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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dear Dream Angel

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Some actually believes that if we love's someone we've first must learn to let them go cause if they comes back to us it means we finally found a true love. So do we try to catch it with all our forced then grab them close into the very next of our heart and never let go.

Because some say’s true love and happiness only comes once a lifetime and that’s why we’ll must treasure each wonderful moments and every minute and beat of time we have while we’re all are still alive It happened that at times we became one of those victims of the circumstances and when this happens to ourselves we start blaming the world about how unfair life's are sometimes can be, does anyone asked for a life which like living in hell?

No, coz there is nobody who would wanted to live their lives unhappily unless there is someone else who ditch yourself into the unhappiness situation. Those people out there are sometimes crazy and also brutal and they don’t have a heart some only think of their feelings and themselves.

I guess we’re all are just too naïve even if we are already a grown people but there’s still some piece of innocent part living inside us. My life has never been easy on me and my faith is once had lost long long time ago but I tell myself that this are only a beginning coz I’ll do anything to fight for my life and if I stick to my courage and principles somehow I know that my life path would change more better and much more brighter than yesterday.

We all can wish about so many things in these life but we still have to take action for something that we dream and wish to have and so we must go and strive for it!! There are time’s we keep falling and that we keep trying to stand up but then at the second time we fall again and try to get back on the ground and hold still and “ till then it’s the same story again told from time to time and at the end we’ve might win only time will tell” and until we get old or so die is also the same only time could ever tell what is going to happen next.

As for now I’m happy to say that I’ve finally found my real and true love, mylife has totally change after leaving the pass and everything back all behind the grudges that I’ve kept for so long inside me, I’d threw it all away and let go all anger and the heavy burden that for so long I've carried with me and so now It's time for me to wash It all away, far away.

For I still believe that everyone is deserve to have a second chances to change and to fixed their lives for it's better and not for it's worst..

“For the LOVE of my LIFE.. I would never give up for it is LIFE..”

Friday, October 29, 2010

Why wont he propose?

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If you've been dating for a long time and your personalities are clearly compatible you need to figure out what's scaring him from long-term commitment. Here are the main factors that will stop a man from proposing:

1. Fear of Commitment He is afraid that the minute he settles down, the "perfect" woman will show up and he will be trapped because he committed too soon. Give him time try not to pressure him, but also let him know it's not realistic of him to want you to wait forever. Help him realize that you are his perfect woman!

2. Fear of Change He's positive that with the wedding vows comes a complete change in his current lifestyle. If you currently spend every waking minute together, let him go out with the guys. Let him see that you understand he has friends, and that you do not expect your marriage to replace that.

3. Fear of His History He's afraid his past will come back to haunt him. Has he been married before? Does he come from a broken home? He needs to know that just because his ex-wife ran off with a rich doctor, or his parents fought every day, doesn't mean his relationship with you will emulate that.

4. Fear of Your History He fears your past will come back to haunt both of you. Your past could be old boyfriends or an ex-husband, or even bad credit. He may fear that your prior actions can hold your relationship back. Try to pinpoint what part of your past he's most worried about and try to address those matters first.

5. Fear of What He Has to Offer Perhaps he's a pre-law student, waiting tables at the local eatery, and he is seeing only what he can give you now. You, on the other hand, can see the big picture - the two of you working together as a team to get each other through this time. Let him know the skimping you go through now will be that much sweeter when your goals are accomplished together. Often what's not readily seen is what sabotages relationships. Don't let fear ruin your life together! Use these guidelines and manifest a fantastic future!

Is he seeing someone else..

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  • Are you in a relationship that is full of doubt and confusion? Perhaps there is someone else in the life of your lover.
  • Here are 10 signs that your partner may be spending time with another love interest.

  • 1. He no longer calls just to check in with words of endearment.
  • 2. He's too busy to return a text message or voicemail.
  • 3. He doesn't answer his phone when you're around.
  • 4. He doesn't want you to leave any of your personal belongings at his home.
  • 5. He's busy during times you usually spend together and too tired to hang out.
  • 6. You find things in his home that neither of you use.
  • 7. Friends casually ask, as if they already know something, if the two of you are still together.
  • 8. He's suddenly very concerned about his privacy.
  • 9. He makes much less effort towards you -- for example, last year you received a dozen red roses for your birthday; this year you received a card and a candy bar.
  • 10. He mentions another woman frequently in conversation. These clues may suggest that your partner is cheating, or that your relationship has shifted somehow.

  • It may be time for you to step back and do a little soul-searching.
  • Where do you want your life to go and how can you create that life?
  • What kind of relationship do you want in your life?

