Monday, October 31, 2011

Currently listening to : Demi lovato skyscraper spanish version

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Rascacielo by Demi Lovato.

Llora el cielo
Y en mis manos
veo sus lagimas caer

El silencio
me hace daño
se acabo nuestro querer

La tristeza
me castiga
se apropia de mi ser

Puedes llevarte mi ilusion
romperme todo el corazon
como un cristal
que se cae al suelo

Pero te juro que al final
sola me voy a levantar
como un rascacielo,
como un rascacielo

Poco a poco
con el tiempo
voy a olvidarme de ti

No te vas a
dar cuenta
que estoy sangrando aqui
Mis ventanas
se han cerrado
mas no me voy a rendir

Puedes llevarte mi ilusion
romperme todo el corazon
como un cristal
que se cae al suelo

Pero te juro que al final
sola me voy a levantar
como un rascacielo,
como un rascacielo

Vete a a volar
yo estoy mejor asi
muy lejos de ti, yeah

No vuelvas mas
que ya me despedi
y tu recuerdo pendera de mi

Puedes llevarte mi ilusion
romperme todo el corazon
como un cristal
que se cae al suelo

Pero te juro que al final
sola me voy a levantar
como un rascacielo,
como un rascacielo

Kitty second visit to vet why? doc say kitty is having PMS LOL

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This is the second time I took kitty to the vet I thought what happen cause it's been a week she keep on making noise non-stop I was worried myself cause i don't want anything bad to happen to my babykitty you know I really love her so damn much. So i decided to bring her to vet clinic and find out what is wrong. When we got there the doc told me that kitty is fine but the only reason why she making a noise is because kitty are having PMS LOL *ha ha ha ingatkan kenapa rupanya dia dah tooooot*
Gambar ni ambik masa kitty tengah timbang berat. Nak tahu tak berapa berat kitty? 3.7kg ha ha berat tak??
Doc, tengah bersihkan telinga kitty untuk buat sample ujian micro sebab doc nak pastikan  takde mites menginap kat dalam telinga dia ROFL
Lepas bersihkan telinga dia doc bagi  makan ubat dan juga vaccine nasib baik lah kitty relax aje masa dia kena injection ha ha ha.

What most important now is my babykitty are healthy and well =D

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Guess vs. Elements

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Shopping again it's time to pamper myself ha ha so I bought myself 2 dress from guess design and elements the other one you saw in the middle is actually for my sissy he he nice or not??  =P Next time shopping I'll be going to buy a dress at Armani Exchange yay!! I'm really crazy of them you know!! =D

Food, food, food!!

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This is what my sister order he he almost forgotten to post this LOL

Ice cream brownies umph share this with my sissy..

Chilling with my sissy and my kitty cat #PART 2

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After we finish having lunch at TGI fridays we walk to pet safari and buy my kitty food.
When everything is done already our next destination is buy my favorite currypuff where is it huh??
No other than Ikea ha ha ramai kan orang beratur beli currypuff ni?? Tapi panjang macam mana pun kena beratur orang tetap sabar menunggu sebab apa ek? tak tahu lagi ke? currypuff kat sini sedap betul!!
Yummy and very crunchy kalau tak percaya boleh cuba beli kat Ikea =D
This one is for my kitty and hachiko beli stock untuk 3 bulan terus so lain kali tak payah beli lagi ha ha

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chilling with my sissy and my kitty cat #PART 1

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Yesterday my sis told me that she want to had lunch with me at fridays OH, I asked her why? she said she love the food there so I tell her never mind lah, I give chance to her choose a place where she want to eat although I know that only last week I've went to fridays with myhun ha ha so it's my second round there LOL *lagi - lagi fridays*.
That's me hugging my kitty while we are waiting for the food to get served manage to captured some pixies.
Snap by iPhone

Cheer's LOL tell me what drink is that? ha ha ha
My sissy posing with the cherry * takde kerja lah tu*
Now my kitty turn pulak.. ha ha ha
Hey you!! give me my strawberry or I shall bite your fingers ROFL
Feed me some brownies and ice cream pleaseee...

