Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Restoran Murni Discovey USJ

That day me and my hun went to USJ again drive around somewhere taipan and look for a place to eat and chillax there are too many restoran in that area until me and myhun ended up dont know which place to go.  For about atleast half an hour we stucked inside the car looking for a nice place to eat and sit back but we both end up asking this same questions to one another "sayang, nak makan kat mana ni? apa kata kali ni sayang yang decide." HAHA well i give up!! Seriously, when it comes to food i preferred to eat "Instant noodle with egg" if on the particular moment i really have no idea what to eat. My suggestions would be this simple and easy dont need to be so "pening - peningkan diri sayang apa kata kita makan maggi aje ROFL that would be very much better i bet!! =P Finally while me and myhun are heading to summit USJ i saw this restoran from the outside as you can see there are too many people eating there in my mind i was thinking hurmm..perhaps i should give a try to this place. I was actually wondering "apa yang best sangat kat restoran ni sampai ramai betul orang makan kat sini". Then me and myhun decided to eat here first instead of playing snooker lagipun lapar giler dah masa tu HAHA..
Hello waiter it's time to take order!! can you give me a honeydew special and manggo special for myhun. Jeng..jeng..jeng tapi bila order sampai i jadi confuse apesal ada tembikai dan laici dalam honeydew? cause i was asking for only a honeydew drink yang dia serve kat kitorang honeydew + watermelon +laici!! Aha!! semua ada dalam satu mug besar nie. Myhun didnt notice what's inside the mug until i asked him to see it.

This is really special!!
This what i order they called it nasi goreng meletup with butter fish pada mula tu mars mello tak faham why they called this meal nasi goreng meletup. After having this food only i realize that it's too much for me to finish the whole entire plate!! Kalau makan sampai perut meletup pun tak mungkin mars mello boleh habiskan HAHAHA even if i share this with myhun also we both cant finish this meal.  Over all kira sedap juga nasi goreng ni cuma yang jadi tak best sebab dia ada campur petai and mars mello tak makan petai cant stand the petai smell ughhh..
yang ini nama dia "Raja mee goreng" nasib  baik bukan "Maharaja lawak mee" LOL myhun asked for this but he didn't finish it also because it was too many.
soup ayam sedap di makan!!

He he banyak makanan yang pelik - pelik kat restoran ni yang mars mello tak pernah lagi makan sebelum ni ada yang tak boleh didapati kat restoran lain!! Kira best and unique lah tempat ni makanan dia pun tak lah mahal sangat murah pun murah.

Discover this place sometime!! *winks*

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Small Kucing said...

I think their main branch is in SS2. Very famous. You google and see

mars mell-o said...

small kucing: mamarazzi been there before? yup they have few branches.. =D thats so true..

strategicintelligence said...

Sayang pada abg makanan kat sini tak berapa bestlah adakah patut nasi goreng letah petai terus potong mood abg nak makan......

mars mell-o said...

hun..kalau petai takde kat dalam nasi tu mesti best kan? =D

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