Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lady Gaga Man Version

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With her big hair, smouldering expression and retro vibe
 Gaga put us in mind of Prince, Bob Dylan AND Bob Geldof.
Lady Gaga bears a resemblance to Prince Bob Dylan and Bob Geldof/PA/ WireImage.

She almost looks unrecognisable in the photos to promote her latest song "You And I" as she appears wearing a short, dark wig and sideburns, puffing on a cigarette.

Out of My Head - D.White

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Dustin White Bio

If you don't know Dustin White aka "D. White," you will. At the age of 18, Dustin is quickly becoming one of the most promising talents on the independent urban pop music scene. A singer-songwriter and actor, D. White becomes increasingly popular by the day. At a young age, Dustin initially aspired to act in film/t.v. and theatre. With a fairly impressive stage resume, Dustin is experienced performing in front of large crowds. In his teen years, Dustin expanded his resume to include appearances as a cast member on the Cartoon Network and on Lifetime's successful drama "Army Wives." Recently, Dustin discovered a love and talent for music, and decided to pursue a career in the music industry as a recording artist.

I'll got this message at youtube from Dustin White itself, and as promise It's shared on my page!! If you like to listen to more music check the link below and dont forget to subscribes DW channel give him support.

Happy listening ya'll :-)

Take a tour at Maxis Mobile Blog

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Take a tour at Maxis Mobile Blog

I bet not many people know that MAXIS also have a blogging community like a blogger and the difference between maxis from any other social networking site is the applications of mobile blogging are provided in the simcard which means you can surf it directly through your mobile phone in any minute and you also can upload your pictures and videos or music anywhere at anytime!! You can also make friends and share your captured moment with your friends and family in time to time!

What else? if you are sign up on any ads network like Nuffnang / Churp-Churp you are also able to share your advertising ads widget throughout your blog when you are log on via PC.
Well,  honestly saying I don’t know anything about what is BLOG and how it works until I started to use maxis network in year 2005. 

I’ll first found out that the page is a site for blogging when I start clicking at the community page if it’s not because of maxis I don’t know what is blogging and I also don't know how to blog here in Blogspot  thanks to hotlink. 

You love blogging? but the problem is you don't have a PC? nah, worry there is a portal to blog via Mobile you can find it here http://www.mblog.com.my it's free for maxis users =D

Monday, August 29, 2011

Selamat hari raya Aidilfitri

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Cuba letakkan diri anda kat situasi dan scenerio seperti; apakah yang anda akan lakukan apabila hidup anda diberikan satu dugaan yang amat besar hingga kan kamu sendiri pun sukar untuk percaya kenapa perkara sebegitu terjadi pada diri anda. Adakah kamu akan terus bertahan ataupun sebaliknya? sebab aku percaya bahawa bila seseorang itu sudah semakin hampir dan dekat dengan impian yang ingin dicapainya  bermula pada masa dan saat itu juga lah, segala macam – macam jenis dugaan dan juga ujian akan hadir dalam hidup kita untuk menguji kemampuan kita sejauh manakah seseorang itu boleh bertahan dengan apa yang  dihadapi olehnya ketika masa dan waktu itu.

Adakah wajar untuk kita mengalah sahaja pada takdir dan biarkan segala impian kita itu terkubur tanpa melakukan apa - apa sebab tidak semua manusia boleh bertahan dengan dugaan apatah lagi apabila dugaan yang datang menguji itu  betul – betul susah dan berat bahu memikul kan..? Apa pun ALLAH akan sentiasa bersama orang – orang yang sabar dan juga benar dan aku percaya bahawa ALLAH tidak akan memberi ujian pada hambanya yang tidak mampu untuk menempuhi segala dugaan yang dia berikan itu, sebab setiap apa yang terjadi pada diri kita pasti ada hikmah disebaliknya.  

