Thursday, March 31, 2011

Him loves Her ストーリー

This story is about a boy who love’s a girl but she doesn’t even know it, till one day came..

Girl call boy and asked him this questions; Do you know what is the very most hardest thing to do in this life? besides facing up with problem and solving ones problem.

Boy he asked girl; what made you ask me this questions? cause to tell you the truth I don’t know but could you tell me what is it? only if you don't mind..

Girl: She smile and then tell him “ the most hardest thing to do is only two things. The first thing is to begin and also to start something for doing without thinking is a labor lost, and second is to end up something you begin despite we know that someday, somehow and some way we’ll still have to do it anyway.

Boy: he remain silence without saying anything or asking girl why did she have to tell it to him. 

Since they had been friends for already many years girl think it’s the right time for her to tell him about the question he ask her last time. Few years back when boy asked girl something is there anything that she needed to tell and let him know but she say nothing. Boy tell this to girl no matter what he want her to know that he do loves her but unfortunately he was sorry for his not in a position to love or being with someone.

When girl hear those word’s from him she change her mind of telling him something which he had to know the only thing she said is that she understand what is he trying to mean.

Boy and girl had been friend for more than five year’s but strangely although they have long be friends but they never met eyes into eyes not even once. But their friendship stay and remain and from day to day boy and girl became a very close best friend although they initially known each other is through a some social pages.

Until one day came; girl told boy everything. Girl: I think you deserve to know this , honestly I never been honest to you remember when you asked me is there anything I wanted you to know? but I deny it  and say nothing.  Yes, there’s something I wanna tell you but I couldn't say it because I have my own strong reason why I choose not to tell you. But now it’s time for me to say it, I do love you too but unfortunately I’m not in a position to love or being with a person.

She told him the reason why she can’t meet him even though he did asked about it but the only thing she say is “one day”.  But it has been already few years they still never meet each others eyes to eyes.

Why can’t she meet him, boy ask girl this questions. Girl said; the main reason why she can’t is that she have made a promise to her self that she wont meet up with someone or fall for someone that she came to know from a social pages that is also apart of the reason why all this years she never asked him to meet up. But she can’t deny the truth that she had been holding up for sometime she do like him too but the only thing that’s stop her from putting her feeling’s into a next stages is because she can’t break her promise to her self.

Boy: is that the reason why? it’s alright girl I understand it now. But what makes you confess it to me?

Then he asked her; for all this while why only now you have to tell me everything…

Girl: cause all this while I thought you never love me at all I didn’t know that you are serious about what you say to me last time. I thought that you are only joking. But why did you have to love me that much? Although I never give back the same love that you had shower on me.

She start to cry and then tell him;

Girl: no matter what no matter when no matter where no matter who you're always be my chuppycake cause that kind of meet and greet is very unique. Thank you for everything that you had taught me I will remember that always.

Boy: If only I know that you feel the same maybe we could change everything but now since it was too late to undone it, you have your life and I can only do this one thing for you as what I had been doing  from the first time I know you. I would pray for your happiness and because you are too special person to me. You deserve to have someone who could give you everything and treat you better and for those who take you for granted I guess that person must be stupid! a girl like you is an every man dreams but sadly it will never happen to me, not myself he said in a low voice.

Before they make their own directions girl say something to him for the last time. Girl; I will be strong don't worry about me I be just fine take care of yourself and remember this always..

In life we make a relationship

And some are made by god's

There Is nothing else a girl

want's from life

The only thing a girl desires

Is that someone loves her

Like no one has ever

been love before.

By: mars mello

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