Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dream a better dreams..

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There is nothing good playing
Time works a great changes,
There is no way to happiness,
Happiness is the way..

The GOOD The BAD and The UGLY

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Did someone break your heart you try to fix it but you can't WHY?

Are they because he/she left some marks insides your heart? because you know it's just too impossible for you to cure those scars. No matter you do everything to heal the pain which is hurting you deep insides but you just can’t do it by your own.


REASON: because you feel the pain whenever you think of what he or she had done to you even your tears will starts to fall, cause to forget is seem's not so easy. Then you asked yourself this question over and over again


Does it hurt's you when you do that..

Now asked yourself are they worth that so much value for you to shed your tears? cause you know that you'd die for them and do anything for them. Does they die and shed a tears for you as well? cause you know that you would do everything and whatever it takes to protect and defend your relationships from anyone who's trying to separates the two of you.

But are you that important to them..

You don't know the only thing you know is how much important they are for you.
They truely means something to your life no? If they're wasn't you probably won't be wasting your time and a single tears for someone which is not even involves on you.

Because it's you and only your ownselves who could figured out all the answers to all of those questions inside your mind perhaps they're really means alot for you and you love them more than anything else in this world.

Now try asked yourself this one simple questions did he/she ever loves you? If he/she does why the two of you had to broke up and give up the relationship?

Should you tortured your self giving love to someone who doesn’t even care about what you feel? should you waste your time thinking about the pain which he/she left inside you? Why waste your time on loving someone who doesn’t even treasure the love which you have given to them?

Because love is the dream that we live in life and one must makes one partner part of that dream by finding out what his/her primary love is and give it to that person
that is love.

And if you still doubt about something asked yourself again..

Do he/she know about your feelings towards him/her?

Do he/she have the same feelings towards you?

You wasn't even sure about the answers because you're not even pretty sure about what is your position in his/her heart and also to the actual stand's of your relationships. By the end of the day you turned yourself over into disappointments and frustratrations on making guess and assumptions.

Is this LOVE or HATE?

Here’s are the seven ways and things to do on how to solved the equations in your mind.

  1. Forget about all the bad things that he/she did to yourself the more you think of how pain it was the more painful and worst they becomes.
  2. What you need to do is think of how to overcome them and if it's possible do whatever it takes you to feel better and always feel good about yourself.
  4. Note your self that you are not alone theres always someone out there which is made for you, maybe you still haven't found the right one yet.But who knows they're just around you and they're only waiting for you to notice them.
  5. Keep telling this words to yourself perhaps god want’s you to experience all those hurtings in early stages so in future you will learned how to be strong.
  6. Choose to be happy and take sometime out from the relationships that merry-go-round of break-ups and make-ups try more to focus on what you want and think about what you actually want, and need in order for you to be happy. Beside love isn’t name of to think about someone it’s feelings and emotion.
  7. Move on and learned how to live without him/her cause life must go on and no matter how bad things is theres always a brighter tomorrow.

The last thing I wanna say held those chins UP!!


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