Sunday, January 30, 2011

OH nana what's my name..

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It's my lil sis favorite song!! enjoy this video.. =D

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Akhirnya dapat juga mira hadiah dia yay!!

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Bergayaan betul si mira ni ha..ha..ha

welcome back to KL mira, siapa belikan ticket ni ek? ZOMG

Inilah hadiah mira Blackberry curve 8520 white color sukanya dia dapat hadiah
menang tanpa bertanding ha..ha.ha.. kat mana?? click here to read more .

My baby collections ha..ha..ha If i didn't break some of my phone everytime i get angry I have more than this and I guess can open a handphone shop already. LOL

Jangan lupa cakap thanks kat wakey -wakey !! =D

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Justin bieber LIVE IN MALAYSIA 2011

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Justin bieber LIVE IN MALAYSIA APRIL 21 , 2011

Guess who's coming to malaysia??'s no other than justin bieber. At first I thought my hun didn't manage to buy the ticket coz he told me that all the ticket is sold out?? what the heck ha..ha.. then i was like ZOMG, and start grumbling blah blah to my hun cause he already promise me that we're gonna watch this concert together with my sister coz she really love justin bieber!! and surprisingly when we all back home my hun show the ticket to me LOL he really get me this time. HAHAHA well he just want to see how I reacted if he tell me that he didn't get to buy the ticket that's why he purposely said it so "surprise la sangat ek?"

Facebook is quitting?

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Got this link from some web check this out facebook is quitting on the 31st may?? true or not true well i don't know.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Kitty say's : what are you looking at?

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That is actually not her food it's a sand for kitty to cover her pooop!!

the purple color is smell like a lavender and the pink one is smell like jasmine

but dont smell it when the poop is inside ha.ha..ha coz it will smell like *shi*t.
Clothes for baby kitty!!
and here is the out come tadaa!! my phat little shorty ROFL..
Nice spot's ha..ha..ha we didn't put her there me and my sis was watching TV suddenly when my sis searching for her, there she is sitting and staring at me and my sis LOL.


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Reasons why I Love You:
1) I Love how first time I look at you, coz you take my breath away.
2) I Love how I thank God everyday for bringing someone as wonderful as you into my life.
3) I Love the way I hold your hand so tight
4) I Love the way you never let my hands go
5) I Love the way you surprise me with the perfect gifts after we meet up that show you pay attention to me.
6) I Love the way you look at me.
7) I Love how beautiful your eyes are.
8) I Love the way you’re not embarrassed to call me sweet things in front of anyone.
9) I Love the way, how even though we may be miles apart I still feel like you're right here with me.
10) I Love the fact that you want to be with me and only me.
11) I Love your willingness to share everything and most especially your heart with me.
12) I Love how I know you'll always be there when I need you to be.
13) I Love how you always beside me and giving me an encouragement when I have a problem
14) I Love how you would do anything in this world to make me happy.
15) I Love the way I can't imagine a day without you in my life because your heart are too good to let down.
16) I Love the way your voice sounds over the phone.
17) I Love the way your voice sounds when you whisper sweet thing in my ear.
18) I Love the way you look after I say I love you.
19) I Love the way you can make my heart melt with your soft lips
20) I Love the way you kissing.
21) I Love the smile you give after I'm done kissing you.
22) I Love the way you play with my nose when I'm falling asleep ( Wakey – Wakey )
23) I Love the way you always put ME first before your friends.
24) I Love the way you inspire me with your thoughts and emotions.
25) I Love the way you love me with sincerity in your hearts and true love.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

You hold the key to my heart

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To know exactly what you want is one of the hard things to do in ones life, I do not know why all this things is seem happening to myself perhaps It is just another cycle of life, yeah that kind of feeling’s which you can’t even tell or predict, nor to understand what it is. At times we feel alive and there are time we felt lost like there is something that is still missing in our life but what could it be? I guess I am just too emotional person sometime and yeah I admit it myself.

Although I had everything that I want most in my life even not all actually just some specific things but still I am having this kind of feeling’s sigh. Ever since my godmother passed away six years ago many thing are changing especially me yes it’s always been me. I try to be happy but I can’t it’s not like I don’t want to be happy like the others and the rest.

