Wednesday, October 5, 2011

13 days - A goal to fulfilled

Yesterday, I had a soup for my lunch which I made myself then at night I ate only pear just to avoid myself from starving in the middle of the night. It's 13 DAYS without rice today LOL. I think I will weigh myself after 30days just to make sure that there is an improvement on my diet plan and for tomorrow I thought of going to swimming again if it's not raining, and this time i'll make it one hour. So far I have no problem with my diet and it's good for me although I didn't eaten a rice for 13days!! crazy huh? but my target is atleast one month and if I could reach my goal which is 1month without rice I'll UP my next target into 2months pulak ha ha! Do you think I can make it?  could i stand the temptation from having all my favorite food? because sometime I feel like eating rice too but what to do I really need to lose weight!! For some people 49kg is a good weight but not for me, why?? it's secret and I cant tell it here ha ha ha okay fine i'll tell since i put on some weight I think that thing has grown bigger too LOL and It's stressed me UP!! I dont like it big I prefer my old self which is (B) now I need to change into (C) and I really dont like it ROFL. 

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Quay Po Cooks said...

Wow, no rice for 13 days? I don't think I can survive that!

mars mell-o said...

@Quay Po Cooks he he he but do eat vegetables only that i never eaten rice at all, cause once i ate rice i will this and that so thats why i skipped the rice and go for the vege and fruits :D

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