Tuesday, November 23, 2010



Just listen to your heart
you'll find a place
In your heart for me
where I am existed to you
we're you'll may see the real me
There we're you waiting
for something to happen
a miracle..(a miracle)

How does it felt's to you
when once in your lifetime
a miracle happens within
yourlife for what you had been
wishing for everything has seem’s
all come true..

Oh, look far and take a step's
ahead grab all the chances
you have then make things happen
And when you're feelin' lonesome
Think that I’m with you..(I'm with you)

For every step's
you take always remember
that when you think of me
I'm thinking of you too

Oh, together we change
what has broken
to glow once more
ohh, once again
let's make It shine..(make It shine)

As you waiting for me
there I am waiting for you too,
take each step and every little step
that will takes me closer to you
Will we ever gonna get this through?

For me..
For you..?
For YOU and I
and for us to stay close always
Oh, always..
Together we change
what has broken
to glow once more
ohh, once again
Let's make It shine
Do we ever gonna make this dreams
come true? It's a miracle..(It's a miracle)

ZJ All rights reserved 09'
"song of my heart"
when words fail music speak

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