Not until when I met him everything has change and when I wake up everyday I feel glad to know that he is always there for me to guide me and hold my hand whenever I felt so down and empty he is there standing right by my side trying to cheer me up and making me happy to forget of all the worries that stuck like a glue inside my head. He never left me all alone, he is there for me every seconds and every minute whenever I needed him nor even once he give up on me and I feel very thankful to almighty god for giving us a chances to be together.


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Evening star

Please tell him

I want to draw your rays in his heart

Morning dew

Please tell him

That i would embrace tightly

The cuff of his cold

O heavens

I want to see his smile and touch his face

Then paint the most beautiful ornaments space

and represents to him

For this letter

I wrote just for him

My one and only beloved soul

though only a rather simple

So now let me express

the whole sense of love

I have in this heart

only for him.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Peek - a - boo

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Baby is slapping her second master face, she want's to play hide-and-seek ROFL
Peek-a-boo chaaaaak!!! =D

Sleeping beauty

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Sleeping beauty do not disturb she know's i'm taking her pictures that's why she showing her cute face, she like to camwhore.. LOL

nampak macam betul aje tengah tidur tapi tak tidur pun dia pura - pura tidur adalah..

Look at that face?? she's not actually sleeping she just pretending to sleep ha..ha

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A sad love story

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Mandy and austin have been going out since 5th grade, now they are in 1st year secondary.Mandy has been thinking of breaking up with him one friday afternoon on their 2nd year of anniversary. On one night mandy and austin we're talking over the phone: (phone ringing at mandy's house)
Mandy: hello
Austin: hey baby, how is it going?
Mandy: i'm alright what about you?
Austin: pretty good, so are you still up for the movie?
Mandy: i'm sorry i cant go, i promise my little sister
that i would take her out to eat today.
Austin: oh.. that stinks!!
Mandy: austin, i'm really sorry that i cant go to the movie with you today.
Austin: it's alright, so how about tomorrow? can you go out?
or when you wanna meet up?
Mandy: i can't, so sorry coz i have to go with alyssa and her boyfriend to the mall.
Austin: you know what? it seem's like you have been avoiding me this past few days. First you can't go out to dinner with me because you have a paper due, then you can't come over because you are too tired, and today during passing periods you totally ignored me. It's okay but i just wanna tell you i have something that i wanted to give to you.
Mandy: i'm sorry austin, i'm not trying to avoid you.
Austin: you know what? just forget about it i guess i'll just talk to you later i'm going for a drive. I love you.
Mandy: i'm sorry
Austin: Oh by the way, i bet you don't even know what today is (phone hangs up).
Couple of hours back mandy came home and found a gift along with a card on the front of the doorsteps. She opens the gift and finds a beautiful necklace, then she open the cards and reads: Happy 2nd year anniversary, i love you p/s i'm sorry for the way i reacted over the phone. Mandy takes up her gift and the card up to her room and goes to sleep. 1am in the morning (phones ring at mandy's house) 

Beautiful twilight

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As the sun begins to set

I see you smile at my side

I stared unblinking eyes

To me, your eyes are so perfect

That day

I feel the pulse of your veins

Hard heart beats

Sweet breath

Also warm your love

Now I make a story about you before falling asleep

I made the shadow of longing before sleep

And I make port in dreamland

This soul, This life, This heart is missing you so much

Cause you are my most beautiful story.

Thought of the day

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Imagine you are doing something

creating something and then you find

that one day your eyes rest on it,

and you cannot believe that it was you

the one who created it!!

Imagine and re-create..

Monday, January 17, 2011

I love mac!!

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I buy new lipstick @ Mac I love this three color very much the next time I go to mac i wanna buy more lipstick and eyeliners!!

Hey, there ladies who is in love with pink try the lady gaga pink color lipsticks it's really cool.

Don't forget to check out the glamourous dark brown lipsticks it's an limited edition.

That third on the last row is light color shimmering don't missed it!! =D

Watch out the eyes!!

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kitty on the black.. yo what's up..
watch out the eyes!!
Just like mine ROFL whatever..

Harajuku lover's

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New fragrance bottle of harajuku lover's 2011

I want to collect all this so cute!! but some has no more stock already too bad if got my hun will buy all for me he..he
My hun only manage to buy this got harajuku passport some more ha..ha

I give 1 to my sis the purple box she love it..