  • Does it include someone who is unfaithful to you? Your relationship may or may not be over, but some reflection is needed to answer these questions in order to pursue the life, love and partnership that you deserve.

  • ''To love or not to love the choices is yours.''
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I do whatever the voices in my head ask me to do..

Who do you think you are?

"His time to regret.."

When HE first met her HIS own soul was convinced that she is the one to share HIS soul with but now that HE was angry-then HE overlook the things that HE liked.

So-it is HE who ate too much, drink too much of her soul

HE drained her beauty..!!

"You are your own situation see the good in others so that you can find the good within yourself.."

“My men,and I we fight!Checkered fields of black an white day and night ! Our soul plunge into pools of deceit! Whispers of betrail-battles-brilliance-mixed of what will float this day checkmate; your thoughts are mine ..”

Why am I reposting this darn entry again..

Should I or Shouldn't I?

Should I be kind or Should I be heartless?

Why something good can hurt so bad?

But time is waiting and a girl has to do what a girl has to do is to tell them that sometime hurt comes from people one we love most
if we was nobody then we wouldn't get hurt.

(--and have you ever try to listen to the song the universe is singing? try it, its beautiful....--)

"How many really know what love is? millions never will, do you know until you lose it that it's everything that you are looking for..."

Do love complete the incompleteness?

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Do love complete the incompleteness? Yes.. love do completed the incompleteness although sometime it may also hurted one's feeling's and broken someones heart for instance when there is a situation arise and when the relationship gone bad.Just like season's changes from summer to winter, rainy and cold and so on that's how it works love will makes a person complete and whole again when there is love. But when love is gone thus when it's slipped from your hand just like a quick-silver it's not the end of everything cause you still have life to carry on,with life you still could heal your heart. By time it heal love will grow's again inside's you and it always continues as long as you'll don’t lose your faith. Remember one thing never give up on someones so easily and most important of all is you must learned how to faced-up the reality. I’m sure in some place there is “soul-mate”when both partner meet you think you already have an ideal relationship after your first meeting you only have to be a good lover to be attentive understanding and tender to make your partner happy with trust and share it with all your passion you can be together. Who know’s someday and somehow when love come back you'll find yourself someone you could share imperfection and incompleteness. In life everything you need to realize your dreams is right inside you it’s inside us there is nothing wrong to dream for dream is harmless and it is reality. Just live your dreams today and make beautiful things happen cause when we trust ourselves enough great thing’s will begin to unfold the palm of our hands.

Question to be answer

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Feel’s good to be tough huh..?

One can act like a dull for once but not at the second or third times cause three is poison and are you ready to slapped by a person..?

Why there are some people walked away from their relationship cause they find it's
no point at all to commited themselves when the other party is still not very sure of what kinda relationship is they wants from their partners for some of them just cant decided whether they should go for a normal friendship or should go for love.

They find it's so very hard to be sure and to figured out what is they actually wanted for their relationship
that is why some just choose to walk away from relationship and leaving the victims with all the question marks un-answers.

Cause most people runs away from problem not to solved their own problems but there’s one thing they have never known and also forgotten to think that one can never hide from the fact no matter where they are trying to hide the dirty little secret's it still gonna show it’s true colors.

And here I boldly stated again about so-called long term
love which may lead one into marriage and so on is to find out what is your partner primary love is once you’ve find out the next level is the secondary love which is understanding what is your partners needs and give it to them.

That’s how the chemistry works on ones love and why it is very important in everyones commitment cause when there is no chemistry there would
be no feeling and when there is no feelings there be no more love and when there is no more love there is no way to have your own stable commitment and relationships and love does never worked out as what you have expected them .

The other issue of some failed relationship is jealousy cause sometime it really can turn out someone life into a disaster and
the bad thing that always will take a cost on jealous is when it have to takes away a partners freedom.

For not everyone could tolerate some might want's to have a mental companionship and if you really want to get back your relationship first try to make peace with them.

("--the war that happened to you in your past and subject yourself in order to find your way to greatness cause it's the key to who you really are--")

Once you make peace of them perhaps by then you will find's out
the answers and what you want's for your relationship also you would know what is good and the best for you.


Solve the equations? think about it!!

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There are time you just have to speak up what is inside your mind and try letting out your feeling’s with your ways cause it’s one of good thing you can do to avoid yourself from feeling down and putting yourself into a heavy stressed.

And here's I tell ya, what sometime you need to asked yourself this question what is your purposed
in your life? to wait for thing’s to happen or make something happens then slowly look for the answer.

