Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby kitty countdown before 12 midnight

She look's so cute right? kitty says; cant wait until the clock strike into twelve ROFL
it's baby kitty countdown you know..??
April 20 finally has come happy birthday to me says kitty
and then she make a wish after that blow candle..

I'm 1 year old now yeah!!!

What's probably is baby kitty wish for tonight??

Her wish is to ate the whole doriyaki cake!!! LOL ha ha ha see how happy she is ZOMG!!

OH, you're always be my kuchi - kuchi forever love my baby kitty so much!!

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Fareha Rahmat (Bos Besar) said...

ololo cumelnye...eppi besdey baby kitty

mars mell-o said...

Fareha Rahmat: thanks for the wishes hehe i will tell kitty you wish her happy bday =D

Nyze 二ザ Crazee said...

the kitty looks so cute!
always wanted orange kitty.
me and my fiance even make a deal, will get an orange kitty after married.
btw, happy birthday baby kitty!
have a blast with your doriyaki! ^^

mars mell-o said...

Nyze 二ザ Crazee: he he hopefully your wish come true to have an orange kitty =D thanks for the bday wish hahaha i'll tell kitty about that =P

strategicintelligence said...

sayang bergayaan betul baby kitty tu..... rugi abg tak dapat join birthday party today kita bawa baby kitty tu jalan - jalan cari makan...

mars mell-o said...

hun: you missed the fun!! macam - macam kitty buat hahaha makes me laugh all nite..

Azlan Hasan said...

OMG..kitty look so sweet..hehehe..nie lahir lmbat sehari jer..kalo x leh share bday ngan i..hahaha..anyway Happy Birthday Kitty..hehehe..


Small Kucing said...

aww...sweet...Happy Mew Day!

mars mell-o said...

Small Kucing: haha thanks mamarazzi happy mew day to kuchi..

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