Thursday, April 7, 2011

The gulai house carcosa seri negara

The Gulai House Carcosa Seri Negara
I like the atmosphere of this place so relaxing...
On the 4th of april my hun took me to had dinner at carcosa seri negara i never been to this place before and so do him he he but how did he found out about this lovely place huh? OH ya, my hun asked some help from MR. GOOGLE the one and only genius to locate this place ha ha. I was so happy on that day yeah, i feel so blissful and can't stop smiling LOL, first he send me flowers and chocolate and at the evening he fetch me up and take me to dinner awhhh i feel like i live in a fairytale world ZOMG.  Thank's my only prince for loving me and for everything we both share.

So hungry liao it's time to wine and dine, oooop's just dine no wine ROFL
Round 1.  bread umph' very crunchy..
Round 2. pumpkin soup yummy..!!
Round 3. I love this so much really tasty
Round 4. this one is also delicious drooling!!
Round 5. pulut hitam dessert with ice cream..
Round  6. Cappuchino I'm lovin it..

Lastly kisse's all over the face for myhun for taking me out to this magical place!!! =D

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strategicintelligence said...

sayang first time abg datang sini abg feel happy sangat sbb cuma kita berdua aje having dinner so sweet and romantic maybe tak ramai orang tahu kot atau terlalu mahal....anyway tks sayang for loving abg and your time with abg....muaaahhhh

mars mell-o said...

no mention hun thanks for the great time =P

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