Saturday, November 27, 2010

Tak suka..Tak suka..TAK SUKA

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1.) Tak suka pada orang yang ego dan hanya pentingkan diri sendiri.
2.) Tak suka pada orang yang tidak bertanggungjawab.

3.) Tak suka pada orang yang suka mengambil kesempatan.

4.) Tak suka pada orang yang suka memperkecilkan diri orang lain dan mereka ingat diri mereka adalah yang
terbaik sekali di dunia.

5.) Tak suka pada orang yang kuat menipu dan yang paling tak suka sekali bila kena tipu dan tertipu.
6.) Tak suka pada orang yang tak fikir pasal masa depan dan masa yang akan datang.

7.) Tak suka pada orang yang suka membuang masa kerana masa itu amat berharga bagi saya.

8.) Tak suka pada orang yang suka sangat mempermain – mainkan perasaan orang lain.

9.) Tak suka pada orang yang suka buat sesuatu ikut suka hati dia jer
dia dah sakitkan hati orang lain sekalipun lantaklah dia peduli apa bukan? yang sakit hati bukan diri dia so what..?

10.) Tak suka pada orang yang bertopeng – topeng macam yang kat cerita
THE MASK tu kejap boleh jadi macam ni dan kejap lagi boleh jadi macam tu pendekkan cerita seseorang yang suka menyamar yang lelaki jadi perempuan dan yang perempuan pulak jadi lelaki diorang ni gay ke apa? Itu kalau dipendekkan semua cerita macam tu lah kisahnya sebab tak suka cerita panjang – panjang memang begitu panjang ceritanya kenapa saya tak suka, tak suka, dan tak suka? kalau saya tulis kat sini pun sampai bila – bila tak akan habis memang tiada “ending” yang tepat dan sesuai sebab itu saya tak suka.
11.) Tak suka apabila orang buat saya marah sebab bila saya dah marah saya boleh jadi macam hulk yang bertukar kaler menjadi hijau tu, tapi cara saya transform berbeza dan lain sikit jadi merah, ungu, biru, kuning pun tidak cuma bila tangan saya melekat kat pipi seseorang sampai tiga hari pun akan terasa sakitnya

12.) Tak suka pada orang yang
gediks ataupun miang dan juga over – reacted yang perasan cantik dan juga handsome no offends tapi saya lebih suka bila seseorang itu merendah diri, murah hati dan tak sombong. 

13.) SO jangan buat perkara yang orang tak suka bukan hanya saya seorang yang tak suka kerana apa yang saya tak suka mungkin orang lain pun tak akan suka bila seseorang buat benda yang mereka tak suka.
14.) TAK SUKA , TAK SUKA , TAK SUKA pada orang yang tiada pendirian.

My NO- goes

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Those day I use to be a "lepak queen" for most of my time usually I spend with all my friends but now it was different when time changes people are sometime often changes too cause now I prefer myself to stay in spending time with my little sis rather than go wasting my time wandering outside.

I'm a friendly type of person I’m a friend to everyone but that doesn’t mean I’m everyone’s friend right? cause now it was different I make friend only with a selection people to those whom I can trust and I can really called a “true friend” not a “maskwearer” who only using me for their own benefits and take advantage on my kindness and good nature they never truly been there for me as a friend or someone who cares even though there is nothing that they can do but at least try to show a little compassion for it will mean more than anything else but sadly they appear to me only when they needed my help or when they want something from me ie: borrow money.

Common I’m not an ATM machine and I’m not a rich person as well and the money I have doesn’t dropped down from the sky, what makes me pissed is they know how to come to us and then lend from us “tapi masa nak bayar tu susah sangat nak detect diorang ni kat mana call HP tak dapat , SMS tak reply tanya kawan lain kata kawan tak tau itu hal bukan saya punya so tak mau masuk campur kalau pinjam rm200 it’s fine dia tak bayar pun takpe tapi kalau dah sampai rm20,000 siapa yang tak marah kan..? Although I know that I don’t have much for myself but I still try to help them people by giving what I can only afford to give because that’s what friends are for right? helping each other “ tak baik kedekut-kedekut”.

