Friday, August 26, 2011

Dream - Mate : Once upon a time I dream of someone like him

I believe that everyone could shape their own dreams
I believe that when you have something you truly desire,
Do not be shy to shape what you want let your mind speak
for yourself imagine you already have it in your life.

Because good thought and imagination thus
sometime forms it shape's into a beautiful dreams.
Do not hold back let the law of attractions do it works
remember even if you have those dreams inside yourself.

You can’t just sit and wait for things to happen
You still have to move and do something to make it happen.
Time is limited and if you feel like doing something
don’t wait any more DO IT!!!!  

Delay is always fatal cause you’ll never know
perhaps that is what you really wanted.
Because I strongly believe that everyone could change their own
destiny if they really wanted.  

When YOU had ONE SHOT to MAKE EVERYTHING REAL are YOU ready to accept it, and chase after it? how are going to deal with them if once in yourlife time it would happen to yourself? will you go for it, or you'll just gonna let it pass? 

Because I had what I dreamt of,  is to have someone that I could share loves, tears, joy and happiness my dream - mate that sent to me from the up above.

Believe in GOD for he knows the best for you and whatever you do you'll must never forget H.I.M cause at one time you'll fall the only one who is there for you it's H.I.M  he never left you behind so be grateful and thankful to the above always keep that words inside your HEART.

Do you believe in MIRACLE..? I know not everyone would but I do and I always do I believe in H.I.M So, If you'll asked me the questions about how the both of us met?  My answer is will be..

"Once upon a time I dream of someone like him -  Now I find it still hard to believe that he is sitting next beside me"

Dreams do happen in reality it is a powerful thing only for those who believe. What about you? what is your dreams in life? if you have one MAKE IT HAPPEN!!  :-)

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Haz Issac said...

nice one :) btw, jarang aktif di twitter eh? ;)

Small Kucing said...

a very good post. Going anywhere for Raya?

Mars Mell-o said...

@Small Kucing thanks mamarazzi.. raya plan? still thinking about it.. :D havent decided yet

Konea K. said...

Heyy;) I love this post of yours. Dream, keep dreaming cos dreams can get us to places <3

Btw, thanks for dropping by. I love your blog as well. Haha I speak a lil' but with the help of my sister and her boyfie of course, I wish I could speak fluent tagalog tho. :P Have a blessed Saturday too! xoxo~

Mars Mell-o said...

@Konea statement of subconscious mind lol =)) yap strongly agree with ya comment.. he he i'm impress that u can speak filipino :D just in few months im sure you'll master that language. ;)

strategicintelligence said...

Sayang abg suka entry nie ianya terlalu bermakna untuk abg...sayang ingat tak gambar kita berdua nie masa tu kat mana ek

mars mell-o said...

@strategicintelligence dekat starhill sayang tengah makan arabian food :P

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