Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A sad love story

Mandy and austin have been going out since 5th grade, now they are in 1st year secondary.Mandy has been thinking of breaking up with him one friday afternoon on their 2nd year of anniversary. On one night mandy and austin we're talking over the phone: (phone ringing at mandy's house)
Mandy: hello
Austin: hey baby, how is it going?
Mandy: i'm alright what about you?
Austin: pretty good, so are you still up for the movie?
Mandy: i'm sorry i cant go, i promise my little sister
that i would take her out to eat today.
Austin: oh.. that stinks!!
Mandy: austin, i'm really sorry that i cant go to the movie with you today.
Austin: it's alright, so how about tomorrow? can you go out?
or when you wanna meet up?
Mandy: i can't, so sorry coz i have to go with alyssa and her boyfriend to the mall.
Austin: you know what? it seem's like you have been avoiding me this past few days. First you can't go out to dinner with me because you have a paper due, then you can't come over because you are too tired, and today during passing periods you totally ignored me. It's okay but i just wanna tell you i have something that i wanted to give to you.
Mandy: i'm sorry austin, i'm not trying to avoid you.
Austin: you know what? just forget about it i guess i'll just talk to you later i'm going for a drive. I love you.
Mandy: i'm sorry
Austin: Oh by the way, i bet you don't even know what today is (phone hangs up).
Couple of hours back mandy came home and found a gift along with a card on the front of the doorsteps. She opens the gift and finds a beautiful necklace, then she open the cards and reads: Happy 2nd year anniversary, i love you p/s i'm sorry for the way i reacted over the phone. Mandy takes up her gift and the card up to her room and goes to sleep. 1am in the morning (phones ring at mandy's house) 
Mandy: hello
Austin brother: hey mandy!! my brother got into a car accident and his in the hospital right now. Apparently he was going over to your house because he wanted to give you a little note he wrote for you.
Mandy: Oh god, please could you pick me up and take me there?
Austin brother: ya, i'll be there in 10minutes.
Austin brother pick mandy up and takes her to the hospital when they get there she goes straight to austin rooms where the doctor are putting the blanket over his face. His parents are crying austin mom walk up to mandy and hands her over the note.
Austin mom: mandy, here i think this is for you
Mandy: opens the letter and reads:

I love your smile
I love your kisses
I love your sensibility
I love your hair
I love your touch
I love your smell
I love your warm hugs
I love everything about you!!
and i love you so please,
never forget that.
p/s: without you i would die!!

Mandy starts crying and collapses on the top of his body she cry and then whispers " I love you too now please come back!!

moral of story: If you love someone tell him or her forget about the looking ridiculous, what is truly ridiculous is passing on an opportunity to tell someone that your heart is invested to him or her.

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strategicintelligence said...

Honey just Abg nak telling you apa - apa pun terjadi abg akan tetap menyayangi from bottom of my heart forever and ever until end of my life.

moral of this comment : syg you are everthing in my life menerangi segala kegelapan dalam hidup abg tanpa you syg hidup ini tak bererti lagi.

mars mell-o said...

got moral of comment some more ya..naughty hun..i heart u too sweetheart for always..thats my promise.. *hugs ya*

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