But when it come to paying back time they give you a thousand excuses or millions reasons just to avoid themsleves from you for instance they will tell you this OH.. I'm sorry I cant pay you now cause I don’t have anything left in my wallets la -la -la blah blah and all those nonsense and unacceptable reasons and lies padahal baru lepas shopping sakan semalam are those people qualified to called a friend? cause to me it is better to have none than to have a millions but none of them are true to us.

As I always taught this to myself almost everyday ever-since I was still a kid that even how good we are sometime it's still wasn’t enough to proved that we are a good people in their eyes. For many of these people they just never had enough no matter how you try to please them with this and that and all but still they will ask for more “like a pepsi for more iklan jap”.

I use to treat everyone nicely even to those who ill-treated me I will still treat them in a kindest way. I treat everybody equally with manners and also respect that they deserve I’ll never talk behind at others back “itu bukan perangai saya way to happen!!”. It’s not who i am I don’t like backstabbing others there is much more useful things I could do with myself to occupied my time rather than wasting all my energy and time by interfering others people private life.

“Lagipun aku bukan seorang yang sentiasa free untuk buat semua tu masalah diri sendiri pun tak habis - habis datang menyerang macam peluru berpandu jika di teruskan langkah ke depan ada pulak musuh yang menghadang dan mahu lari kemanapun seolah - olah aku tak bisa apatah lagi jaga tepi kain orang lain kan?”

Well first of all I’m not a pretenders and I really don’t know how to act in front of people maybe it is because I don’t fake my feelings that’s why and second thing is I hate pretenders so damn much seriously, “ aku lebih rela di hina dan di keji depan mata daripada di puji masa berhadapan tapi bila dah pandang belakang lain jadinya sungguh menyedihkan bila berada dalam situasi sebegini” bab kata pepatah orang dulu – dulu jangan kerana mulut badan binasa "dik'' so fikir lah dulu sebelum berbicara. Try using your head to think not your blardy knees and make yourself useful what's the point of having a brain if you don't know how to use it for the good sake? better be mere animals with no mind at all.

Some say a words that makes people happy but there are time they say those words that hurt our innocent feelings quite least they offended us. They thought it’s funny for them and they think it is just a joke cause they never think first before they speak what they are doing is actually wrong. Silence is golden but there is a limit on being patient so never play with a fire because it may burn your own selves there is no such paper could wrap a fire.

" Be my friend or Be my enemy the choices is YOURS "

my no –goes :

“Kalau cakap sampai mulut terkoyak sekalipun kalau orang tu rasa diri mereka ni betul takde maknanya lebih baik on laptop masuk blog and tulis kat blog apa yang kita rasa berbaloi juga sekurang – kurangnya ada juga yang baca dan faham perasaan kita”.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Everyday in my life

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Every morning as I wake up from sleep I open my eyes and take a deep breathe and close my eyes again and open wide the first thing that i would do is feel grateful and thankful to god for what I have yesterday is a great things to keep in memory and to remember that whenever I felt down and alone all I have to do is re-called back every wonderful moment’s in my life and taught myself that if I fall i will not stumble I must held high and stay strong to keep my two feet back on the ground and never ever give up though at times life’s not always smoothe, I make a wish and whisper it inside my heart that hopefully in every ways and every day in my life will always begin with a smile and remain wonderful like a sunshine’s and colorful as the rainbow.

Every morning as I get up from the bed I’ll walked to the balcony I open the window and looked at the skies then realize one thing about how
magnificent and beautiful is the world if all people are start living their lives with a little smile and peacefully not fighting and insulting, not hurting and judging one another by their own standards and then they start telling everyone that the world is a darkest place, try imagined all this? was there anything wrong to live the life we want with no wars only peace because everyone is deserved to live happily without nothing to worry.

Every morning as I’ve done taking my bath I would think of what to wear, grab the hairdryer and dry my hair and dress myself with lovely and fancy dresses I have and looked into the mirrors and say's the girl I saw in the mirror she is now grown up she must be matured and have self-confidence to think positives and that she must love herself and feel good about what she have and always believe in herself that she will be great someday and always remember to keep in mind that nobody’s perfect everything has it’s own defect.

