 1. mushrooms soup and seafood soup
round 2. spaghetti bolognaise with grilled salmon
round 3. fish and chips crunchy yummy!
round 4. grilled tiger prawns for my hun he loves it!!
round 5. rib eye with barbeque sauce 
Habiskan semua ni!! ha ha ha tu lah siapa suruh order banyak - banyak.. 

Lagi - lagi food fights kesian kat budak dalam gambar ni asyik dia aje yang jadi mangsa ROFL

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ikan bakar sekinchan at Taipan USJ

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Entah macam mana boleh tersesat kat tempat ni hari tu plan nak pergi summit USJ gunting rambut kat sana tapi bila dah sampai sana ramai pulak customer tengah tunggu giliran so i told my hun kalau macam tu leceh lah nak kena tunggu sana lama - lama maybe next time better buat appointment dulu dengan hairstylist tu so tak perlu lah sampai kena tunggu berjam - jam then kitorang pun ciao dari summit and plan nak pergi makan dulu.  Masa dalam perjalanan menuju ke parking myhun asked me "sayang tahu tak jalan nak pergi taipan? I tanya dia balik kenapa? myhun say dia tak pernah pergi tempat tu. Hello..sweetheart sekali pun tak pernah ke? and laugh ha ha ha..then say okay then kalau macam tu i tunjuk jalan ke taipan kita try makan kat sana pulak asyik tempat sama aje bosan tau tak? Sampai aje kat taipan kitorang drive buat pusingan satu round dulu sambil usha-usha restoran mana yang best then i saw this sign board IKAN BAKAR SEKINCHAN dari luar restoran ni nampak macam menarik aje ramai juga orang makan kat tempat ni. Tapi satu aje yang tak best kat area taipan ni nak tahu tak apa dia? Kat area ni susah sangat cari parking!! LOL dah lah time tu hujan parking kena jauh - jauh pulak tu tapi lapar punya pasal dont care lah kalau basah itu kemudian cerita yang penting makan dulu HAHAHA.
Kat restoran ni menu dia semuanya yang bakar - bakar aje sambil makan dengan ulam ni actually ada macam - macam jenis ulam tapi myhun ambik yang ni aje..
Ikan bakar kembung nyummy!!! 
Sotong bakar yang ni pun sedap tapi mars mello tak makan sangat sotong ni myhun yang habiskan..
Coconut juice for me yaay =D

Check out this place sometime!!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Alexis , Kerabu fried rice nyummy!!

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Laici Soda ♥ Cranberries Raspberry Soda = You + Me =D

Mula - mula ingat nak order nasi istemewa alexis tapi yang tu dah takde dalam menu huh!! So divert order kat menu ni pulak kerabu fried rice alexis first time order fried rice ni tau walaupun selalu juga datang makan kat restoran ni. Ingat kan tak sedap nasi ni rupanya nyummy hingga habis satu pinggan. Kuat tak mars mello makan? ha ha ha sampai boleh habis satu pinggan ni, biasa kalau makan memang tak habis nasib baik lah makan sharing dengan myhun dia tolong habiskan. Tak sangka myhun ni ada ciri-ciri romantic juga ekk ROFL thanks sweetheart =P

The big momma & I am number four

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The big momma like father like son

First went to watch this movie with my hun love this movies cause it's not boring and the comedy part really  make me laugh overall I rate this movies two thumbs up!! 

I am number four

After watching the big momma we continue watching this movies
memang best lah rugi kalau tak tengok tau. My rate for this action movies is two thumbs up!! 

I really enjoy watching both movies.. =D

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Follower bertuah Me? hard to believe kan..

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:face50:Yaay!!! I win, I win, I win.. tak percaya? :face51:



Terima Kasih fareha kerana memilih Mars Mello jadi follower bertuah blog anda!! hoyeah check out this blog for more info

Monday, March 14, 2011

Someday in the sky

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:86: Somewhere In The sky :86:
Someday if I’m no longer around
Don’t think that I’ll forget you
Just look above the sky
then think of me and if your
heartbeat is racing faster
Suddenly you feel like
you are missing me..
Don’t think that I’ll didn’t miss you
Just look above the sky
My tears will fall like a rain
and drop on your cheek's
To say: hey, don't frown my sweet dreamy angel
cause I miss you too
and I am always here for you..
Someday whenever you are feeling
empty or feeling blue
Just look above the sky
then think of me and make a wish
That someday you and me
will be seeing each other again
Over the rainbow when there is a cloud’s
I will be sitting there waiting for you..

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tragic day to remember

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11 March 2011
For some of us this date probably brings great joy in their lives but not for those people who live in JAPAN,11 march 2011 is another tragic day to  remember. Recently powerful Earthquake 8.9 Magnitude which then brings tsunami kill hundreds in Japan.

I was watching the news since the happening incident and I feel sad for those who lose their homes and also for those who got kill by the tremendous tsunami attack. What makes me really speechless is watching how the nature wash away Japan with waves in excess of 10 meters in height, struck the port of Sendai and devastated a large part of North East Japan.
The tremendous tsunami attack also reported to be the worst earthquake in 140years.

We “human” all know that there is nothing can stop nature from doing it works but what about those “people” who never get tired from killing their own kind? Are they born in this world to kill their own same kind? If human can get cruel and destroy one another why can’t the mother nature.

It’s sad to think about the wars that is going on at the other country after BOMBING here and there, GUN shooting all around and for no reason the innocent people have to pay their own lives.
When all this are seems happening to the world like what is going on now right and only then “WE” human who, they, them who is also human start thinking for a seconds then realize and asked ourselves, themselves, their selves is the end of the world is closer? and only then people will stop from bombing and killing each other and back praying to the almighty god for their sins to be forgiven.

“I don’t mean any offend I’m just sharing some thought”

Really, it’s sad to think but I’m just a human and I have no power to change the world. But hopefully little bit from this three or two words we'll make it as a muse of reflections.

A friend of mind once asked me this questions, what would I do if:

One day there is a day you we’re walking and you seeing a strange man and he doesn’t like your religion. The man insulted your religion and then suddenly he grab the holy book of your religion and then throw it at your face.

What will be your first reactions and what you are going to do about it?

I said: I will look at that man face and straight to his eyes and say’s may GOD blessed you for what you just have did I wont use violence on that man cause I’m not “H.I.M” to judge this man for all his doings I will just walked away from this man and then leave.

Because I know even if I'll do something on that man for what he did it wont changes anything cause the facts will still remains always that the man just throw something at my face that is not just a thing it’s dignity. But doing back a violence thing or taking revenge would not undone what has done. The rest all is in GOD hand for HE knows best.


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