Selamat hari raya adilfitri pada semua rakan - rakan blogger , follower dan juga pada silent reader and stalker ha ha wow panjangnya dan pada yang tak dapat nak sambut raya dengan meriahnya jangan bersedih sebab hari lebaran tetap boleh disambut dengan seukir senyuman walaupun dalam keadaan yang sederhana bersyukur dengan apa yang ada. Sekali lagi MARS MELLO ingin mengucapkan SELAMAT MENYAMBUT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI MAAF ZAHIR DAN BATIN.  :-) 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Im not an ATM MACHINE and My money does not fall from the sky

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Dulu masa ada kerja sebulan boleh dapat income below 10K now sejak tanam anggur banyak duit dah pakai savings pun semakin lama semakin kurang dan oleh kerana mello ni jenis yang cepat sangat kesian kat orang yang dalam kesusahan bagi pinjam duit kat kawan sampai 30K tapi sampai sekarang tak bayar balik WTF?? masa pinjam duit senang aje kan? Tapi time nak pulang balik tunggulah orang tu mampus dulu, pun tak akan dapat juga balik duit tu ROFL. Sabar sayang, kata myhun yang selalu bagi semangat kat mello jangan risau abg ada, abg mampu nak jaga sayang sampai ke akhir hayat kita nanti.

Duit bila - bila masa boleh cari balik tapi orang- orang macam tu kalau boleh elakkan dari bertembung dengan diorang tu lagi, sebab abg tahu temper sayang macam mana kalau bukan kaki tentu tangan yang akan melekat kat pipi diorang tu kan? Ha ha sayang kan pandai karate nasiblah kalau terkena.

Tapi bila fikir balik 30K bukan duit yang sikit kan?? Ahhhh, lantaklah apa nak jadi dengan duit tu sebab I tahu myhun tak suka mello bertembung lagi dengan orang yang cuma nak ambil kesempatan kat mello. Antara satu perkara yang mello paling tak suka sekali bila seorang kawan yang kita dah percaya sangat buat sesuatu yang buat kita kecil hati, pelik kan manusia kat dunia ni? walau macam mana baik sekalipun kita kat orang tu tapi one day bila mereka dah senang korang rasa diorang ingat tak kita? ketika mereka ni susah kita tak pernah kata "NO" kita sanggup buat apa saja dan sedia untuk membantu diorang sewaktu mereka berada dalam kesusahan tak kira lah time tu pukul berapa kita sanggup keluarkan duit dan hulurkan bantuan, tapi bila kita dalam kesusahan siapa tolong kita ek? itupun baru kita test - test aje tapi dah FAIL!!!  fail untuk jadi kawan yang kita boleh percayai.

Now mello dont give a damnlah kat kawan yang jenis macam ni, no kesian, kesian lantak ko, lah nak jadi apa mungkin ayat seperti ini kot yang mello akan cakap dengan diorang. Sebab mello dah nampak sendiri yang kawan macam mereka akan timbul dalam hidup kita bila time nak senang aje.

Apa yang paling menyedihkan bila kawan baik kita sendiri boleh lupa nak wish BDAY kita, kalau korang kecil hati tak bila situasi sebegini terjadi kat korang?  actually mello bukan jenis yang sombong dan juga tak suka berkawan, tapi bila dah terkena pengalaman sebegini mood nak berkawan pun dah hilang DUH..  ha ha ha apapun selamat hari raya kat korang jangan terasa bila baca entry ni...

Sebab entry ni mello bukan tujukan untuk sesiapa pun just nak berkongsi pengalaman. Which is it's better to have none of them rather than to have those un-sincere people in our life lols. But i'm happy no matter in how hard situations I am myhun always there next beside me I love you hun forever and always remember our dreams ya let's make it happen it's our time to shine :)

OMG!!!!!! it's soooo beautiful sweetheart thank you so much for this present nanti sayang nak pakai dengan baju kurung yang abg belikan ya.. muackz! =P

When words fail music speaks

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My own remix it's a demo version ughh sorry for the not so good sound quality cause I'm not using an equipment to create this beat, ROFL I was playing the keyboard and do the live mixing using the virtual software i have in my mac ha ha ha it's hard to handle both things at one time. I made some changes on the BPM and effect does it sound better like this or what still thinking of how to finish it  LOL.  

