Monday, October 24, 2011

It's a beautiful day - Dinner At Dome The Gardens

Just now me and myhun wen't to midvalley to look out for the dress that i wanted to buy  but unfortunately there are no more small size left for me, so decided to stop by at dome the gardens and had dinner there together. I was hungry myself because the whole day i didn't eat anything and so do he, while we enter dome the first thing that playing in my mind is to order a fish and chips although me and myhun still haven't be seated yet, but i've already think of what i want to eat funny ha? it's just me always in standby mode ha ha.

Yup, as I had mention on my previous entry last time i'll skipped having rice for quit sometime and guess what? I completed my first month!! believe it or not?? even myhun skipped having rice too he is also on diet like me. CSLOL!! what's that mean and what is it stand for?

He he okay before you asked me about what is the meaning of CSLOL now let me explain it to you the meaning of CSLOL, it's a short cut words means " CANT STOP LAUGHING OUT LOUD" I made that short form words while typing this entry ha ha ha funny? yeah i love to make people laugh .
Okay this is what myhun ate just now a caesar salad!!  we both are just the same a vege lover  =D
Fish and chip's for myself yummy..

To be honest some of the food pictures i'll attach on this post is not captured by me, I took it from Google due to my camera is out of battery too bad huh, but luckily i still manage to captured the salad pixies ha ha.  It's been a beautiful day for me and I don't wanna missed out writing about it here.  

P/S: Thank's for the great time sweetheart  love ya my honey pumpkin!!

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Small Kucing said...

fancy that...not yet seated already thinking of food :)

Mars Mell-o said...

@Small Kucing ha ha ya mamarazzi, i'm always like that even wherever i go, before i enter the restaurant i already have in mind what i would like to order when i enter the restaurant

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