Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Take a tour at Maxis Mobile Blog

Take a tour at Maxis Mobile Blog

I bet not many people know that MAXIS also have a blogging community like a blogger and the difference between maxis from any other social networking site is the applications of mobile blogging are provided in the simcard which means you can surf it directly through your mobile phone in any minute and you also can upload your pictures and videos or music anywhere at anytime!! You can also make friends and share your captured moment with your friends and family in time to time!

What else? if you are sign up on any ads network like Nuffnang / Churp-Churp you are also able to share your advertising ads widget throughout your blog when you are log on via PC.
Well,  honestly saying I don’t know anything about what is BLOG and how it works until I started to use maxis network in year 2005. 

I’ll first found out that the page is a site for blogging when I start clicking at the community page if it’s not because of maxis I don’t know what is blogging and I also don't know how to blog here in Blogspot  thanks to hotlink. 

You love blogging? but the problem is you don't have a PC? nah, worry there is a portal to blog via Mobile you can find it here http://www.mblog.com.my it's free for maxis users =D

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Small Kucing said...

opps...me using Maxis but didnt know abt it :p.

mars mell-o said...

@Small Kucing wow i also dont know before till i explore the maxis portal =))

Parrot said...


mars mell-o said...

@Parrot yes nuri!!!! :D

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