Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chilling with my sissy and my kitty cat #PART 1

Yesterday my sis told me that she want to had lunch with me at fridays OH, I asked her why? she said she love the food there so I tell her never mind lah, I give chance to her choose a place where she want to eat although I know that only last week I've went to fridays with myhun ha ha so it's my second round there LOL *lagi - lagi fridays*.
That's me hugging my kitty while we are waiting for the food to get served manage to captured some pixies.
Snap by iPhone

Cheer's LOL tell me what drink is that? ha ha ha
My sissy posing with the cherry * takde kerja lah tu*
Now my kitty turn pulak.. ha ha ha
Hey you!! give me my strawberry or I shall bite your fingers ROFL
Feed me some brownies and ice cream pleaseee...

Yummy Strawberry
Say cheeseeeeeeeee!! =D
we coincident met with morgan at the fridays she happen to passed by there and then what else he he kitty wish to say hai and take photo with her :P
That's the story of part 1 LOL supposed we bring hachiko with us but I tell my sister maybe next time cause it's hard to handle 2 baby at one time ha ha ha..

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Small Kucing said...

sobs....tarak tapau for me ....:p

Mars Mell-o said...

@Small Kucing ha ha ha mamarazzzi dont sob lah, me already say yours one have to meet and eat with u, cannot a pau, must take pictures together :D

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