As i've always taught to myself that one will never know
what they are looking for unless they itself go and search for it!

Because sooner or later and maybe after you still got to seek out for answer you just can’t stood there and only wait for some
miracles to fall from the sky.

You got to do something so even if theres any troubles that might comes to you well at least you are prepared to face it and you know what to do with yourself also on how can you deal with them.

It's you are the one who will decided what to do and also what you dont have to do so let your own self creates something for your fate not others people
and always put in your mind that never let anyone to made a choices for your best and what not good for yourself cause it's your life you are born with it only once on your lifetime for to regret it later wont gain you anything than only pain and sorrow.

Eventually you’ll realize that you're about making a huge mistakes when it's already too late to undo the things which is already have been done.

Remember to always think once or twice
atleast think until you are ready then decide it once you are sure about what you want dont let others people to made the decissions for yourself cause if you do the answer sometime is just very bitter to accept so always think about it.

You know it is way hard to pretend infront of everyone that you were all alright and that there is nothing they need to worried about for you’ll be doing just fine.

But you know you are only forcing yourself to, act like nothing was
wrong and talk like everything is seem perfect and also pretended like theres nothing hurted you.

Cause it is only you who knows what is lying from the outside to compare on what you feel inside, sometime it is also different from what we are thinking on mind.

Those kind of feeling is just very difficult for someone to cope’d specially when you have to swallow everything by your own cause it feel’s like damn, why there is a big pain that stucking on your sorry ass, right?

Then you came to think and asked yourself
when could you get all those shit end? and you hope for it'll be over soon because you couldn't stand the suffering it's been really hurtful and you just cant take it anymore.

You want nothing else than to let go all those feeling’s out from your chest even if you have to scream it out loud it wont matter anymore.

Just for instance when you
dont have to give any damn about what some people might going to think and said to you cause what's really matters is as long as you feel's good.

Well everything that happen to us they happens for a reasons and it is another cycle
of life for ones to learned in the journey of their life's so that whatever comes always remember that all you have to do is to get over with it for that experience in your life probably can change you and also could change someones life for it's better.

Not only your present life now but also for the coming future always bear this in your mind never let anyone to hurt your innocent feelings again and took advantage on yourself.

"One minute you're dreaming, the next you're dream has become your reality It was the best of times, If only someone had told you"

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The GOOD The BAD and The UGLY

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Did someone break your heart you try to fix it but you can't WHY?

Are they because he/she left some marks insides your heart? because you know it's just too impossible for you to cure those scars. No matter you do everything to heal the pain which is hurting you deep insides but you just can’t do it by your own.


REASON: because you feel the pain whenever you think of what he or she had done to you even your tears will starts to fall, cause to forget is seem's not so easy. Then you asked yourself this question over and over again


Does it hurt's you when you do that..

Now asked yourself are they worth that so much value for you to shed your tears? cause you know that you'd die for them and do anything for them. Does they die and shed a tears for you as well? cause you know that you would do everything and whatever it takes to protect and defend your relationships from anyone who's trying to separates the two of you.

But are you that important to them..

You don't know the only thing you know is how much important they are for you.
They truely means something to your life no? If they're wasn't you probably won't be wasting your time and a single tears for someone which is not even involves on you.

Because it's you and only your ownselves who could figured out all the answers to all of those questions inside your mind perhaps they're really means alot for you and you love them more than anything else in this world.

Now try asked yourself this one simple questions did he/she ever loves you? If he/she does why the two of you had to broke up and give up the relationship?

Should you tortured your self giving love to someone who doesn’t even care about what you feel? should you waste your time thinking about the pain which he/she left inside you? Why waste your time on loving someone who doesn’t even treasure the love which you have given to them?

Because love is the dream that we live in life and one must makes one partner part of that dream by finding out what his/her primary love is and give it to that person
that is love.

And if you still doubt about something asked yourself again..

Do he/she know about your feelings towards him/her?

Do he/she have the same feelings towards you?

You wasn't even sure about the answers because you're not even pretty sure about what is your position in his/her heart and also to the actual stand's of your relationships. By the end of the day you turned yourself over into disappointments and frustratrations on making guess and assumptions.

Is this LOVE or HATE?

Here’s are the seven ways and things to do on how to solved the equations in your mind.