I think of adding some saxo effect plus siren in the intro how is that be?
 when I already had an idea to finish it =P

marsmello - miracle

Saturday, August 27, 2011

PROUD TO BE A MALAYSIAN - Let your voice be heard

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Malaysia our nation the treasure country where we born

The land we're the ancestor gather strengths

The land we're they have fight and sacrifice their lives

For our
peace, our human rights and generations

Therefore the people who have struggled and lose their lives for the country. They are the HERO!!

And the one who gave us a new hope and spirit to open our eyes now let us gather and raised this spirits and PROUD TO BE A MALAYSIAN. Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!!

What about you do you have some inspiring words
 that you like to be heard or dedicate to our country?

Because I already had mine here though I do realize that this post came up too early before our 31 AUGUST MERDEKA celebrations.


The unborn Child- Abortions

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When does life BEGIN..

Month 1: Hi mommy I am only 3/4 inch long but I have all my organs. I love the sound of your voice. Every time I hear it, I wave my arms and legs. The sound of your heartbeat is my favorite lullaby.

Month 2: Hi mommy today I learned how to suck my thumb. If you could see me you would definitely tell that I am a baby and I’m not big enough to survive outside my home though. It is so nice and warm in here thanks mommy for keeping me safe.

Month 3:
Hi mommy guess what? I am a boy and even if I was a girl. I hope that make you happy. I always want you to be happy to have me. I don’t like it when you cry, you sound so sad and It make me sad too I’ll cry with you mommy even though you can’t hear me.

Month 4: Hi mommy my hair is starting to grow. It is very short and fine but I'll have a lot of it. I spend a lot of time exercising I can turn my head and curl my fingers and toes and stretch my arms and legs too. I am becoming quite good at it mommy.

Month 5: Hi mommy I know you went to the doctor today mommy he lied to you. He said I'm not a baby. Mommy can’t you see I have your flesh in my body I am your baby boy. I do know how to think and feel mommy!

Month 6: I can hear that doctor again I don’t like him. He seems cold and heartless something is intruding my home. The doctor called it a needle. Mommy what is it? It burns! Please make him stop I can’t get away from it. What abortion? Mommy  please I’m begging you help me!! Make him stop.

Month 7: Hi mommy I just want you to know that I am OK. I’m in God arms and he is holding me now. He told me about the abortion.

Why didn’t you love me mommy? I know you don’t because you doesn’t want me to be with you. Remember every abortion is just one more heart that stops beating!

"Two more eyes that will never see.
Two more hands that will never touch.
Two more legs that will never walk.
And one more mouth that will never talk."

So,  men/woman think twice before you make a mistake that you'll  regret and have to make choices like having an abortion because the end of result is A LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE!

Nuffnang Celebrates BlogDay!!

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Blog Day 2011 : The 6 Blog that interest me the most

1. Small Kucing  - http://www.smallkucing.com

I’ll picked this blog because she is the most kindly person I’ve ever known from Blogspot since I start active on blogging.  What made me keep returning back to “small kucing” blog is the awesome pictures of her little boy and also her day in life story is very inspiring and wait a minute I almost forget to say here she had the most funny comments. 

2. Rose Johari – http://www.rosejohari.com

I’ll picked this blog because she is the most friendly person I’ve ever known at Blogspot since I start active on blogging. What made me keep returning back to “Rose Johari” blog is has tons of blogging tips and info that can be shared among bloggers, and how can I forget to say it here aloud? She is my top commenter as always. 

3.  Chybeelila – http://www.chybeelila.com

I’ll picked this blog because I admire her skill's in photography! And if you are looking for some awesome picture’s that you never seen before. You're at the right spot!! cause throughout her blog, you’ll see pictures taken from her journey of life that she wanted to share with all. 

