Friday, April 8, 2011

English category poetry - The winner is...

The winner for the english category
"A stranger in A stranger land" poetry contest are goes to no other than..

Miss Hartini Ismail

Congratulations!! Winner..

Why do I choose this poem for english category? well first of all the poet for this poem seem's to know what type of poetry is best for this contest.  Yip,  I'm looking for a poem that rhymes and poem that contain a word's "strangers" or poem that describes what is like to be a stranger in a stranger land. That's why at the beginning of this contest I entitled the entry as "A stranger in A stranger land" but i guess only one person do get what I mean. One more thing why didn't I mention on my post what kinda type of poem is I actually looking for? My answer is very simple well If i got to tell everything at the entry from the first day I organize this contest then everyone can be a winner. 

I also did ask few judges to select the best poem including myself and also myhun to read all the participants poetry all over again and only then we decided to choose which poet is deserves to won the Ipod? and among three of my judges tell me the same answers that "Perfect strangers" should be the winner for this contest. As for now the final result for the ENGLISH BEST POEM category is goes to Hartini Ismail congratulations!!

For those who did not won don't feel bad because all of you are a great poet but the decisions has already been made. Once again thank you for participating girl's and if I have more contest in coming future I will not forget to Invite all of you again.
For the BM category I will announce the winner on my next post!!

Note for the winner please email me your details to collect your prize

Full name:
 Mobile number:

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Haruuta Chan said...

Whoah!! Congrats For winner :O

mars mell-o said...

Haruta chan: thanks for joining sweety =)

SUE AMIERA said...

tahniah..........mmg bez..

mars mell-o said...

miera: nak collect hadiah ke? hahaha

Rose Johari said...

Wow!!! Congrats to Hartini Ismail as a winner. u deserve it girls... :D

mars mell-o said...

rose: ya...hehe thanks to u aswell for joining =D

my NAME is Musfirah :) said...

congrats to the winner ! and thanks for cik zaara for making this contest :)

mars mell-o said...

your welcome cutie =)

T'nie on the Blog said...

x sangka..happy & alhamdulillah bila tw..thanks all and to ms mars mell-o too :)

mars mell-o said...

Tini on the blog: your welcome cutie..=)

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