Every morning as I finish cleaning up everything I take a cuppa’ coffee and slowly reached my hand onto my blackberry and scroll to the inbox and smile with full of joy while reading a lovely messages written so dearly and then scroll down the keypad and look at the senders name showing on the screen and smile at once that every morning messages and all those wishful greeting’s I received mostly are sent by him from my dearest soul the love of my life and feel so much happy that every morning I waked up I think of him and expect for a nothing else in returned than knowing that every morning he wake's up his thinking of me too whenever and everytime I think of him.

What most important of all that every morning and day in my life is shiny and bright!!

Dear Dream Angel

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Some actually believes that if we love's someone we've first must learn to let them go cause if they comes back to us it means we finally found a true love. So do we try to catch it with all our forced then grab them close into the very next of our heart and never let go.

Because some say’s true love and happiness only comes once a lifetime and that’s why we’ll must treasure each wonderful moments and every minute and beat of time we have while we’re all are still alive It happened that at times we became one of those victims of the circumstances and when this happens to ourselves we start blaming the world about how unfair life's are sometimes can be, does anyone asked for a life which like living in hell?

No, coz there is nobody who would wanted to live their lives unhappily unless there is someone else who ditch yourself into the unhappiness situation. Those people out there are sometimes crazy and also brutal and they don’t have a heart some only think of their feelings and themselves.

I guess we’re all are just too naïve even if we are already a grown people but there’s still some piece of innocent part living inside us. My life has never been easy on me and my faith is once had lost long long time ago but I tell myself that this are only a beginning coz I’ll do anything to fight for my life and if I stick to my courage and principles somehow I know that my life path would change more better and much more brighter than yesterday.

We all can wish about so many things in these life but we still have to take action for something that we dream and wish to have and so we must go and strive for it!! There are time’s we keep falling and that we keep trying to stand up but then at the second time we fall again and try to get back on the ground and hold still and “ till then it’s the same story again told from time to time and at the end we’ve might win only time will tell” and until we get old or so die is also the same only time could ever tell what is going to happen next.

As for now I’m happy to say that I’ve finally found my real and true love, mylife has totally change after leaving the pass and everything back all behind the grudges that I’ve kept for so long inside me, I’d threw it all away and let go all anger and the heavy burden that for so long I've carried with me and so now It's time for me to wash It all away, far away.

For I still believe that everyone is deserve to have a second chances to change and to fixed their lives for it's better and not for it's worst..

“For the LOVE of my LIFE.. I would never give up for it is LIFE..”

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


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Just listen to your heart
you'll find a place
In your heart for me
where I am existed to you
we're you'll may see the real me
There we're you waiting
for something to happen
a miracle..(a miracle)

How does it felt's to you
when once in your lifetime
a miracle happens within
yourlife for what you had been
wishing for everything has seem’s
all come true..

Oh, look far and take a step's
ahead grab all the chances
you have then make things happen
And when you're feelin' lonesome
Think that I’m with you..(I'm with you)

For every step's
you take always remember
that when you think of me
I'm thinking of you too

Oh, together we change
what has broken
to glow once more
ohh, once again
let's make It shine..(make It shine)

As you waiting for me
there I am waiting for you too,
take each step and every little step
that will takes me closer to you
Will we ever gonna get this through?

For me..
For you..?
For YOU and I
and for us to stay close always
Oh, always..
Together we change
what has broken
to glow once more
ohh, once again
Let's make It shine
Do we ever gonna make this dreams
come true? It's a miracle..(It's a miracle)

ZJ All rights reserved 09'
"song of my heart"
when words fail music speak

Monday, November 22, 2010

I hope this will cheer you up

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old pic's of you and me if i'm not mistaken this was taken on the day we first met 08'

I know it is very hard to wave goodbye don't cry anymore my sweet friend no worries when time permits we'll see each other again and do you wanna know a secret? we meet a lot of people and make friend a few and from those few some touches our lives in some way that their present is felt even in the absents too. You're the best best best of friend i have in this life although the way we met and know each other is a little funny from dreamworld into reality world and now here we are , i guess you remember all this well no?cause I will never ever forget all those precious moment or trade it for something because you been there to console me when I'm down and when i thought that the whole world has walked out on me.