I’ll picked this blog because she is adorable and has a friendly character what made me keep returning back to her blog is she keep her followers on track.  She leave comment’s in every blog that she visited. See? This how all bloggers should do. If you are in someone page’s let the owner of the blog knows that you are there by dropping them some comment, so it's easy for them to follow your links back. Cause you’ll never know that your comment’s probably can give them more inspirations to keep on blogging sharing is caring!! ;)

5. Juzt YenTenG ** -  http://juztytc.blogspot.com

I’ll picked this blog because she have an awesome post!! She sparks her thought’s and feelings and of course she had a great personality. 

I’ll just found out about her blog yesterday I probably wouldn’t know about her blog existence until yesterday she came to visit my blog and become my followers.  I’ll follow her link back and when I first entering her blogger profile. I see that she have 3 links there but this one “ My daily coffee talk” is what interest me the most I’ll follow her blog back and I start reading her post one by one, it’s truly inspiring how she express and write her thoughts in words, they are most fascinating and informative I love how she put them into a perfective and also easy to understand.

Click here to participate " Nuffnang Celebrates BlogDAY 2011 "

Friday, August 26, 2011

Dream - Mate : Once upon a time I dream of someone like him

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I believe that everyone could shape their own dreams
I believe that when you have something you truly desire,
Do not be shy to shape what you want let your mind speak
for yourself imagine you already have it in your life.

Because good thought and imagination thus
sometime forms it shape's into a beautiful dreams.
Do not hold back let the law of attractions do it works
remember even if you have those dreams inside yourself.

You can’t just sit and wait for things to happen
You still have to move and do something to make it happen.
Time is limited and if you feel like doing something
don’t wait any more DO IT!!!!  

Delay is always fatal cause you’ll never know
perhaps that is what you really wanted.
Because I strongly believe that everyone could change their own
destiny if they really wanted.  

When YOU had ONE SHOT to MAKE EVERYTHING REAL are YOU ready to accept it, and chase after it? how are going to deal with them if once in yourlife time it would happen to yourself? will you go for it, or you'll just gonna let it pass? 

Because I had what I dreamt of,  is to have someone that I could share loves, tears, joy and happiness my dream - mate that sent to me from the up above.

Believe in GOD for he knows the best for you and whatever you do you'll must never forget H.I.M cause at one time you'll fall the only one who is there for you it's H.I.M  he never left you behind so be grateful and thankful to the above always keep that words inside your HEART.

Do you believe in MIRACLE..? I know not everyone would but I do and I always do I believe in H.I.M So, If you'll asked me the questions about how the both of us met?  My answer is will be..

"Once upon a time I dream of someone like him -  Now I find it still hard to believe that he is sitting next beside me"

Dreams do happen in reality it is a powerful thing only for those who believe. What about you? what is your dreams in life? if you have one MAKE IT HAPPEN!!  :-)

I miss the sea lamanya tak main jet ski

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Can you say no going to this place? because honestly telling I cannot he he I love the natures beauty =D
I miss the sea lamanya tak main jet ski huhu..
Nanti kalau ada masa sayang bawa pergi sini lagi ek?
Peace LOL

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Meriahnya pasar ramadhan kat kampung sungai penchala

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Jalan - Jalan cari makan kat kampung sungai penchala meriahnya pasar ramadhan kat sini ramai betul orang datang beli makanan untuk buka puasa tengok lah sendiri kereta yang parking kat tepi - tepi jalan ni? banyak betul kereta kan? sampai jammed juga bila nak balik dari sini nasib baiklah ada jalan shortcut ha ha ha tak lah sangkut jammed sangat. 

