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Saturday, October 6, 2012

My today readings - Supra-celestial being, have anyone heard of it...??

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My readings for today explained by an astrologer lady not to mention her name here.  So, i started reading this file each and every paragraph then suddenly i was surprise and stunned upon reading through it, instantly i stopped before i can decide whether to continue reading the next sentence or not, my concentration got caught-up for awhile when she called myself a supra celestial being. Have anyone of you heard of that words before? cause i tell you what it's the first time in my whole life my eyes came to read those words and i really have no idea what it means until she explained into further more details.

Am i one of those people type that called as supra-celestial being? Bluntly telling i 
dont know what are those words  stand for and meant but i like to seek the truth and the hidden meaning to it, and the only thing i could say after reading the the letter's to end is basically most of what she had explain to me in over 100% - 70% of it are showing like a mirror to myself (does it make sense i asked myself as it's hard for me to believe on something unless it has a huge point that could convince me that there are some truth on it, you see some of this thing could be a scam and etc.) So, i still didn't get the whole point and details of the readings and so i decided to make a quick analysis about supra-celestial beings i googled-it!! 

Here's what i found some believe that the supra-celestial being, the intuition,the telepathy. Is there any sort of definition or special phenomena for these words? Supra celestial being (which what we most heard) and they has some contacts with a magnetic field of this universe, that man can well in advance knows the things which are going to happen in the future.

It is said that a supra celestial being is one who is not directly ruled by his or her planets. They have such great will powers that they are able to make their own fortune they are masters of their own destiny with their strong will powers, they are able to overcome the effects their planets put on them and live the life which they want, which is according to their own wishes and not the life which their planets force on them. ( Oh, amazing huh, cool!! ha ha). But the question is, how many of you will believe this? do they really exist..??? 

But frankly speaking i had experience them myself before, all the above words that stated like can well in advance know thing which are going to happen well they happened to myself  not once but most of time it's always sharp and details. Yeah, i know it's sounded weird and strange enough but i always noticed them myself many times right before the happening and actual event comes i've will knew it in advanced and here i want to early clarified on this post why i intended of creating this post at the first place is to share my views not to bragged about anything, as my purposed and my one and only intentions is to share my thought and view to those who have the same interest and been through the same situation as myself. 

Are this thing are normal..?? well it might look's simple and some of you probably gonna think it's an easy no-biggie thingy, but honestly if you asked me the questions like do i feel disturb about it..?? my answer's is yes.  I admit that sometime i feel very disturb and confused yet i felt amazed at the same time knowing for myself that having those characteristic which not everyone has it and there not many people could think differently in such exceptional ways. As some of them probably only takes it as a normal but the truth is those are the things that actually doesn't always happen in someone life unless they are bound to it.

And only he who experience the same thing would understood what is it like to be in that person shoes and how it is takes concerned, as i'm aware that not many can accept or believe in the statement about vision and etc.
In fact there are some event that happen to me which is really beyond my understanding somehow like i just said i'm a truth seeker and i'll do anything to explore and learn, to see thing's in a different perspective or views and to gain every knowledge that i am fortunate to take part of it.

But sometimes there are thing's that remain as the unknown those thing that not every human being can explain except for HE the creator of our universe.  


Saturday, September 29, 2012

The TRUTH and The HIDDEN LIES = Every individual person has their own individual thought and understanding

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" There is GREATER than the GREAT.
There is PURITY within it's PUREST.

There is BEAUTY and The BEAST.
Incomparable, Inevitable, Invisible.


( My word of wisdom )

The lesson of life is this:
It is the relevance of life challenging new puzzle 
to entertain itself, It is the truth that is overlooked!

Eventually to form the singularity! 
The truth can only be ONE.

The truth is the completed puzzle! 
and it consist of all the things that humans are made up. 

( Every individual person has their own individual
thought and understanding. )


Monday, April 23, 2012

2 candle 2 cupcake 2 years old Happy Birthday kitty!!

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April 10, 2012

kitty says..thank you for celebrating her 2yrs old bday!! kitty love you all..
Baby look sad but inside her heart she happy cause we love baby sooooo soooo much!!!But baby was angry cause her second master was sick and didn't blow candle with her.

look at that face??? kitty cant wait to blow the candle whoaaa!! she's said it's okay, as long as i'm with her she won't be angry anymore.

hehehehehe...the best pixies of kitty for her 2 years old bday..
Happy Birthday To You My Kuchi - Kuchi Love We Love You So Much Much Much!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Happiest couple in the world

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You May Now Kiss The Bride HAHAHAHA..

But the questions is.......?? my male kitten seem's like has no feelings for kitty LOL

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Kitty The Awesome CAT picture of the day

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How's was it? look's hilarious isn't it?? ha ha ha that was my idea of editing her pictures that cartoon cat resemble as hachiko and that one look like a human is my babykitty LOL.

If you like to see more pictures go to this link and don't forget to LIKE babykitty and hachiko page for me yeah thank you in advance!! xoxo =D

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Kitty ♥ hachiko = You always be my baby

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Kitty: Hug me please...

Hachiko: Blurppp I won't cause I'm a shy boy.