  1. Forget about all the bad things that he/she did to yourself the more you think of how pain it was the more painful and worst they becomes.
  2. What you need to do is think of how to overcome them and if it's possible do whatever it takes you to feel better and always feel good about yourself.
  4. Note your self that you are not alone theres always someone out there which is made for you, maybe you still haven't found the right one yet.But who knows they're just around you and they're only waiting for you to notice them.
  5. Keep telling this words to yourself perhaps god want’s you to experience all those hurtings in early stages so in future you will learned how to be strong.
  6. Choose to be happy and take sometime out from the relationships that merry-go-round of break-ups and make-ups try more to focus on what you want and think about what you actually want, and need in order for you to be happy. Beside love isn’t name of to think about someone it’s feelings and emotion.
  7. Move on and learned how to live without him/her cause life must go on and no matter how bad things is theres always a brighter tomorrow.

The last thing I wanna say held those chins UP!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Till the shiny day..

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There was a young lady called whitey who once had the same journey with a darkie.Whitey went through the path that bring her fall at the cave In silence she asking oneself how is it that i strayed from the garden and seem to this trap i have fallen?

Voices whispering Hey! there.. lonely girl you are not alone; we went through the same path that bring you here and the path you went through allow us being together at the same cave. By chance it's god make it happened.

You have to carry on the walk through the dark cave ,don't be afraid; said darkie, I will be there for you to lead you out from the dark cave.By touching the wall even it's too dark i will try to do the best i could and bring you out of the darkness back to the shine.

Once you see the light of the sun shine from the cave that is the way out of yourself. By time you need no more hunting for lights no more darkness.You can now jump with laughter's and have your happiness always remember never forget the journey in the darkness of a cave we went through I'll be seeing you from the cave waving goodbye. Till the shiny day whitey!
“But why it's always goodbye in the end, Even if there is a shine to light up the way" Darkie don't you know that it is hard to wave goodbye..? Till the shiny day

Monday, September 14, 2009

Words of wisdom..

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Now im feeling like a baby with no worries

And like a powerful man with a positive thinking

I'm both I'm both

Becouse they are not prepared to say

They are born from same great feelings..

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Should I or shouldn't I..

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Should I stay..
Should I leave..?
Should I hate..
Should I love..?
Should I disobey..
Should I listen..?
Should I be nice..
Should I be heartless..?
Should I be kind..
Should I be cruel..?
Should I be afraid..
Should I be strong..?
Should I be sad..
Should I be happy..?
Should I cry..
Should I laugh..?
Should I let my emotion
rules myself and just do what I want..?
Should I just stop asking myself,
what should I do now ,
and what shouldn't I do..?
Should I just listen to what the voices
in my head saying to me..?
But i end up smiling and smiling
for what should I have to say the next..
Should I continue..
Should I stop..?
Should I.. or shouldn't I..?
Where should I begin again
and where should I end..?
Should I.. or shouldn't I..?
What would you do
if you we're in this situation right now..?
Would you do something or just let it be,
and then you started with your own riots..?
Will you..? would you..?
Should you or shouldn't you..?
What do you think..?
Cus i'm confused i have no clue and I don't know,
what am i suppossed to do..
What to do!! Oh.. what to do!!?!!

What about you..?
Do you have any options and any clue..?

The choices is in your HAND..


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What is soulmate does soulmate exist? myth or truth or somehow it's only an illussion
Meeting a soulmate can happened everywhere it's not impossible.

As long as both has a strong insight and connection
between a two-person are there.
But how if both get along at each other in unexpected way
will the two realised that they are meant to be as one
that is so-called soulmate.

Does soulmate only do after marriage what about those
who are not married and just get along is there any possibility
that it can be they have found at each other soulmate.

Some people will always deny that they already found their soulmate,
Cus they expected for something better and they keep on searching
for a better soulmate.That is why some of them missing out the
expected thing without realising a soulmate that they've keep searching 
for all this time is just infront of their eyes.

And the mind that always deny to oneself until they missed the
opportunity to know their partner and love ones well cus there are
people who never satisfied they keep searching and searching until
they ditch themselves into triangular love situation rectangular or
square and many shipped-shaped of relationship cus they keep
looking for better a soulmate.

Love message..

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To love or to be in love- the choice may come to all of us

Which both ways may leads us to the same end

In time- through pain when happiness mean bondage

No one can deliberately choose their will

When she or he is not ready to accept

Every happiness would mean to us

We learn to live for a time at least with this choice

Which not everyone have a courage to make they're choice

God created us a free will to choose someone

That we are willing to accept

Someone that is able to give us true happiness and everlasting love

In life a good choices never comes twice..

Free will..

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Nothing is perfect

Everything has it's own defect

For love to be true love

It has to be something we freely choose to give

Love that is force or demand

Is not real love

For GOD created everyone with free will..

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