Monday, March 21, 2011

Dinner at Gaucho Grill

MOooooooo...apesal ada lembu melintas kat tengah - tengah jalan nie pulak? nanti mesti jammed giler ni.. =D
Get ready for the countdown It's Food fight time ROFL..
round 1. mushrooms soup and seafood soup
round 2. spaghetti bolognaise with grilled salmon
round 3. fish and chips crunchy yummy!
round 4. grilled tiger prawns for my hun he loves it!!
round 5. rib eye with barbeque sauce 
Habiskan semua ni!! ha ha ha tu lah siapa suruh order banyak - banyak.. 

Lagi - lagi food fights kesian kat budak dalam gambar ni asyik dia aje yang jadi mangsa ROFL

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Small Kucing said...

alamak...drooling...dah la dinner time..the decoration in the mushroom soup looks like pic of a cat la...maybe my eyes rabun or what hahaha

mars mell-o said...

small kucing : aha' lah kinda looks like a cats shape haha =D

Parrot said...

Good choices. I can just never get over at how often they change the cows.

mars mell-o said...

Parrot: yes nuri the food are nice there =D i like the rib eye sauce..

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