Friday, October 29, 2010

I will never let you go

I will never let you go..

by Zaarah Jasmin on Saturday, Jun 14, 2009 at 04:08am

I couldn't talk how I feel think
It's guilt that make me down
I think of you at the same time
I just wanna be free
From messing with your heart...


I can't give you happiness
Than just talk on how I feel
And make your head spinned
With things that I say...

I regret and maybe you just tolarete
cause I made you happy long time ago
Now i want more And more of you
So It take the innocent of our friendship
And I dont know how to get it back...


I'm down and I couldn't talk how I feel
cause of the thing that worry me
(thing that worry me)
Is i can't have you
But you are mine In a world
Very closed to my heart...
More this more that
More this than reality
And I just want It to last...

Such love with you In any way
no matter I do everything
Just to make you mine
It doesn't matter how far
we are from each other
I'll always be there
cause I will never let you go...

I would do everything
It doesn't matter even
If i have to cross the ocean
As long as I could hold you
near to my heart...
(It doesn't matter how far)
I'll always be there for you
cause I will never let you go...

lyric was written by me, a song of my heart シ

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