Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tragic day to remember

11 March 2011
For some of us this date probably brings great joy in their lives but not for those people who live in JAPAN,11 march 2011 is another tragic day to  remember. Recently powerful Earthquake 8.9 Magnitude which then brings tsunami kill hundreds in Japan.

I was watching the news since the happening incident and I feel sad for those who lose their homes and also for those who got kill by the tremendous tsunami attack. What makes me really speechless is watching how the nature wash away Japan with waves in excess of 10 meters in height, struck the port of Sendai and devastated a large part of North East Japan.
The tremendous tsunami attack also reported to be the worst earthquake in 140years.

We “human” all know that there is nothing can stop nature from doing it works but what about those “people” who never get tired from killing their own kind? Are they born in this world to kill their own same kind? If human can get cruel and destroy one another why can’t the mother nature.

It’s sad to think about the wars that is going on at the other country after BOMBING here and there, GUN shooting all around and for no reason the innocent people have to pay their own lives.
When all this are seems happening to the world like what is going on now right and only then “WE” human who, they, them who is also human start thinking for a seconds then realize and asked ourselves, themselves, their selves is the end of the world is closer? and only then people will stop from bombing and killing each other and back praying to the almighty god for their sins to be forgiven.

“I don’t mean any offend I’m just sharing some thought”

Really, it’s sad to think but I’m just a human and I have no power to change the world. But hopefully little bit from this three or two words we'll make it as a muse of reflections.

A friend of mind once asked me this questions, what would I do if:

One day there is a day you we’re walking and you seeing a strange man and he doesn’t like your religion. The man insulted your religion and then suddenly he grab the holy book of your religion and then throw it at your face.

What will be your first reactions and what you are going to do about it?

I said: I will look at that man face and straight to his eyes and say’s may GOD blessed you for what you just have did I wont use violence on that man cause I’m not “H.I.M” to judge this man for all his doings I will just walked away from this man and then leave.

Because I know even if I'll do something on that man for what he did it wont changes anything cause the facts will still remains always that the man just throw something at my face that is not just a thing it’s dignity. But doing back a violence thing or taking revenge would not undone what has done. The rest all is in GOD hand for HE knows best.

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Small Kucing said...

bad things are happening all over the world :(

mars mell-o said...

small kucing: I agree with you too many bad things happening at same time..

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