Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dear Dream Angel

Some actually believes that if we love's someone we've first must learn to let them go cause if they comes back to us it means we finally found a true love. So do we try to catch it with all our forced then grab them close into the very next of our heart and never let go.

Because some say’s true love and happiness only comes once a lifetime and that’s why we’ll must treasure each wonderful moments and every minute and beat of time we have while we’re all are still alive It happened that at times we became one of those victims of the circumstances and when this happens to ourselves we start blaming the world about how unfair life's are sometimes can be, does anyone asked for a life which like living in hell?

No, coz there is nobody who would wanted to live their lives unhappily unless there is someone else who ditch yourself into the unhappiness situation. Those people out there are sometimes crazy and also brutal and they don’t have a heart some only think of their feelings and themselves.

I guess we’re all are just too naïve even if we are already a grown people but there’s still some piece of innocent part living inside us. My life has never been easy on me and my faith is once had lost long long time ago but I tell myself that this are only a beginning coz I’ll do anything to fight for my life and if I stick to my courage and principles somehow I know that my life path would change more better and much more brighter than yesterday.

We all can wish about so many things in these life but we still have to take action for something that we dream and wish to have and so we must go and strive for it!! There are time’s we keep falling and that we keep trying to stand up but then at the second time we fall again and try to get back on the ground and hold still and “ till then it’s the same story again told from time to time and at the end we’ve might win only time will tell” and until we get old or so die is also the same only time could ever tell what is going to happen next.

As for now I’m happy to say that I’ve finally found my real and true love, mylife has totally change after leaving the pass and everything back all behind the grudges that I’ve kept for so long inside me, I’d threw it all away and let go all anger and the heavy burden that for so long I've carried with me and so now It's time for me to wash It all away, far away.

For I still believe that everyone is deserve to have a second chances to change and to fixed their lives for it's better and not for it's worst..

“For the LOVE of my LIFE.. I would never give up for it is LIFE..”

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