Friday, October 29, 2010

Question to be answer

Feel’s good to be tough huh..?

One can act like a dull for once but not at the second or third times cause three is poison and are you ready to slapped by a person..?

Why there are some people walked away from their relationship cause they find it's
no point at all to commited themselves when the other party is still not very sure of what kinda relationship is they wants from their partners for some of them just cant decided whether they should go for a normal friendship or should go for love.

They find it's so very hard to be sure and to figured out what is they actually wanted for their relationship
that is why some just choose to walk away from relationship and leaving the victims with all the question marks un-answers.

Cause most people runs away from problem not to solved their own problems but there’s one thing they have never known and also forgotten to think that one can never hide from the fact no matter where they are trying to hide the dirty little secret's it still gonna show it’s true colors.

And here I boldly stated again about so-called long term
love which may lead one into marriage and so on is to find out what is your partner primary love is once you’ve find out the next level is the secondary love which is understanding what is your partners needs and give it to them.

That’s how the chemistry works on ones love and why it is very important in everyones commitment cause when there is no chemistry there would
be no feeling and when there is no feelings there be no more love and when there is no more love there is no way to have your own stable commitment and relationships and love does never worked out as what you have expected them .

The other issue of some failed relationship is jealousy cause sometime it really can turn out someone life into a disaster and
the bad thing that always will take a cost on jealous is when it have to takes away a partners freedom.

For not everyone could tolerate some might want's to have a mental companionship and if you really want to get back your relationship first try to make peace with them.

("--the war that happened to you in your past and subject yourself in order to find your way to greatness cause it's the key to who you really are--")

Once you make peace of them perhaps by then you will find's out
the answers and what you want's for your relationship also you would know what is good and the best for you.


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