Macam mello kenal aje someone yang tengah jalan kat tepi parking ni? who ya? Phewiiiiiiiiit boleh kenalan? Hai..nama saya mars mello can i know you?  LOL

Round 1. beli bubur manis kat mak cik ni.. best!!
Round 2. beli nasi ayam pulak adik mello suka sangat makan nasi ayam. 
Round 3. Beli caramel cake sedap tau yummylicious mello love this so much.
Round 4. beli nasi campur dan lauk - lauk yang menyelerakan ha ha.
Round 5. wajib kena beli sedap tau ikan bakar ni.
Round 6. Laksa!!! favorite mello shhhh nak tahu satu rahsia tak? laksa yang adik nie jual yummy betul sampai dua kali mello datang pasar ramadhan ni sebab nak beli laksa.
Round 7. beli kuih opp's hampir lupa nak letak gambar ni.

Memang best jalan - jalan kat pasar ramadhan!! Thanks hun for taking me to this place. =D

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Keywords OH keywords

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Kalau Nippon paint blobbies semua orang tahu  kan apa tu? Jom kita tengok keywords yang mello dah circle kan tu, ada orang tahu tak pasal keywords ni? Nippon paint BLOODY lols lols lols..

Monday, August 22, 2011

My kitty cat loves to stand!!! OMG

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Meow... Meow..  Meow

My kitty cat loves to stand!!! OMG...

RoseJohari say's kitty looks like a Garfield already Ha ha ha 

Zuan Yuan - 0ne world hotel bandar utama damansara

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Last week myhun bawa mello pergi bazaar ramadhan minggu ni dia bawa mello berbuka puasa kat restoran ni pulak iaitu Zuan Yuan lokasi restoran ni terletak dekat one world hotel bandar utama damansara. Actually Zuan Yuan is a chinese food restoran but no worry cause it's pork free makanan kat sini semuanya halal dan ramai juga orang muslim yang berbuka puasa kat restoran ni, walaupun makanan kat Zuan Yuan lebih kepada konsept chinese tapi oleh kerana bulan puasa dan ramai juga orang-orang islam yang makan kat restoran ni makanan traditional malay pun turut disediakan tau? buffet kat sini satu kepala dia charge rm88 ringgit boleh makan sepuas-puas hati yang kita nak, that means eat as long as you can la kan? kalau dah tak larat nak makan jangan paksa perut tu untuk makan lagi nanti nak jalan balik rumah pun susah LOL.

Our table he he, mello tak duduk meja yang besar - besar lagipun makin besar meja makan tu makin banyak lah makanan yang akan di order nanti baik duduk table yang kecik sedang - sedang aje lagipun mello takut nak makan banyak sangat makan sikit - sikit aje. Nanti kalau terover makan baju kebaya untuk raya nanti tak muat pulak kan? HA HA HA tak gitu?
Antara satu menu yang kitorang order ala cart yang mello ingat nak snap actually ada banyak lagi makanan tapi mello tak ambil gambar pun lupa lols sebab masa tu dah lapar sangat belum sempat nak ambil gambar kitorang terus makan aje!! 
Ketupat pun ada tau kat chinese restoran ni.
Dessert dia pun ada macam - macam jenis cake ada, jelly ada dan banyak lagi lah makanan yang sedap - sedap kat zuan yuan ni, mello cuma upload gambar yang mello sempat nak resize aje untuk entry kali ni.
Sebab ada banyak gambar lagi yang mello belum buat so for this post mello share this pictures only ya?

You can check this place sometime!!! =) love it..yummylicious..

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jokes of the day

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Wife angry as hubby stands too close to a beautiful girl in a bus
girl slap the hubby hard for pinching.

Hubby said - : Darling, I swear I didn't do it!!

Wife said - : I know you didn't cause I did it!!

Hubby said - : Have you gone MAD??

Wife said - : Nah, I'm not but I just can't find a reason
to slap you that's why I did it cause I enjoy slapping YOU.

I'm sorry I just I did it again!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

OH nana whats my name Opps errors OH mama what's my name??

