Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flying chillies @ Gardens

Flying chillies @ Gardens
This is called miangkam it's a thai dishes really nyummy he he anyone have ever try it before?
Somptam delicious love this one the most although it's too spicy ha ha ha
just look at her face she's crying LOL
Oh, this is my favorite dishes butter prawns nyummy..

Steam fish with lemon leaves everyone loves it!!
I'll never missed it he he he
Tom yam yay!! so hot le... you can see the smoke right??
Mama lynn and the budak bergayaan ha ha ha makan pun nak serious LOL..

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strategicintelligence said...

Sayang that time abg really cry sebab tak tahan pedas sangat sampai abg cepat cepat order air lycee tapi abg happy sebab kita berkumpul satu family having a dinner sebelum kita pergi tengok you so much muuaahhhhh

Syuk Ry said...

wow.. mcm best jak ni..

mars mell-o said...

hun: hahaha siapa suruh makan =P me dah biasa makan pedas you know me i love spicy food =P

Silent Thinker said...

comel blog kamu ya~

mars mell-o said...

silent thinker: thanks for your compliments ya..=)

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