Saturday, July 4, 2015

I am back - after 2 years and half here I am again..

Finally I am back..

Few years I been missing from this blog without saying goodbye or notice. But here I am now, I finally get my blog back but unfortunately all the old pictures was missing. It's sad but it's okay will make more post with new pictures new story about my new life. 

Yeah, I have change I'm no longer a girl who use to spend all my time on blogging like ages then, I'm  finally married..!!  I been married for over a years now still newly wed haha, nah just kidding.  But I'm happy cause I make my dreams come true, my life is better now. I'm no longer alone, my parents live with me and all my sisters too. 
Alhamdulillah, all the blessings are came from you ya ALLAH. 

There are more to tell on my next post till then will tell you all more story.

Assalammualaikum!! :-)

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Navaneetham Krishnan said...

Welcome back sweetie. I've lost many old pictures too. Painful but its okay. Take more. Congrats of settling down. Looking forward to more post.

Zaarah Jasmin said...

Thank you for the warm welcome ms nava. I wonder what happen to my blog I keep thinking what could possible goes wrong until all pictures are gone, but can figured out. I feel very blessed that I still can blog now, I try getting back my blog those day but cannot hahaha. It's my domain have problem. I deleted the domain already and change to Blogspot. Hehe i'm so happy to be here again. xoxo ms nava.

Small Kucing said...

welcome back to blogging Mellow :)

Aliana Azman said...

akakk . mane menghilang selame ni ?

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