Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Once upon a time - The last goodbye

Isn't anything better rather than this....? 
Better be animals, mere animals with no mind at all ,
than this nothingness and hurting that never end. 

"He knew it from the beginning.." Ahh , what a fool..! 
And, it is you who are liars..! The only thing that you know fool--?"she said." 
So i am, a fool.. and thank god for it ,

I'm such a dumb stupid idiot, big fool to swallow your cleverness..

You are stupid and fool idiot, and you must know it, what you are is fool, that’s what you are.. --

you may well say and tell that you don’t want love, 
It may all be true, lies and stinks and all
 I said it because it is true do you see ..?
because you are you, a big fool and false liars! 

That's why you say it, and i hear it so you can go your way, and I'll go mine.. 

"Ahh, yes.. you don’t bother, You shall be alright ,
that's why you don't care.." she said. 

The only hopeless thing is a fool and you are quite right ,
I never right at all whatever I do is always wrong.

I'll never right! Arhh ,
Just cut the crap-! Lets finish this over, once and for all hurt me and i shall, be hurt for once and for all
 hurt my feelings more and more and I shall forget about you forever..! 
cause when I’m with you , you know exactly how to hurt me.. 

Can't you see that I'm trying so hard here...? 

Don't you know that this pain.. pain.. pain is so hard to bear?

" ....GOODBYE FOR NOW" "--said zack to her. 

Seriously or joking..? 

she repeat asking the same question, Is to make sure that zack is not joking this time" Yes, i am serious. he said.
I decided to broke up with you it's over now shelly ! 

Ouhh damn you It feels like i'll just strike a jackpot !! 

Don't you worry zack i would never stop you, "she said." Cus this will be my last and final goodbye remember, its you're the one who asked for it well then i shall will gave it to you and be happy zack! said shelly to him.

You don’t have to wish me shelly you'll be the most happiest one said zack to her, and so same goes to you zack you be happy as well. Im really glad you said that she said. Oh really...?He asked her, 

and what made you so glad..shelly ? He stare at her, showing his fierce face, to shelly. 

You really wanna know why.. ? Cause you've asked for it zack ! 
well then i shall to fulfill your wish and make it came true. 

Here take your rings back! I dont need those on my finggers! 
cause when you say over is over..! 

The ring that you wear, glad to see it every time you waves goodbye, but now its was different, since it wasn't there. Well I guess this journey is just another chapter for us to learned and remember now you already have found your way and I have found mine.

We say hello then we say hai , but now it’s all has to end by waving GOODBYE.

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