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Have you ever asked yourself and wonder about what is the meaning to your name?? Then you’ll end up asking your parents this questions as you grow up.

Mom/dad why did they choose to given you that birth name? What does it mean to them? Does your birth name is relate to any occasions of their relationship or what? Be explained please *GRINS till ears drop lols*

But sometime when we’ll asked our parents about this childish questions not everyone of them could gives us back the answer that we wanted to hear from them right? The answers is somehow still unknown and probably it might sound kinda confusing to their children and the result is NIL,  zero and we still don't get the hidden meanings to our name right? does any of the details are match our personality as we grow up? why our parents picked billy jeans instead of macho or playgirls maybe trojan? so everyone lappy will be scared  to death to detect our details ha ha lols..lols

For instance like this; sons I don’t know what it mean I was told by your grandma and grandpa to give you that birth name the day when you are born and that’s how you got your name so you must say thanks to your grandparents for the name you have now. Lols? So you probably still don't find the answers of the meaning to your name right? ALRIGHT, stop looking for answers by asking questions to our parents cause as years comes perhaps they already forgotten about it. Don’t tension yourself looking for the answers that you cannot get ha ha ha okay chills?

Because you can always refer this small thing to Mr, Google the genius whatever questions you have in mind which not everyone could tell you the answers that you wanted to hear. Dont be shy to rub those fingers on the keyboard and fill your questions in the search box like this. 

WHAT IS THE MEANING OF YOUR NAME: THIS IS WHAT I GOT FROM Mr,Google the genius always there to help and he will never disappointed YOU!!!

Don’t know what is Google?? ZOMG, gezz dude what era did you actually born?? Cause everyone know's who is MR,Google Unless IF THAT PERSON HAVEN’T BEEN PRODUCT YET ROFL.

What about YOU do you know the hidden and secret meaning to your names? 

Try it here to find out http://www.paulsadowski.com/Numbers.asp have a great time on. 

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Liang Xin Massage KL

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Sayang, sakit badan lah jom pergi massage biasanya mello yang akan ajak myhun pergi massage dulu tapi kali ni terbalik he he dan mello pun rasa agak pelik sebab myhun yang ajak mello dulu. Jom sayang pergi massage badan kat liang xin, I know lately kan you sakit - sakit badan apa kata malam ni sayang bawa pergi urut badan ya? kata myhun. Mello pun apa lagi selepas dengar ajakan myhun pergi massage cepat-cepat mello bersiap yay!! muackzzzzz!!!  thank's honey for being such a sweetheart to me he he he.

Apa yang menarik kat tempat ni dan kenapa mello suka massage kat sini? Actually mello tak tahu pun pasal wujudnya tempat ni yang tahu dulu pasal tempat ni myhun ler. Mello selalu dengar myhun cakap pasal tempat massage kat sini best selain daripada atmosphere dia yang classy and more to tradiotional chinese style perkerja - pekerja dia pun semuanya dari china tau!! One more thing tempat ni tenang sangat berbeza dengan tempat massage lain cheap also cheaper yang penting keselesaan tu kena ada kan? :)

Sampaikan orang yang kerja kat tempat ni dah kenal muka kitorang apa tidaknya? dulu every weekends aje mesti datang massage kaki kat sini, baru - baru ni aje "mello and myhun" bertukar pulak ke body massage ambik VIP room sambil makan buah boleh layan ASTRO beyond memang best lah tempat ni.

Yang ini apa?? TOILET ha ha ha cantik kan washroom ni... 

Oh, lupa nak bagi tahu pulak pasal apa yang menarik lagi tentang liang xin reflexoology ni nak tahu tak apa yang best tu? Ok lah, mello bagi tahu ya..yang best selepas massage foot/body dia akan bagi ice cream FOC pada setiap customer!! best kan?? ice cream dia sedap tau kat kedai runcit takde jual what make it more yummy to eat coz it's FREE ha ha.

Pictures credit to liang xin

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