Yummy Strawberry
Say cheeseeeeeeeee!! =D
we coincident met with morgan at the fridays she happen to passed by there and then what else he he kitty wish to say hai and take photo with her :P
That's the story of part 1 LOL supposed we bring hachiko with us but I tell my sister maybe next time cause it's hard to handle 2 baby at one time ha ha ha..

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Morning Glory

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view from my bedrooms

Morning glory today is a great day woke up early in the morning and had my breakfast while watching TV my mind travel somewhere, I was thinking about something yeah.. I feel thankful for this feelings i have inside me, it is a gratitude and one should have that feelings with themselves. Thank you god for the miracle you given to me. :-)  

Anyhow, I thought of going out later I will bringing my kitty along with me he he guess it's been kinda long time didn't take her to "kai kai" LOL. One more thing I must not forget to buy her food it's finish liao, Oh later If i forgot sure my kitty will be very angry ha ha not only kitty even hachiko will mad at me too! Now I must go and fresh up myself so that I can get ready to go out. Have a wonderful day ahead.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Adidas Bear shoes I want!!

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I wan't this adidas shoes Oh gosh it's pink!! my favorite colors!!

And it is look like theres a bear in there ughhh no I love bears so much..

There's 1 more pattern actually it's a panda and it's a limited edtion one but i'm not sure if it's still selling gotta fast, fast go and look for this pinky shoes if not sure will missed it one OHhhh.. why? cause it's selling very fast like a hot cake LOL.

It's a beautiful day - Dinner At Dome The Gardens

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Just now me and myhun wen't to midvalley to look out for the dress that i wanted to buy  but unfortunately there are no more small size left for me, so decided to stop by at dome the gardens and had dinner there together. I was hungry myself because the whole day i didn't eat anything and so do he, while we enter dome the first thing that playing in my mind is to order a fish and chips although me and myhun still haven't be seated yet, but i've already think of what i want to eat funny ha? it's just me always in standby mode ha ha.

Yup, as I had mention on my previous entry last time i'll skipped having rice for quit sometime and guess what? I completed my first month!! believe it or not?? even myhun skipped having rice too he is also on diet like me. CSLOL!! what's that mean and what is it stand for?

He he okay before you asked me about what is the meaning of CSLOL now let me explain it to you the meaning of CSLOL, it's a short cut words means " CANT STOP LAUGHING OUT LOUD" I made that short form words while typing this entry ha ha ha funny? yeah i love to make people laugh .
Okay this is what myhun ate just now a caesar salad!!  we both are just the same a vege lover  =D
Fish and chip's for myself yummy..

To be honest some of the food pictures i'll attach on this post is not captured by me, I took it from Google due to my camera is out of battery too bad huh, but luckily i still manage to captured the salad pixies ha ha.  It's been a beautiful day for me and I don't wanna missed out writing about it here.  

P/S: Thank's for the great time sweetheart  love ya my honey pumpkin!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

TGI fridays - The Curve Damansara

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Last few day's me and myhun went to TGI fridays at the curve damansara and had dinner together there, yeah just the two of us this time I left my sissy at home. At first did asked her if she wanna come along to had dinner with us, then she said it's okay because she feel lazy to go out anyway.  So it's only me and myhun, it's also good cause atleast I could have some privacy moment with myhun ha ha ha.

Mushrooms soup for me and myhun love it!! creamy delicious.

Yummylicious!! i'm lovin it he he..

This is what we both order prawns pasta and barbeque chicken salad me and myhun shared this meal together, as you can see from the pictures the size of this plate is too big LOL.
I don't think I could finish the whole meal alone so we decided to share it instead of wasting the food as you know they say sharing is caring right? =P 
Lastly we take away a burger for my sister he he!!

Before we leave TGI fridays myhun asked me a question that even I have no idea how to answers his questions ha ha.  He said sayang what's the meaning of TGI ? Oh hun I don't know LOL why not asked the guy at the counter before we ciao from here.  I was actually only joking about what I have said, It didn't came across my mind that he'd really go to the counter and asked the waiter who we're standing there. 

 Excuse me boleh tanya? apa meaning TGI? then the waiter answer him.


