Friday, October 29, 2010

Solve the equations? think about it!!

There are time you just have to speak up what is inside your mind and try letting out your feeling’s with your ways cause it’s one of good thing you can do to avoid yourself from feeling down and putting yourself into a heavy stressed.

And here's I tell ya, what sometime you need to asked yourself this question what is your purposed
in your life? to wait for thing’s to happen or make something happens then slowly look for the answer.

As i've always taught to myself that one will never know
what they are looking for unless they itself go and search for it!

Because sooner or later and maybe after you still got to seek out for answer you just can’t stood there and only wait for some
miracles to fall from the sky.

You got to do something so even if theres any troubles that might comes to you well at least you are prepared to face it and you know what to do with yourself also on how can you deal with them.

It's you are the one who will decided what to do and also what you dont have to do so let your own self creates something for your fate not others people
and always put in your mind that never let anyone to made a choices for your best and what not good for yourself cause it's your life you are born with it only once on your lifetime for to regret it later wont gain you anything than only pain and sorrow.

Eventually you’ll realize that you're about making a huge mistakes when it's already too late to undo the things which is already have been done.

Remember to always think once or twice
atleast think until you are ready then decide it once you are sure about what you want dont let others people to made the decissions for yourself cause if you do the answer sometime is just very bitter to accept so always think about it.

You know it is way hard to pretend infront of everyone that you were all alright and that there is nothing they need to worried about for you’ll be doing just fine.

But you know you are only forcing yourself to, act like nothing was
wrong and talk like everything is seem perfect and also pretended like theres nothing hurted you.

Cause it is only you who knows what is lying from the outside to compare on what you feel inside, sometime it is also different from what we are thinking on mind.

Those kind of feeling is just very difficult for someone to cope’d specially when you have to swallow everything by your own cause it feel’s like damn, why there is a big pain that stucking on your sorry ass, right?

Then you came to think and asked yourself
when could you get all those shit end? and you hope for it'll be over soon because you couldn't stand the suffering it's been really hurtful and you just cant take it anymore.

You want nothing else than to let go all those feeling’s out from your chest even if you have to scream it out loud it wont matter anymore.

Just for instance when you
dont have to give any damn about what some people might going to think and said to you cause what's really matters is as long as you feel's good.

Well everything that happen to us they happens for a reasons and it is another cycle
of life for ones to learned in the journey of their life's so that whatever comes always remember that all you have to do is to get over with it for that experience in your life probably can change you and also could change someones life for it's better.

Not only your present life now but also for the coming future always bear this in your mind never let anyone to hurt your innocent feelings again and took advantage on yourself.

"One minute you're dreaming, the next you're dream has become your reality It was the best of times, If only someone had told you"

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