Thank you for being there for me when everyone seem had left me behind and for the memory we shared remember when you need a friend just call my name I will be there.

It's not the last goodbye for us right ? you know when you left i try not to she'd tears but you left something in my heart something which is too great the meaning of LOVE and FRIENDSHIP. I'm gonna miss you take good care of yourself there and study well. :-)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Thought of the day

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"One can only judge a book once they understand what they had read"

Saturday, November 20, 2010


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Friendship isn't how you forget but how you forgive

Not how you listen but how you understand

Not how you see but how you feel

Not how you let go but how you hold on.

The purpose of friendship is not to have someone who might complete you. But to have someone with whom you might share your incompleteness.

Friendship is the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person. Because you neither have to weigh your thoughts nor measure you're words.

Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard at it.

Dream a better dream and work for it, Dream a better dream and work it hard

Dreams are reality and for dream to become reality is what we always dream.

Hold 10 roses in your hand and stand opposite to the mirror, you'll see 11 roses and between them the most beautiful roses in the world is you.

Whenever you feel a flutter of joy, it's probably others angel dancing over you. And whenever you smile for no reason at all its probably because I’m thinking of you.

Relationship between friend is like a violin, music may stop now. But the string are attached forever and if you be in touch or not, you are always be remembered.

So close but still yet so far..

Sometime my mind asked, why i'm missing you? why I care for you? why I always remember you? And then my heart answered me, it's simply because you are my sweet friend of all time.

The sun has risen from the east and birds are singing happily and butterflies are around the flowers. Its time to wake up give a bunches of hugs and say good morning to you my sweet friend.

We gain and lose things every day. But trust me on one thing: YOU WILL NEVER LOSE ME! I will always be there as a friend, a true friend is one who overlooks your failure and admire your success, a ring is round and has no end, that’s how long I will be your friend.

For the love of friendship

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From the loneliest GIRL

Sometimes a smile holds more meaning than laughter’s in case if I'll be asked how did I feel meeting you in life, I'll just smile.

For the loneliest BOY

For the loneliest “girl” that I've ever knew. (“that suppossed to be boy”) It doesn't hurt me seeing you inlove with someone else, not when I see you so happy with “him” (“that suppossed to be her”) And not when you don't even bother to say a simple hello to me. It hurts me knowing that I should've be in this place.

It's worth the WAIT

Life answer in three ways “YES” when it wants to give you what you deserve. “NO” when it wants to give you something better. “WAIT” when it want to give you the best.

Expect the unexpected

Don’t expect anything from life expectations hurts. When you don’t expect every moment everything is a surprise and every suprise , brings happiness with it.

Live life to the fullest

There are four types of people in these world

1. There are people that makes things happened.

2. There are people that watch things happened

3. There are people that wonder what happened.

4. There are people in these world that just wait things to happened.

Dream a better dreams

Night has ended for another day. Morning has come in a special day. May you smile like a sunny rays, and leave all your worries at the blue bay.

The secret to smile

Smile is language of love smile is a source to win a heart. Smile is name of lonely mood. Smile creates greatness in personality keep smiling.

The secret to LIFE

Be yourself and don’t let everything to rely on LET IT BE. MAKE IT BE! keep your dreams alive cause you deserve much better more. Others people don’t deserve your dream. And always tell yourself that you will be great someday. And remember one thing do not hold on too much and whatever that happen it happen for a reason. That what makes you today, don’t lose your personality when at time the universe deliver a hardest situation, it is because success is on your way and don’t forget “REMEMBER TO REMEMBER.”

Subject yourself

In order to find your way to greatness, make peace with the past it's the secret to who you are.

Be yourself and Be strong

Ever since he broke your heart, you never cry anymore not even a single salty tears ! Perhaps god wants you to experience all those hurting in early stages, so in future you will learned how to be strong.

Never ever give UP!

Note yourself that you are not alone, keep saying that words to yourself. No matter how bad thing is theres always a better tomorrow.

Choose to be happy

Never give up on the people you love, the loving act of a generous heart always bring happy returns.


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