She also have this one it smell so good!!

Thank's sweethuns I'm lovin it hug's ya =D

Faster & The sacred labyrinth

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OH ya.. didn't make it to watch malay horror movie at mid valley the other day so we change our plan and watch this movie instead the faster and here's come the funny part after watching this movie we continues to watch another movie "The sacred labyrinth" it's a japanese horror movie not so scary la, i didn't get the plot of the story LOL.

This time we did it again watching two movies back to back next time wanna break the record watch three movie on same day pulak, ha..ha..ha that's how crazy we get sometime!!

Baby kitty on the field

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Kitty first video he..he..he she's playing with the toys i bought for her yaay!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Wanna watch malay movie tapi tak jadi..

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CNY is just around the corner lots of people went to shopping some things for CNY celebrations wow!! and to those who is already married gotta standby lotta "ang paw" le, he..he..he
Wanna watch malay horror movie at mid valley but all movie is full already see the queue?? too long that's why i always prefer to watch at the garden cause no need to queue till this long it's scared me!! HAHAHA

Thirsty for more??

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I'm thirsty for more I want some more...and more and more =D
It's a banana cake taste sweet , nice , and most of all delicious!!

Before we go down from the ship the chef made this cake awwhh!! back to the ship condition it's really cool but time is limited gotta go back to the hotel on time nak check out ada urusan lain lagi iaitu makan asam pedas tapi mell tak snap gambar makanan kali ni , hurmmm mell lupa nak bawa turun camera mell ughhh handbag mell tinggal kat kereta.
Never mind la kan ? pic makanan boleh snap bila - bila tapi pengalaman naik kapal bukan selalu ada HAHAHA thank's sweetheart for the best experience duduk main - main kat bridge room perasan nak jadi captain macam my hun he..he..he

OH..ya lepas makan asam pedas we all back to KL end of story =D

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


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My baby kitty is a photogenic baby awwhh..
1..2..3 you better dont BLINK!! "camwhore kejap" rawrrrrrrh ha ha ha..
She look so cute right??? like a baby lion =D


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Lepas shopping kat pets wonderland singgah makan kejap kat "zheng" just infront the rock corners okay juga makanan dia kat sini, kalau makan kat tempat ni mell akan order beef casserole walaupun mell ni species yang jarang sangat makan beef sebernarnya tapi hari ni mell order beef sebab nak tukar pulak menu makan asyik makan yang sama aje nanti muak LOL..

Beef casserole i like this very much although i'm not really a beef lover but sometime we should make some changes in our daily menu he he he..
Durian pie so texture and delightful nyummy dum dum..

Just for baby kitty!!

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SO.. tired went to shopping at pets wonderland mid valley just now I buy some toy's and stuff for baby kitty only for my baby huggy huggy love..
Voyageur travel bag
this bag too so pink!! he he he i bought this so i can bring her "kai kai" at the garden once awhile every afternoon so that she wont be bored with her master ROFL.

Baby kitty is a special baby.. We love her very much..
wow, all this toy's and stuff are for my baby kitty hopefully she like it and happy to have this from her master or else I take all back kitty I'm just kidding!!
It's kitty diapers ROFL don't mind the pictures coz it can also be use for a cat aswell.
and I bought baby kitty a cribs and "DuoMax" look's cool right? it's an auto refill yaay!!

Thank's sweethuns..

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A night together with you

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A night together with you is something that is so incredible to me,
A night together with you is like a cloud nine to you and me,
A night together with you is not just any memory but a moment that we’ve share,

A night together with you is something that I would never forget in this life,
A night together with you is like a castle in the sky for you and me,
A night together with you is a miracle thing that happen most in this life for me,

Now here I am longing for a night together with you that both you and I

could possibly share at each other ,

For a night together with you is more like a lullaby to me..

Jack sparrow vs. Jack parow

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I remembered at once a close friend of mine from africa told me to listen to this song LOL the video is really funny ha ha ha dans-dans by jack parow not that jack sparrow from the pirates of the carribbean you know?? anyway the hat really make me rolling on the floor laughing OMG =D

OK, to stop the current playing playlist go to the bottom header there you can see the pause button just incase if you would like to listen to this vid's enjoy the video.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Welcome to our home sweet home!!