Then he said okay thank's for telling now only I know ROFL.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Cerita disebalik movie dan popcorn LOL

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Masa mula tengok trailer real steel awal - awal lagi mello dah bagi tahu myhun yang mello nak sangat tengok movie ni. " sayang nak tengok lah cerita ni macam best aje tanya mello kat dia boleh tak first day movie ni keluar nanti nak tengok dengan sayang itu pun kalau abang tak busy dengan kerja bwekkk.  Myhun pun seperti kebiasaan dia memang tak pernah kata NO dengan mello so dia pun jawap " Okay for you sayang abang sanggup buat apa saja"  lepas tu mello apa lagi happynya masa tu sampaikan the next week tu aje, walaupun  movie ni belum lagi di tayangkan mello dah ajak dia pergi kat garden ha ha ha. Memang masa tu mello tak fikir apa - apa selain dari nak tengok movie.  Tapi apabila kitorang sampai kat counter beli ticket bila tengok poster yang tergantung kat situ, tengok punya tengok sebenarnya movie real steel ni belum ditayangkan lagi !! 13 OCT baru ada. 

Kelakar betul nak sangat tengok movie ni punya pasal sampaikan mello lupa nak double check date movie ni bila akan ditayangkan  lepas tu apa lagi? kitorang bertiga pun terus belah dari GSC singnature ROFL. But the story is not over yet, on the 13 OCT myhun call mello dalam pukul 1pm dia nak ingatkan mello dalam pukul 7pm dia nak bawa mello tengok wayang so dia bagi tahu mello kalau boleh dia tak nak mello bangun lambat masa tu, maklumlah satu malam mello berjaga tak tidur langsung! sampaikan myhun pun pelik, nak tahu tak apa yang buat myhun pelik? dia tertanya - tanya lah, apa juga yang mello buat sampai pagi he he.
" SHhhhh actually mello suka googling around cari info - info *grind*'

Alright back to the story tadi myhun pun bagi tahu mello nanti kalau dia dah selesaikan kerja dia akan call mello lagi untuk standby dan get ready awal - awal sebab kalau lambat nanti tak dapat nak tengok movie. So petang tu memang mello dah set alarm pukul berapa nak bangun. Tapi tak sampai 2 jam kemudian dia call lagi, sorry sayang petang nanti abang tak jadi bawa sayang tengok movie sebab abang ada urgent meeting, ouch.. Hmmmm mello pun jawap " OK la sayang buat lah kerja  tu dulu sebab kerja tu pun penting lagi pun esok kita boleh tengok wayang lagi kan? no worry i'm okay sayang nak sambung tidur balik ni LOL myhun apa lagi dia pun gelakkan mello terus lah, nak mello bagi tahu tak sebabnya apa? Okay i'll tell ya the reason, sebab siang mello tidur dan malam pulak mello berjaga!! ha ha ha memang macam night owl betul kan OMG.

Then, the next day tu baru lah kami bertiga dapat keluar, actually setiap kali bila tengok wayang mello akan ajak adik ikut sama - sama tak pernah lah tinggal dia kat rumah seorang, kalau bukan mello yang bawa dia keluar siapa lagi kan? mello tak nak dia ikut budak - budak yang dia tak kenal zaman sekarang ni macam macam boleh jadi, since myhun pun jenis yang tak kisah sangat kalau asyik berkepit aje pun macam tak best gak kan? mello pun kena lah spend time dengan adik mello juga ha ha sebab tu mello ajak adik mello boleh juga dia tolong pegangkan camera nikon mello tu, lagipun mello ni jenis yang malas nak bawa benda heavy, nah..mello tipu lah kalau malas he he actually saja nak bermanja dengan adik mello tu LOL. 

Okay popcorn dan soft drinks dah beli seat dah pun cari yang tinggal tunggu masa aje untuk movie tu nak start, bila movie dah mula mello keluarkan popcorn dalam plastic lepas tu mello suruh myhun letak popcorn tu kat sebelah dia tapi malangnya hari tu disebabkan myhun terlalu focus sangat dengan movie tanpa sedar dia dah tumpahkan popcorn mello arhhhhh myhun punya lah takut mello marah kat dia sebab movie dah pun start tapi yang slack tu lah popcorn pulak yang takde T.T

Mello pun macam biasa saja buat - buat muka yang serious bagaikan nak marah dan kemudian mello pandang myhun dengan mata yang tajam selepas itu mello senyum dan bisik kat telinga dia "kata mello takpelah sayang kalau popcorn takde pun I dont mind lagipun dah kenyang sangat ni". HA HA HA sorry sweetheart i'm actually just trying to pull your leg and see what is your reaction if i show my angry face at you ROFL.

