Sunday, March 18, 2012

Forever young I want to be forever young..

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My besty say I look so young in this pictures then i say really?? cause i didn't believe what she said at first i thought she's only bluffing me, then she said fine if i dont believe her she will let her friends guess between me and my sissy which one of us is the eldest one.  Guess what all of her friends said i'm the youngest one and my younger sister is the eldest, ha ha ha terbalik la pulak!! yang kakak dah jadi adik dan yang adik jadi kakak..lucu kan... fine, tak puas hati lagi, I thought she is just kidding me or somehow. 

Then I got another comment from eila she is one of my besty too, and indeed she was saying the same fact just like what my besty said to me earlier. I'm laughing myself off loud LOL in my mind i was saying this words bestnya kalau jadi forever young like this. ROFL.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Just look alike, same meh??

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Same ke??? really?? what ya think??

What about this one? still same or not? ha..ha..ha..

Now tell me which one of this both picture is just look alike?? =D winks winks..

Just for fun only hahahahahaha 

Friday, March 2, 2012

Dont frown cause you'll never know who is falling inlove with your smile

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latest pictures LOLS long time didn't camwhore ha..ha..ha a friend of mine told me that my face doesn't always look the same in every pictures, really?? then i tell my friend probably is because of the hair that's what make me look's different. Then my friend said bukan you pakai susuk ke? LOLS, I laugh and tell him " no lolz never think of it not even one time!!  To me being natural is better right? but different people have different perspective about beauty, as for me I'm just being me and I love myself!!  <3

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