Kissy kissy my hachiko..
Me + You = you'll always be my baby.. =D

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

I'm a rock star kitty cat

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Kitty says: Just look at me do I look weird with this hair? My crazy master did that to me LOL, she wrap around her hair into my head and this is the out come. I know I kinda look like a rockstar right now!!  But kitty love's this wish to have a hair style like this for real OMG.. HAHAHAHAHAH this is for the halloween hairstyle ROFL

Kitty always become the victim one, because hachiko dont want to play he only know how to sleep and eat, and eat.. that's why only kitty got this awesome hair for the halloween!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Kitty second visit to vet why? doc say kitty is having PMS LOL

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This is the second time I took kitty to the vet I thought what happen cause it's been a week she keep on making noise non-stop I was worried myself cause i don't want anything bad to happen to my babykitty you know I really love her so damn much. So i decided to bring her to vet clinic and find out what is wrong. When we got there the doc told me that kitty is fine but the only reason why she making a noise is because kitty are having PMS LOL *ha ha ha ingatkan kenapa rupanya dia dah tooooot*
Gambar ni ambik masa kitty tengah timbang berat. Nak tahu tak berapa berat kitty? 3.7kg ha ha berat tak??
Doc, tengah bersihkan telinga kitty untuk buat sample ujian micro sebab doc nak pastikan  takde mites menginap kat dalam telinga dia ROFL
Lepas bersihkan telinga dia doc bagi  makan ubat dan juga vaccine nasib baik lah kitty relax aje masa dia kena injection ha ha ha.

What most important now is my babykitty are healthy and well =D

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chilling with my sissy and my kitty cat #PART 2

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After we finish having lunch at TGI fridays we walk to pet safari and buy my kitty food.
When everything is done already our next destination is buy my favorite currypuff where is it huh??
No other than Ikea ha ha ramai kan orang beratur beli currypuff ni?? Tapi panjang macam mana pun kena beratur orang tetap sabar menunggu sebab apa ek? tak tahu lagi ke? currypuff kat sini sedap betul!!
Yummy and very crunchy kalau tak percaya boleh cuba beli kat Ikea =D
This one is for my kitty and hachiko beli stock untuk 3 bulan terus so lain kali tak payah beli lagi ha ha

Monday, October 3, 2011

New colar for my baby kitty

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Kitty say: See that colar? master bought it for kitty yesterday!! awhh master always do what she promised, she never broken promises to kitty not even once, she told me that If kitty be good to hachiko she will buy kitty a new colar. LOOK what kitty have here? lovely or not? kitty love it so much. Thanks for the present master. =D

XOXO for my sweet master ha ha ha.. 

My romantic cat LOL

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Kitty says: I'm like a mirrors to you ha ha ha you stand I stand too..
Cute couple =D
My romantic cat LOL

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Welcome home hachiko

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Comel tak meow mello nie? ha ha ha ini lah meow yang mello nak beli tu.. =P  finally already bring him back home!!! nama meow ni "HACHIKO" adik mello yang bagi nama ROFL..

Monday, September 19, 2011

Guess what? I bought a male kitten!!

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Kitty say's: Can't wait for the new additional to come home and play ball - ball with kitty :-)

Guess what? I bought a male kitten!!! But only can bring it back home on wednesday I hope kitty love's the present that I'm giving her.. =D

I will post the pictures of my male kitten when I bring it back stay tune ROFL.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

kitty camwhore lagi..

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Kitty say: Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri To Everyone It's Not Too Late Isn't?? 

How do I look in this dress? am I looking gorgeous? for the hari raya present master bought kitty a new colar and also toy's, kitty love's it so much.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Random pixies - Kitty Diary

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"I may not be a human, But I has a feelings too"

"Dear GOD, thank you for the great things that you had given to me
for finding me a better place where to fit myself in this big, big, world"

" Kitty love's doriyaki very much yummylicious yay! "

"I'm smarter than what you can Imagine.. =D "

Kitty says:  Baby kitty now have a facebook fanpage! 
you all can give kitty a hug's by  clicking "LIKE"


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kitty The Awesome Song

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I made this lullaby song for kitty how is it? please dont laugh ya.  
HA HA the lyric's is kinda funny but kitty love's to listen to this song very much!! I called it as kuchi - kuchi song cause at home baby kitty preferred that names LOL..


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

kitty cat stole money

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Believe it or not?

Ada kucing yang pandai curi duit?

korang percaya tak?

Betul ke tak betul ni? tengok la video atas ni..

Witness: Hello police stations? I'm calling from MARS and I would like to report a robbery  that happen last nights!! ^*&((&*%&&^^#$

Police: I'm sorry I can't accept this report I dont speaka' cat language *^**&$&#^@$

Just for laugh chill!! HAHAHAHAHA..*winks*

Pandai tak meow mars mello? ROFL


Monday, May 30, 2011

Meow mars mello yg pandai ambik mood!!

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Snap this picture's just now.. Just for my kitty!!
Pandai tak meow mars mello ambik mood? ha..ha

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dress for my kitty cat!!

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I bought kitty a dress and pair of shoes how is it? ha ha ha mengalahkan budak - budak kan meow mars mello ni? nanti kalau mello pergi PET SAVE lagi mello nak belikan kitty toys baru yeahhh..
My cute meow wearing her new dress LOL pandai betul posing dalam kotak kasut lagi tu!! ha ha

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby kitty countdown before 12 midnight

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She look's so cute right? kitty says; cant wait until the clock strike into twelve ROFL
it's baby kitty countdown you know..??
April 20 finally has come happy birthday to me says kitty
and then she make a wish after that blow candle..

I'm 1 year old now yeah!!!

What's probably is baby kitty wish for tonight??

Her wish is to ate the whole doriyaki cake!!! LOL ha ha ha see how happy she is ZOMG!!

OH, you're always be my kuchi - kuchi forever love my baby kitty so much!!


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