" iya, lah kena lah cakap dengan berbisik nanti kalau cakap kuat-kuat orang yang duduk kat belakang kitorang mesti marah kan? tak gitu LOL"

Muacks love you always and thanks for the great time =D

Movie - Real Steel

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Synopsis - A gritty, white-knuckle, action ride set in the near-future where the sport of boxing has gone high-tech, “Real Steel” stars Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton, a washed-up fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring. Now nothing but a small-time promoter, Charlie earns just enough money piecing together low-end bots from scrap metal to get from one underground boxing venue to the next. When Charlie hits rock bottom, he reluctantly teams up with his estranged son Max (Dakota Goyo) to build and train a championship contender. As the stakes in the brutal, no-holds-barred arena are raised, Charlie and Max, against all odds, get one last shot at a comeback.

I really enjoy the movie, best sangat cerita nie LIKE, LIKE, LIKE 100%

Watch the movie trailer and you'll know!!

I rate this movie 10/10 don't missed it.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


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We are who we are,

That's what we are,

Fact can't hide what you are,

That's what who you are.

Word's are powerful


Thursday, October 13, 2011

I got facial mask from sasatien

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Thank's sasatien I got the facial mask infact I already use two piece of them he he =D

I love vegetables and fruits

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Maybe some of you probably wondering what type of  food i ate nowadays to replace the rice, fish and those kind of food that cooked with oil. 

1. caesar salad  - I love vegetables so much ya, and I'll chose this food to replace the rice because it's not a heavy meal and it does make me full although I only taken a small portion of it beside vege's is good for health.

2. Grapes -  they say fruit's is good for our body and i do believe that fruits can also gives us energy well I don't want to look pale and unhealthy though I'm on diet because no matter how skinny you are but when you are unhealthy it's no point to keep on dieting you may fall sick and I don't want that to happen to myself!

3. Apple - yeah  for a reason that I can't eat the same food everyday so to replace the grapes I ate apple instead besides from the vitamin i'll get from it, well apple is also a fruits like grapes and it will gives an extra nutrions to my body.  

Also dont forget drink water atleast 6 glass a day or 8 glass a day and try to take less taking of sugar drinks ya like soft drinks or anything that is sweet and etc. Otherwise it's no point to be on diet eh, the weight wont go down but go up ha ha..

Boredom + Lazy

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Muka baru lepas mandi ROFL rambut pun nampak basah sikit lagi.

Boredom and feeling lazy to blog  DUH!!!!!  Lately I'm busy going to swimming in the afternoon so I don't really have time to blog or look out for some fresh idea due to I've get tired too easily and at night I spend sometime with my meow - meow until fall asleep LOL. 

Anyhow the good news is I already lost 1kg  yay! It's 21days without eating rice I'm so happy finally but still not there yet I've gotta reach my target first only I stop the diet wish me the best ha ha ha..

Monday, October 10, 2011

Halo optical phenomenon

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Have you all seen the moon tonight? they said it's beautiful yes, some also say it's

A halo from Greek ἅλως; also known as a nimbus, icebow or gloriole) is an optical phenomenon produced by ice crystals creating.

What ever it maybe it's one of the miracle thing that happens tonight..  

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Swimming is GOOD

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Petang tadi mello pergi swimming lagi he he bestnya swimming time petang - petang tak panas okay lah, ni betul - betul punya exercise bukan main - main LOL. Masa swimming tadi  ada seorang lelaki tu asyik pandang kitorang aje dah lah tengah bawa anak dia lepas tu sempat lagi senyum - senyum dengan kitorang kelakar betul!

Kesian kat adik mello kan? dia tengok mello swimming aje  ha ha mello ajak dia swimming dia tak nak pulak sebab malas nak berendam dalam air ROFL.

Takde kerja gambar kaki pun snap ha ha ha adik mello punya kerja lah nie..

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