Saturday, July 4, 2015

Morning classes with sisters at Pusat Pengajian At Taqwa

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Early morning today I woke up early and went to class yes, class. Me and my sister are studying about Islamic subject now ever since we move to Johore Bahru, lot of things change. Life change and so my lifestyle I'm no longer a free hair person. I'm wearing my hijab now and covering my aurah. I feel calm and safe like this and I want this feelings to last I want to learn more about Islam and whatever reffers to islam Insha ALLAH.

That was my sister and she is my classmate hehe..

Three sisters studying together I'm the eldest among them all of us went to the same class together.

Alright, I'm gonna see you all again on the next post this all for now.

Assalamualaikum... :-)

I am back - after 2 years and half here I am again..

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Finally I am back..

Few years I been missing from this blog without saying goodbye or notice. But here I am now, I finally get my blog back but unfortunately all the old pictures was missing. It's sad but it's okay will make more post with new pictures new story about my new life. 

Yeah, I have change I'm no longer a girl who use to spend all my time on blogging like ages then, I'm  finally married..!!  I been married for over a years now still newly wed haha, nah just kidding.  But I'm happy cause I make my dreams come true, my life is better now. I'm no longer alone, my parents live with me and all my sisters too. 
Alhamdulillah, all the blessings are came from you ya ALLAH. 

There are more to tell on my next post till then will tell you all more story.

Assalammualaikum!! :-)


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