Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mars Mell-O

What do you think about mars and mello? We are not talking about marshmellow. It is not a some kind of food.  It contain "Mars and Mell-0".  So tell me what is marsmello?

Awhh really?? I wanna stay Mars Mello for always then!! =D

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eugene said...

I have tried it before, tasted wonerful, if you mix more coffee,less sugar and no milk..

hey take care now

strategicintelligence said...

sayang abg really crazy dating with you, you are always funny and make abg laugh, looking to your eyes make abg tak bole tidur,abg missed your kissing, sayang you are the person abg never meet in my life. abg akan tetap menyayangi u seumur hidup abg dengan cinta sejati di antara kita yg lahir dari hati kita..muuaaahhhh

mars mell-o said...

thanks hun hehehe

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