Monday, October 31, 2011

Kitty second visit to vet why? doc say kitty is having PMS LOL

This is the second time I took kitty to the vet I thought what happen cause it's been a week she keep on making noise non-stop I was worried myself cause i don't want anything bad to happen to my babykitty you know I really love her so damn much. So i decided to bring her to vet clinic and find out what is wrong. When we got there the doc told me that kitty is fine but the only reason why she making a noise is because kitty are having PMS LOL *ha ha ha ingatkan kenapa rupanya dia dah tooooot*
Gambar ni ambik masa kitty tengah timbang berat. Nak tahu tak berapa berat kitty? 3.7kg ha ha berat tak??
Doc, tengah bersihkan telinga kitty untuk buat sample ujian micro sebab doc nak pastikan  takde mites menginap kat dalam telinga dia ROFL
Lepas bersihkan telinga dia doc bagi  makan ubat dan juga vaccine nasib baik lah kitty relax aje masa dia kena injection ha ha ha.

What most important now is my babykitty are healthy and well =D

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