Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lucky follower me??

This is the second time I become the lucky follower  am I that so lucky??? 
 Ouh.. I really hope so ROFL.  Anyway thank's  Cik-bulan  for picking me as one of your lucky follower.   

Mello yang ke 999 ek?? well that's a nice number  

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Anonymous said...

share ur luck sikit...hehehe...

Rose Johari said...

Wow, mello jadi follower bertuah lagi... Tahniah tahniah...hehehe..mmg mello bertuah sgt...hehehe...harap mello terus bertuah dan bertuah lagi...yeah!!! =)

Sasa Tien said...

it's me sasa .
I want to ask for help !
that is ,
all my blog posts kena copied by a blog , seriously all my posts!!
what should i do ? i have change my blogger email n passwords too..
please help me to fight against the copy dog !! i have pic as proof in my blog! seriously , I need ur help !!
thank you !!

Mars Mell-o said...

@Sasa Tien do you know who did this sasa?

i think the best way to do is set your blog into only invited readers allowed to visit your blog..

then at the same time follow up that blog who copied all your entry.

Mars Mell-o said...

@Rose Johari harap - harap macam tu lah..hehe always lucky hehe

anamizu said...

what a cute blog u have dear ^___^
folowed ur cute blog ;)

Mars Mell-o said...


awhhh really?? hehe just simple only thanks for dropping by and for commenting :D i already follow your blog too..

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