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Guess what?? I have a baby hun given a baby in one day but how did i gave birth ROFL!! ha..ha..ha by the way don't get us wrong okay? actually my hun give me a baby kitty that's what we called her. We bought baby kitty from the pet shop just today i didn't expect that he would really bought me a cat cause once he did told that he don't really like to keep a pet but today i guess he change his mind and he himself get me this pet and allowed me to keep baby kitty at home. I'm so happy today he make me smile and i still cannot believe that i have a pet now!!! Why do we called our pet baby kitty?? at first i wanna name the pet as lolita but it's sound so odd then i try calling her dorita cause i like doraemon and nobita very much and one more thing dorita is a two name combination i just thought that i could give her that name but when i call her with that name she doesn't even want to look at me ha ha ha. So my last try is baby kitty i just think that name are suit for her cause afterall she still a small baby he he he i called her twice with that name and she look at me LOL so i said to myself that's it final decision is made her name will be baby kitty from now on, well i think it's kinda cute name for a persian cat.
Masa beli kucing ni tadi ada pulak pak arab nak kucing ni dia nak beli juga GF dia tanya mell berapa kucing ni mell kata kucing ni tak jual mell baru nak beli kucing ni nak bawak balik. Dia kata NO, dia pun nak kucing ni juga dia nak bagi kat GF dia so mell pun jawap balik mana boleh sebab kucing ni kitorang dapat dulu dengan rasa hampa pak arab tu pun belah ha ha ha sebelum dia belah dia nak tenangkan hati GF dia , dia siap kata takpe you want cat i give you hundreds of cat dont worry yuckkkkks!!! macam la dia nak beli betul - betul kata sales girl tu kadang diorang ni belagak aje lebih tak suka betul boleh dia ingat mell ni jual kucing?? LOL nasib baik my hun tak dengar kalau tak kena pak arab tu dengan my hun baru padam muka dia.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Ms. happy me I wish, I wish, I wish

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I hope this year will bring me more happiness, laughter, joy and more love from family and my hun also may god fulfill my dreams come true..

I wish, I wish, I wish..

KLIDC dental centre

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Kuala lumpur International dental centre
the dentist room i'm lil bit nervous when i walked in to this room worried la, if i might lose my wisdom tooth ughhh.
I took this picture while the doctor is giving my lil sis an injections she also want to "cabut" her rotten tooth.
kesian tengok muka dia menahan rasa sakit ehe!! actually tak sakit pun sebab doctor dah inject sebelum tarik gigi tu keluar rasa kebas sikit aje pendek kata kebas dia rasa macam hilang pipi sebelah LOL tapi bila effect bius tu dah habis nanti dia pun habis la juga sebab masa tu juga la akan mula rasa sakit dan ngilu ha ha ha nasib baik doctor akan bagi painkiller untuk tahan sakit dan juga anti-biotic..
that's my sis tooth look's so scary lot's of blood..
Time to go home yayy!! thank's sayang sebab bawa i pergi clinic so happy now..

Finally went to see the dentist already my teeth is okay but the gums doesn't look's so healthy that's where the toothache caused start from so the doctor done the filling for my tooth.

Tampal gigi yang ada lubang tu supaya gigi tak sakit bila makan actually gigi mell okay cuma bila minum air sejuk tu sakit dia sampai naik kat kepala macam nak jadi gila pun ada nasib baik tak gila lagi ni sebab dah pergi clinic pagi tadi ha ha ha!!!" Tadi doctor buka filling yang lama bersihkan gigi tu and then baru la fill balik kali ni doctor buat filling tu tebal sikit sebab dah nipis maybe pasal tu la gigi jadi sakit bila makan. Process untuk buat filling ni kejap aje tak lama pun tapi doctor kata kalau lain kali sakit lagi kena pergi lagi untuk buat rawatan root canal treatment and that will really hurts!! LOL kenapa hurt? just bayangkan apa rasa bila gigi kena kena tebuk dengan besi sampai kat dalam gusi ha ha ha it's taste like a chocolates!!! mell tak nak sampai sakit gigi tahap tu no no no way please!!


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